Get Outta Here

Moments before.....

Moments before…..

How about I don’t dilly dally with a pointless introduction and lets get into the goods!  Not so long ago our amazing friend Wendy came for a whirl-wind visit.  She only had so much time away from her family in Canada so we squeezed as many shenanigans into 10 days as we could.  Straight off the bat after she arrived we flew to Bangkok, Thailand to catch part of the English Regional convention.  And “straight off the bat” things were insane.  The flight itself is less than an hour long from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, but for some crazy reason it took us about 6 hours to actually arrive at our hotel.  The taxi services in Bangkok are extremely frustrating for starters.  There was a line up within the airport that we stood in for a while and then realized it hadn’t move an inch!  We decided to go outside the airport and flag a taxi down off the highway before it reached the airport.  Genius right!?  Actually it was….usually I might ask a question like that to lead you into thinking it actually wasn’t a good idea.  Hold up, why am I explaining myself to you!?  Ok, so our good idea was in fact good.  The frustrating part was getting a taxi that would actually agree to taking us!  I am not kidding around with this, so many times they would look at us and say no.  Finally one of the guys Abby flagged down actually agreed to take us.  Thank goodness!  She popped her head through the passenger side window one last time to ask him a final question.  When all of the sudden we see her aggressively pointing away and using her classic “Armageddon Voice”  and told the guy, “GET OUTTA HERE!!!”  The taxi then sped away.  Obviously Wendy and I wanted to know exactly what happened, for example, did he ask her to flash him or something really offensive!?  She said he was just charging to much money.  SoOoOOOOoo, I took over that task and thankfully the next taxi that stopped was our ticket to the hotel!  We were on our way!!

I took a picture of the sky mooning me! #supermoon

I took a picture of the sky mooning me! #supermoon

So here is the tricky part about traveling in Asia, every place speaks a different language.  All the little countries that make up Asia all speak their own language.  So, even though I do know some pleasantries in Thai, neither myself nor Abby are capable of giving directions in Thai without a map, let alone in the craziest of cities, Bangkok. “Hello”, “thank you”, smiling, charades and dancing only gets you so far when there is a language barrier.  So of course our driver didn’t speak a lick of English  (three cheers of joy)  so we relied on our map.  Unfortunately this guy also didn’t have GPS and our cell phone SIM cards didn’t work because we were not longer in Kansas…sorry Cambodia!  Either way we were on our way.  Realistically the hotel was roughly 30mins from the airport but by the time we finally arrived we had been driving for 1.5 hours!  Thankfully we brought some dried fruit and nuts.  The funny part about that is when we finally cracked those babies open Wendy had just put a fishermans friend in her mouth so she said no thanks!  She was sitting in the middle though, so we had to pass the packages across her over and over again. haha! *crinkle crinkle* Basically added to the on going joke that we never fed her while she was here!

Ok, so  f i n a l l y  we arrived!  There was a funny little office that we waited in while the lady checked us in.  Abby pointed to the cooler and said, “Grab those 2 mini containers of milk for our coffee tomorrow.”  So we paid for those and then we were led to our little suite.  Of course it was a long walk in a separate building but we arrived to our room.  We stepped inside and it was very clean.  Thank goodness.  BUT, we quickly realized that though it was clean it was extra small and not the room we had booked.  So, here we go again.  Abby went down to the office while Wendy and I stayed with the luggage in case our real room was close by, but of course… wasn’t.  Big surprise.  Off we went to yet to a completely different building and yes, had the correct room.  As we set our bags down and flopped on to the chairs my heart sank! I realized that I had put the milk in the

This captures some what how much fun we had. It was literally laughing for 10 days straight!! This picture was taken on a dinner boat cruise through the center of Bangkok.

This captures how much fun we had. It was literally laughing for 10 days straight!! (This is Abby and Wendy on the dinner boat cruise through the center of Bangkok.)

fridge in the original room.  I was SO irritated with myself and exhausted but told the girls I would handle it.  So I grabbed some money and headed back down to the office.  The office lady that was helping us was really nice but again, only minimal English.  I tried to explain my best that the milk we bought was in the original room.  She pointed to the cooler so I took two more.  I started getting frustrated though because I didn’t feel we should have to pay for them again since they could grab those original ones and restock the cooler.  (PS.  Maybe when I get tired and desperate I also get cheap?…er? ha)  I asked the lady if she understood what I was trying to explain and she nodded yes.  But hey, I KNEW she didn’t understand so I explained again. Actually I explained it 3 more times.  Finally I left feeling sooooo angry that we were being ripped off.  I went upstairs and told the girls about it.  Abby just looked at me and pointed to my hand that had the money still in it, which means I never paid for it anyways.  Which also means the office lady never asked for me to pay for it in the first place which means YES she understood me the first time and didn’t need me to rehash my idea FOUR TIMES! Talk about embarrassing!  And good grief how crazy must I have come across!

So this happened after the milk juice incident....poured half the bottle of pepper on my eggs. The day only got better as you can see!

….poured half the bottle of pepper on my eggs. The day only got better as you can see!

I bet you are thinking the story is complete….or wishing??  Well it isn’t.  So after a horrendous sleep as I developed a cold with an extremely stuffy nose and headache it was time to get ready for the day.  Abby was so kind to boil water and make three cups of coffee with our little travel coffee maker that might at first sound cute, but is actually a pain to use.  So truly a kindness on her part.  Abby drinks her coffee black but both Wendy and I like to add a bit of milk.  I was puttering around while Wendy was pouring milk into her coffee.  She made a strange observation like, “Wow, is milk clear here in Asia?” or something.  Then she tasted it and almost spit it out!  I thought to myself, there is no way the milk is bad!  So what do I do?  What any other genius would do and pour the “milk” into my coffee too!  And indeed it had a horrifying taste!  Turns out the milk wasn’t milk, it was juice!  Also turns out Abby had no idea in the first place if it was milk or not.  She assumed it was because it was in a white container with blue Thai writing. *insert eye roll*  I had assumed she knew it was milk because she had just been in Thailand a couple weeks prior and would have been sooooo milk savvy by now!  In the end, we were all a big bunch of idiots.  If you are wondering if I drank the juice/milk….of course I drank it.  I PAID FOR IT DIDN’T I!!??  Plus it was tasty, on its own that is!

The rest of our brief trip to Thailand ran a bit more smooth.  Most of our taxi drivers gave us discounts after taking us places because we were all laughing so hard and they found us very entertaining.  So crazy.

Alright, well a big sigh of relief outta me because it is finally done!  Writing this post since the day it happened and I knew some of you might have been wondering when the latest SezKapow was going to hit your inbox.  Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the stories.  Keep in mind that was only one day into Wendy’s trip here so you can imagine how many more crazy things happened.  This blog couldn’t handle them all though.  I also have to keep things PG….Oh come on, I am joking!

Tip of the day: Don’t steal or yell.

Yelling Match

Yelling Match

Enjoy the pics guys. They are a random assortment of places….Bangkok, Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh.  Leave me a comment if you like 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Get Outta Here

  1. Amy says:

    This makes me miss crazy Thailand!! Funny when you’re not the one in the situation 😂 But I do remember how utterly enraged we would get specifically at being ripped off. It got to be personal haha

  2. Amber says:

    Been so excited to hear stories about Wendy’s trip there. All I really knew before was that there was laughing from beginning to end! Haha. Love the picture as always!! That’s so funny PAULA just now found one of your hidden notes!! Lol

  3. Dad says:

    Looking forward to are trip,hope you will be feeling better by then 😷😷😷

  4. Shelley Belly says:

    Miss you girls tons. I love all of your great photos and the experiences are shared with my service buddies. Keeps everyone in stitches. Hope to see you soon. Lots of love ❤️

  5. Marleen says:

    Love your blog. Appreciate even more your self sacrificing spirit in serving as a need greater. What a book of memories you are building.
    Love Ken and Marleen

  6. Paula says:

    It looks like you had a crazy awesome time with Wendy, bummer you were sick. Thanks for the shout out to your old lady cousin!!! haha One of these days soon we will have to be there with you. Hugs!

  7. Elaynee says:

    Love it when trees take over the world….. Love your pics xxxxxx😘

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