When Things Start Heatin’ Up!

I bet you think the story is about hot food! It isn't, these are just delicious chilies!

I bet you think the story is about hot food! It isn’t, these are just delicious chilies!

I am going to cut to the chase.  I have what I think is a pretty funny story and I honestly couldn’t be bothered to wait around to collect more stories and photos to put together some fancy blog post.  So instead, I am going to just tell you the story and be done with it.  More importantly, if you don’t judge me, well I won’t judge you.  Actually, in all truthfulness I have already individually judged each of you.  Don’t worry though, it is entirely based on a particular personal choice in reading material you have made.  I am going to let that one soak for a bit as you READ the rest of THIS BLOG.  Soaking, saturated…DING DING, you got it now didn’t you!? Ok nerds, story time!  (Segue:  anyone notice how even though I said I was going to get to the point and tell the story I still managed to write an introduction to bring you up to speed and prepare your mind for a story?  Clever clever! wink wink)


So not too long ago Abby and I were working out at home.  Abby usually uses the living room and does her

This cat legit scared me! I mean LOOK at it!

This cat also has nothing to add to the plot.  It is just scary looking and in a stairwell!

thing and I go in my room and do my thing.  Now don’t get too carried away thinking I don’t actually work out and just have personal lip sync battles in the mirror for an hour, because that is not the case.  The lip syncing only lasts 20 minutes tops and then straight to seated stretches similar to the ones done on some airlines.  It is pretty exhausting let me tell you!  So, while all this was happening Abby started to smell a strong burning odor.  She said it was quite strong for a moment but very quickly disappeared so she didn’t think anymore about it figuring it was obviously one of the small BBQ pots being lit or something.  Not too much long after there was a frantic knock on the door.  Abby didn’t know who it was so she quickly grabbed a different top and yelled out “just wait!”  Well they continued to pound so, obviously, for those of you who know Abby she yelled again with her Armageddon voice, “WAaaaiT!”  Anyways, she gets to the door and there was no one there.  She did hear someone running down the stairwell yelling FIRE!  All the meanwhile I was still in my room with my headphones on.  Abby came into my room and yelled at me, but of course I didn’t hear her so she decided to hit me on the back of the shoulder.  So I used my Armageddon voice to say “what the heck!?”  And in my defense, I had my headphones on so was is it really fair that I get hit because I couldn’t hear her?  Anywho, Abby only mumbled “fire bla bla, fire something something,” and she ran out the door.  My next reaction shows my extreme lack of urgency because I stood there and then began to consider which clothes I wanted to keep.  Which I should mention is almost none, my cambo clothes are the worst.  After making my way to our front door I started hearing a bit of a commotion in the stairwell, so I stood, watched and listened.

This picture has nothing to do with the story, it is a filler!

This picture is what I like to call a filler!

Abby, didn’t want to just assume fire, which is smart, so she ran up the stairwell to the rooftop.  There are a few people renting a room up there that has a small space outside for a make shift kitchen, cambo styles.  As she had predicted earlier, someone had been cooking all this time.  So she only just popped her head up there enough to see a guy sitting on the floor scrubbing his clothes in a big bowl, so she quietly started walking down the stairs so that she didn’t bother the guy.  Well, as she was coming down she passed two people frantically running up the stairs to check out the FIRE!  Abby informed them it was nothing though they needed to see for themselves.  Not far behind was our security guard following with the largest fire extinguisher in hand.  He had a small message in his eyes as he passed me, and it was, “I HATE STAIRS, but it’s okay because I am going to be a HERO!”  So after a moment of him hauling the gigantic extinguisher up many flights of stairs I saw two more random guys I had never seen before running upstairs also.  Their eyes said “I HATE STAIRS, but who cares, this is so exciting!”  By this time Abby had almost made it all the way back to our apartment.

There is a chance you aren’t finding this story quite as funny as advertised.  You have to envision the situation more closely.  In your minds eye,  imagine a guy after a long days work comes home to his comfortable new little place and starts to make dinner.  Unfortunately though, burns the meal and smokes up the place for a few minutes.  Moments later he has 5 strangers with an elephant extinguisher pointed in his direction, standing in his kitchen with fear in their eyes.  He probably felt awesome.  In fact, he probably wished he had kept his shorts on as he was only in his tiny undies throughout the whole experience.

Tip of the day: Calm down!

Enjoy the photos I managed to scrape together…haha.  Hope you enjoyed the read. 🙂



7 thoughts on “When Things Start Heatin’ Up!

  1. tennal says:

    that cage delivery guy? werent you the one that wrote about people that would visit each other and bring their birds so that the birds could visit, and then they would birdwatch? could this be one of those?

    • Hmmm….Sorry I don’t recall writing about that? The cage could be for birds I guess. Could be for kids that are bad at school or captured foreigners?? Totally kidding. But yeah, the bird dates must be from a different source 🙂

  2. Coralie says:

    Even though I had already heard the story , I much enjoyed your telling of it, Blog Girl

  3. Coralie says:

    I’ll call you whatever…ha ha

  4. Amber says:

    Hi blog girl. Hehe. Great story!!! I can just imagine that poor man and his embarrassment over his very public display of poor cooking skills!!!!!

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