Throw a big Stink!

Always being watched by someone :)

So I have given it quite a bit of thought and I would like to do a piece on, aromas.  You know, nothing to obscure of course.  Tasteful, but packs some punch.  I also will point out to those who maybe haven’t already noticed the upscale tone of my writing so far.  Please take note of my reference to a blog post as a piece. That’s correct!  This blog isn’t just words on a screen….IT’S ART!!  Actually, I just wanted to write that so I could feel like an important journalist or something.

Ok, so guys lets talk aromas! Aromas..haha.. who am I kidding here, lets talk stinks and stenches!  As any long time SezKapow reader already would be well aware of, Cambodia is not entirely known for being filled with the best smells.  Unfortunately the open sewer rivers don’t help the overall situation but definitely the heat and the majestic nature of the human body tends to escalate matters as well.  No no, I know you think I am shooting straight towards a poop story but actually, I meant more of a body odor story.

I just like these...they are everywhere.

Picture of flowers to offset the overall mood here!

Still with me, ok good. So not too long ago, Marcie was packing for a trip home to Canada. That day it was only her and myself hanging out at the apartment.  Well, from the get go there was certainly a smell happening that was NOT agreeing with my comfort levels.  OBVIOUSLY it must have been Marcie.  I mean, come on right!  So as the kind and gentle sister that I am, in the most sensitive manner possible I addressed the issue.  Well, I was redirected with some again, kind and thoughtful words, that the smell was coming from the living room where I sit.  I was pretty confident it wasn’t, but then again, I don’t always shower the second I feel sweat pouring down my back so…..perhaps!?  Well, thank goodness it wasn’t my chair.  It had to have been MARCIE’S chair, right?  I am sure you are catching onto what this all turned into.  It was the great search for the stink in the house.  I think Marcie and I smelt every single piece of fabric in our entire living room and found nothing!  The only thing we found was the two of us standing in the middle of the room wondering what the smell could be?  “Are you SURE it isn’t YOU Marcie!? Smell your pits!”  So she lifts her arms and……wait for it….nothing. It was fine.  Yup, I even lifted the back of my hair thinking….hmmm you never know!?  Well, admittedly we didn’t smell like a big bag of flowers but the crippling smell was thankfully not coming from either of us.  Nor was it coming from a place we may have left stink behind at. Ok, I won’t drag this story on much further but near the END of the afternoon I was going to grab an onion. Well my fingers sunk into the onion.  “I FOUND THE STINK!!”  Yup, it was an onion that had gone off and was totally gross.  I think it must have had something wrong from the inside though because we haven’t ever had our food rot like that……we aren’t animals people! “Smell your pits!!” Sorry, random flashback quote. Back to the story, anyways, made me laugh that instead of thinking a terrible rotting onion smell was coming from say…an onion perhaps, my first reaction was to blame Marcie! haha What are sisters for right!?

This just makes me think of a story from years ago at



my house back in Canada.  I remember I was sitting at the computer and suddenly I caught a whiff of my breath and was like,  “WHAT on earth, I am going to die!”  Seriously I couldn’t get over how terrible it was! And THEN, I realized that it was not my breath but that an un-named loved one had just destroyed the bathroom which was next door to the office.  It made me shutter that I would have ever second guessed that a smell with that sheer…velocity, came from my mouth!  Anyways….real stories here guys.  Its just life, so take it or leave it!  I am sure we all have similar stories….right?? haha

Speaking of life, seems to be moving along.  I know my blogs seem few and far between these days, sorry about that.  But a girls gotta keep busy! You know, I have things to do, places to go….smells to find!  Honestly though, hope this hasn’t bored you too much.  And as far as apologizing for the nature of this “piece”, I am far beyond that.  If you haven’t figured this blog out by now…..I can’t help ya! haha  Thanks for reading everyone, drop me a comment if you like!

TIP:  When something smells bad, save yourself some dignity and check all the food in the house first!

Just outside this woman's home she was cooking some fish so I got a chance to show her a video.

Just outside this woman’s home she was cooking some fish so we got a chance to show her a video.


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8 thoughts on “Throw a big Stink!

  1. Coralie says:

    Well, Sarah, you’ve done it again…..Marcie said that you aren’t the only ones who talk regularly about stinky stuff…it’s very normal over there???? Love the monologue and the pictures…Mom

  2. brendagibson75 says:

    Ha! Your posts always make me laugh. Looking at your photos and your sore toe (ouch!) I say you should hire a Sumo to do your laundry.

  3. Dad says:

    Smell done😷

  4. Amber says:

    I was not that “loved one ” in the story just to clarify!! 😂😂😂 can’t imagine what a rotten onion would smell like! Ewww. Haha great blog!!

  5. Marleen says:

    Sarah your talent of writing is terrific. Thank you for sharing. We have had that same smelly dilemma. When an onion turns you want to turn and run. But it’s necessary to seek, find, and throw out then air out the house. Sunny and warm here in Black Diamond. Katherine had slushy snow last night. Schools closed due to the weather—Maritime weather!!
    Greetings and love to both you and Abigail.
    Marleen and Ken

  6. Paula Poop says:

    Classy. You Crack me up. You girls aren’t run of the mill, you have layers, just like a…. “parfait, everybody loves parfait”!!! 🍨 This reminds me of the time mom walked in the bathroom and it stunk like pee. She checked the likely spots (inside the toilet, on the floor, in the tub…) nothing. Now she was on a mission. All the towels, mats everything was thrown in to the wash. The cleaners came out, and a scrubdown ensued… toilet, sink, tub, walls… but alas there was still the pee smell in the air. Everything taken out under the sink, scrubbed and put away… then she goes to wipe the top of the cabinet above the toilet and there was the smelly culprit… a Canadian Maple Leaf Cookie! I guess someone was storing cookies in the bathroom in case I don’t know, you are in there so long and need a snack! 😂🛀🚽⏳

  7. Misty says:

    Thank you!  Felt like I was there for a bit.  I am thinking about you girls.  How are you?  How is it feeling without Marcie? 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  8. coll says:

    Hiya what an awesome way to start my day!! Fantastic story and photos as always.. I 💘 that I can imagine you saying it too..😜
    What a fantastic experience for you guys. Keep up the good work. Lotsa n lotsa love forever your aussie family.
    Budds xxxxxx

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