One Olive

At the car wash!!   He was helping his dad clean the moto... #babybumsfordays

Helping dad clean the moto… #babybumsfordays #atthecarwash

There is something to be said about pushing yourself past your comfort levels.  And I am not only talking about picking up and moving to a new country, as some crazy people do. No, I am referring to the subtle things in life.  Perfect example for me: Eating Olives!  I know that I am not the only person on earth that hates olives.  Plenty of people would agree that they are stinky and taste like formaldehyde.  NO I haven’t tasted formaldehyde, but I can tell you, when you are dissecting frogs and pigs in high school, the smell is so potent it might as well have been in one’s mouth.  And the concept is similar too. Think about it,  you pull out a rubber-esk type thingy out of a stinky liquid.  Case closed, in my mind anyways.  Sure I haven’t convinced you to join Team No Olives but what I am about to tell you might surprise you.  I hate olives, but I SO want to love them.  I do, truly.  I envy all you stuck up olive loving people out there.  All fancy with your crackers and OLIVES, making life look so good and luxurious.  So, for a long time now, when olives are on the menu I will always take one, but only one!  I pop that sucker in my mouth hoping that the magical taste of olives changes me to a new person. I can assure you though, the first bite is sorta OK….but the after taste….BARF and PUKE! I just can’t do it. So groaty!  The point?  I TRY!!!  I sincerely try and that has to be worth something!  So what is your “one olive“?  What is it that would seem enhances the existence of those around you, but you just can’t seem to grasp.  Maybe it’s mushrooms?  Do you hate coffee?  Let’s think outside the box here, perhaps your “one olive” is camping, leggings or going to water parks? Every time you try it you can’t understand why others love it?  For the record I  generally like those things.  Also for the record, if you thought combing your hair, washing your clothes or brushing your teeth were your “one olives” I can assure you that you are not normal and you clearly are not picking up what I am throwing down.  As well, I should mention, subscribing or reading this blog does not count as your one olive.  Let’s be honest,  this blog is more along the lumpy gravy lines.  No one likes lumpy gravy.  Or wait, I have a better example, you know that gross hard blob of lotion that comes out first when you haven’t used your lotion in a while.  THAT’S this blog.  You try to embrace it and rub it in, but there is no getting past the fact that it is completely useless. ( haha )

This guy barks like a crazy person, but he at least posed for this picture.

This guy barks like a crazy person, but he at least posed for this picture.

As I am sure you would guess, Cambodian life is full of things you have to push yourself to get used to.  Even getting used to the fact that crazy things will happen to you constantly can be a struggle.  The other day I was sitting with a friend in her little shop and I literally was almost knocked on the back of the head by an old dirty toilet that some random person decided to carry through the store.  I am not kidding, it was completely out of nowhere and thankfully I had leaned forward just in time.  So weird.  I really feel that I have pushed myself to accept strange music more openly too.  It used to drive me nuts, but now, I embrace it.  Went for a massage a while ago and the entire time they played the broadest spectrum of music, all played on some Asian flute.  We’re talking songs like “Careless Whisper”, ” Time to say Good-Bye” and the oldie goldie “Love is blue”.  (If you don’t know those songs you can YouTube em.)  I have to push myself to not laugh at people too. Isn’t that terrible, but it is true.  I met a young guy who had clearly just bought a brand new hoodie.  I asked him if he understood English and he said no. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that his new hoodie had in huge letters “I am pregnant! I am uncomfortable! I am crabby!”  If I told him what it said he would never wear it again and I didn’t want to crush his coolness.  So instead I told him it was totes dope yo! Jokes, I didn’t say that.  I did pinch his cheeks though.  Haha, na, I didn’t do that either.

There will always be some things in life that I just won’t be able to try or simply doesn’t appeal to me.  I am sure you agree with that. Lesson here though, push yourself to try “some” things you don’t like.  No one likes a stick in the mud.  Another personal example is that I would say for a certainty I love being around people.  Not 100% of the time of course but in a general sense of the meaning, I love people.  Abby recently went to Bangkok for a week without me.  It was my big test of being alone.  I had to do everything on my own.  Shop, cook, clean etc. I even had to brush my own teeth and argue with myself for goodness sakes. (That’s clearly a joke for the people who have the questionable “one olives” as mentioned before.)   Apparently though, I am a pretty industrious sorta person and organized.  Thank goodness she will be back and I don’t have to fill that description for much longer! haha But again, bit out of my comfort zone, but turned out really good!

Well that’s it guys.  Now you can go enjoy your fancy pants jar of olives, happiness and foo foo lives!  I will get there….one day!  Just remember,  try something new!  *NOTE* This is about as inspirational as I will get so….

TIP: If you think there is a booger on your face, there is probably a booger on your face.

You don't get much cuter than this!

You don’t get much cuter than this!



13 thoughts on “One Olive

  1. Amber says:

    As always the perfect pickme up!! ๐Ÿ™‚ how did I not know you didn’t like olives? Mushrooms yes! Olives no!! Lol

  2. Jess and Daniel says:

    No olives? What??! Had no idea. Made me think of Abby that time at our place when Daniel made martinis and she tried his and ate the olives then dropped the toothpick back in his glass!๐Ÿ˜Ewwwww!! Haha.๐Ÿธ For us our “one olive” is…lamb. Your mom LOVES it, everyone seems to love it. We’ve tried over and over to love it…but we give up. It’s never gonna happen! Baaaahhhhh!

    • Oh yeah the martini! Hahaha…and hey high five for gross lamb. I can’t stand it either. Yikes, all these comments are making me sound like a super picky eater! Haha

    • Amber says:

      What!!! I didn’t know u guys didn’t like lamb?? I’m like mom I love it although I always have a healthy dose of guilt!! Abby and the toothpick. Unforgettable!! Lol

  3. tennal from Mexico says:

    MIne is beer… well any alcohol…. cant stand the taste… some places are easier to adjust to than others… my mom cant stand the less than sane motorcycle drivers here… but on the bright side… we serve in another country, and didnt have to learn (much) of a foreign language… i act as translator for my parents, and i was told by a sister in our hall that my understanding is about 60%…. ive been thinking its 25% or LESS for years

  4. Dustin says:

    Forget about olives Sarah. BUTTONS is what you need to go after.

  5. Dad says:

    I love olives, but I hate,hate,hate,hate rubbar I hate so much that I can’t spell it!

  6. Your Favorite Cousin Paula says:

    My “Olive” is sea food… I keep trying, and sometimes I sort of enjoy it but other times I totally hate it! I did hate olives too, but kept forcing myself to try until I really started to love them (although they were better when they would accompany a wine and cheese party). When I was 13 or 14 my friend and I went to a fancy pants wedding, my friend kept going to the table and loading up her plate with black olives, I assumed (as most kids would) they must be like a dessert, a sweet treat (after all they looked a little like purple grapes) popped a few in my mouth and thought I was going to die!!! Loved your blog. Died laughing at the “toothpick” story!

    • Loved your blog too Paula, oh wait this was just a comment. Ba ha ha, only teasing. That is hilarious about the olives and as I mentioned before I think this is making me sound super super picky, but I am not a big fan of seafood either. Wish I enjoyed fish more, it’s everywhere.

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