Beef Belt Buckets

Thailand....Soak it in

Thailand….Soak it in

It honestly feels like I JUST updated this blog, but when I checked…its been a while.  Sorry.  But good news, I have lots of photos to share.  We recently took a trip to Thailand and stayed with friends in a town called Krabi.  Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to look at.  What a contrast to living in Phnom Penh, where every turn you take you see someone picking their nose!   Sorry guys, I know that is gross and I have held back from bringing it up for a while, but as real as it was a couple years ago when I first moved here, the reality has remained stable! Nose pickers power through let me tell ya! Anyways, back to my original train of thought….Krabi was awesome and such a great break.  It was raining lots but it actually enhanced the trip.  We rented motos

Abby's hand crafted poncho! LOL

Abby’s hand crafted poncho! LOL

there and on one occasion we were caught in a massive downpour.  We pulled over to put on our little plastic ponchos but realized we were one short for the group.  The guys working in the store we stopped in front of tried to solve the issue for us, by constructing Abby a tailored poncho made of old sign canvas. It was so hilarious.  She couldn’t bend in it, and said it was super sharp, and so unfortunately couldn’t use it.  But we all got a good laugh out of it all.

Speaking of having a good laugh, I find myself laughing AT Marcie a lot these days.  (No I am not a bully, sometimes I laugh WITH her too!) I have always known she is a conversation misinterpreter but perhaps I didn’t realize she was such a hardcore misinterpreter! In fact, “I am not even mad, I am impressed!”  For example, some friends were staying with us and after they left I just said to the girls “Kyle and Glori are my favs”….. which was immediately followed by Marcie’s questioning voice, ” Kyle and Glori are BABES?”  Lol  I mean, yeah…yes, they are but no, that’s not exactly what I said! *DISCLAIMER* I have many FAVS by the way, and yes, all you FAVS are all babes as well. Though saying I have many favs discredits the meaning so maybe what I mean is I equally enjoy the company of many friends to different

Out in the Kayak on Oa Nang beach I took this shot.  Love the contrast of colors.

Oa Nang Beach, Thailand

degrees????? YIKES….Moving on.  The other time that cracked me up, was during a conversation I said something plain like “elevator”.  Anyways, I said “elevator” and again from the outskirts of the conversation comes Marcie’s questioning voice, “Sarah what? Beef Belt Buckets??” Are you kidding me Marcie, beef belt buckets??  It didn’t even slightly resemble “elevator” or whichever word I said. And no it wasn’t a “B” word.  I give it to her for creativity though. Seriously, has the universe known that word combo ever before?? I highly doubt it.  And I also give her credit for giving me an awesome title for this post!

Anyways guys, things have been just moving along here in Cambodia.  If I wasn’t able to develop some sense of normality I would feel pretty unsettled.  Though I doubt not too many of you are often woke up by the garbage truck workers in the middle of the night singing at the top of their lungs as they collect the trash.  Cambodia…..Thank you! haha

Well please enjoy the photos of this, that and the other thing.  I will also leave you with this tip:

Smile…while you still have teeth 🙂

Sunrise in Takeo.

Sunrise in Takeo.

Gotta post the good pics big...or at least the pics I attempted to be artsy in! haha

Gotta post the good pics big…or at least the pics I attempted to be artsy in! haha

And now….your beloved mosaic of photos 🙂


15 thoughts on “Beef Belt Buckets

  1. Shelley Belly says:

    Love, love, love your photos and your experiences are HILLARIOUS!

  2. Amber says:

    Laughed out loud so many times in this. MARCIE definitely inherited some of mom’s imagination! Love the stories and pictures:) made my night!

  3. jlauralee says:

    Loved it! And LOL the skirt napkin!

  4. Dustin says:


  5. Coralie says:

    Such funny and cringeworthy stories… Love the pictures…Thailand looks so beautiful…

  6. Amy says:

    If that’s the least of Marcie’s worries from living there, she’s doing pretty good! Your all “fairly” sane so far hehe
    LOVE LOVE your pics!! Amazing. Can’t wait to visit them… I keep saying that but I WILL!! ☺️

  7. Dave&Raeanne says:

    OooOoo…Blog-o-versary coming up….very excited.

    • Yikes! I know….I best be crack-a-lackin’ and get ‘er done!! But please don’t be too excited, will be the same garbage as all the rest of the posts I make! Lol

      • Dave & Rae-anne says:

        Our house sold. We have a plan in place to be in Phnom Penh in April (in support of the Sign Language group). We were wondering if we should try to avoid moving during Khmer New Year? Also, your blog has been so helpful to us through the two years we have been planning to come to Cambodia – if you have any advice or tips in the category of “Dang, I wish I knew we needed that before we flew to this steamy country” we would love to hear it! Please email us if you can.

        Thank you again for all your awesome work and for putting forth such effort in making a not-lame travel blog 🙂

      • Non lame travel blog….lol love it and thank you for the compliment. I will email yas!!! 🙂

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