Word For Word

Life...it finds a way! (wow Sarah, So deep)

Life…it finds a way! (wow Sarah, So deep)

Yesterday Abby and I were on our way to a store and were having a conversation.  Part way through she changed the subject and told me to remind her to buy “Pin Boil”.  I said, “OKAY”, literally sat on the back of the moto and whispered to myself, “pin boil? What the?”  I tried to figure out what on earth she was saying without asking her again, but I had to ask again. “Sorry Abby, what did you need to get?”  We were stopped at an intersection at this point so she was actually  able to turn to me this time, and I won’t pretend there wasn’t a definite pinch of older sister annoyed elevated loudness to her words as she enunciated “PIG OIL!”  I was even more confused at this point but also didn’t want to be the most annoying person on the planet.  So I waited a even little bit more  and then asked her, “What is Pig Oil?”  Her simple, and yes even louder response was, “TIN FOIL!  Goodness its like Marcie never left!”  The saddest part of the  whole story is for a few moments in the store I couldn’t find her.  I was looking down isles, I was holding my breath dodging the bad B.O. from the stock boys and I just couldn’t find her anywhere UNTIL low and behold I found her.  Where was she you ask?  She was buying tin foil!

So apart from my apparent loss of hearing I think I am losing my memory too.

A beauty....the flower and Abby's eye!

A beauty….the flower and Abby’s eye!

I recently was talking with some friends when I went into describing the time I had that flu that went around called HDMI.  No, don’t worry, you read that correctly I was infected with standard cables for high definition video streaming.  Haha, What I meant to say was H1N1.  Seriously, I think I am losing it!

I am always thankful to see that I am not the only one who has word issues.  There is a Khmer lady that has a shop near us who I talk to fairly often. She is always trying to learn small new English words so I help her when I can.  Mind you I am sure you are all questioning my qualifications by now, but anyways.  In one particular discussion she asked me to translate a word from Khmer to English.  The word was “introduce.”  So she sat back in her tiny chair, looks at me and slowly says “eat-some-roots.”  I tried not to laugh too hard and I helped her again…”IN-TRO-DUCE.”  Her reply, again with elevated volume “EAT-SOME-ROOTS”  All I could say was, “um, yup….close.”  She is a gem though.  The worst pronunciation I have ever heard, but a gem.  If I ever tell her a joke she says I am “c’jute!”  The first time I heard it I asked her what the meaning of the word was.  She was practicing her English again and was trying to say “Cute!”  I stretched the word out for her, ” Cuuuuuuuute”  Her reply, “Caaaaaaa-Juuuuuuuuute!”  HAHA, Love it!

Language mishaps are so funny though.  Abby was having a discussion with some people who were learning English a few weeks ago.  They were talking about Samsung vs Apple products.  There was one person in the group who clearly wasn’t following because when Abby asked them which they like better, the answer she got was “I like peaches and mangos.”  I do laugh at these mix ups but I do realize that most likely more often than not I am doing the exact same thing trying to speak clear Khmer.  Usually I am corrected easily but there are definitely moments where I am left with a head spin.  The worst is when I ask for someone to speak slower and all they do is speak louder.  Actually I think they usually start speaking faster too!  It is the exact same situation in Canada though too.  Not to throw you under the bus Dad but I think anytime you ever encountered someone who didn’t have great English skills there was a definite volume increase.  haha



Thankfully I am the editor of this blog and choose to include one last tidbit.  A tidbit that no one else thinks is interesting, but I DO! So the past while I have been craving pizza.  Of course being celiac means I have to make my own. (Or Abby might make it..haha)  Well, that takes time and effort so I have patiently waited.  In the meantime, for over a month now I changed my wallpaper on my iPad to a gorgeous GF pizza we made back in Canada last summer.  As I stared at it…as you do, and discovered a face in the cheese.  No it isn’t anyone famous but it definitely is a scary face.  It stares at me from behind the YouTube icon.  Since I have found it I haven’t changed it either, not yet…..I am letting it fuel my fear of cheese. It isn’t working though, I still love cheese.  Even if it stares at me with the eyes of a clown with shattered dreams!

TIP OF THE DAY: Never leave the house without your rain poncho during the wet season…..enough said!

Enjoy yet again another weird collaboration of photos.  Some of them are from our trip down to Sihanoukville.  One of the beach towns of Cambodia.  It rained everyday! THE END!

I can't make this stuff up guys!!

I can’t make this stuff up guys!!


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5 thoughts on “Word For Word

  1. Colleen says:

    nice to get the update. Proud of you girls.

  2. Paula says:

    You crack me up!!! Room for Shepherds… the guy sleeping with his shoes under the kick stand of his moto… we are SOOOO related with the whole shoes thing, and definitely a descendant of our grandmother who came to visit at our house with two different coloured shoes, one flat and one with a heel!! haha Abby should submit that picture to Nioxin! Love the cartoons! And my, Abby knows how to sport a spectacular braid!! haha

  3. Jason says:

    Lol. Don’t feel bad I’ve had HDMI as well. I’ve never been that sick before.

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