I Know What You’re Thinking

Leeup....this little guy is so cute. He lives near the construction site of the new kingdom hall and is just sooooo beautiful!

Leeup….this little guy is so cute. He lives near the construction site of the new kingdom hall and is just sooooo beautiful!

It’s that time again! Blog time! *the crowd moans* “Yeeeeeehaw!” Haha. But it is true, it is time so stop complaining. It’s like brushing your teeth, you have to do it! *all current readers realize it ISN’T compulsory to read this blog whatsoever and is in fact nothing like brushing your teeth!*. So let’s DO THIS THING! * Again, all readers look at each other and question the obscure phrases and yelling that has already taken place.*

So thankfully our crazy arrival back to Cambodia did not carve a pattern for future events! In all truthfulness, everything has gone really smooth. It honestly has felt like we never left. Yet, so far both times I have returned to Canada, my Cambodian life seems like a dream as well. A hot…..and not a sexy hot but a sweaty hot….confusing stinky dream. *People ask themselves again why does this girl keep coming back here if it is like a terrible dream* So maybe you are asking yourself why I keep coming back to place that seems like a terrible dream!? And the answer to that is that it just keeps happening! And actually it isn’t like a terrible dream at all. I just crack jokes like that to try and make you laugh. *Two people fake laugh at this comment in the distance, but only because they are the giggling type people who are always smiling and basically laugh on command anyways!*

Scratching the bum of a pregnant tailess cow across the Mekong river this week. Dream come true eh Marc??

Scratching the bum of a pregnant tailess cow across the Mekong river this week. Dream come true eh Marc??

Since we have been here this round we have had quite a few torrential down pours leaving the ground rather saturated at times. One of these times we had gone across the Mekong River. Abby and I were looking for a woman I had spoken with previously down a long driveway. Well, she was no longer there, and a entire new home had replaced the shack that was once there. Before we were able to turn around an old man on a bike pedaled up from behind the house. When I asked if he knew the woman I was looking for he said to come with him. We walked away from the moto and he said we HAD to take it with us or it would get stolen. That is also the moment I could smell alcohol on his breath. 10:30am. No reason, just saying it was 10:30am. But hey it’s cocktail hour somewhere in the world right!? Wooooooooo *basically everyone shakes there head at the inappropriate humor except those two people again. But they don’t have a conscience* ANYWAYS we followed this guy…which as I write this sounds super dangerous, but you had to be there, and you would know it was fine. He called out to a woman who turned out to be his daughter. We talked for a bit with her which was nice and then figured we could go. As we said our farewells the old skinny man asked me for my sunglasses. The daughter slapped him and told me not to give them to him and gave me a look. I interpreted the look as a “ignore him he is drunk” kinda look. But now I wonder if it was a ” don’t give them to him, give them to ME” kinda look? Meanwhile Abby was getting the moto ready for us, but was stuck. She was the only one on the moto so to get it unstuck she cranked the accelerator. Well, while she was doing this she didn’t notice the old man helping push the moto, nor did she here me say “WAIT!” Remember I started this story off with explaining how saturated the ground was? Well we were in a bit of a mud pit, so when Abby hit the gas she literally plastered this old man with thick mud!! She turned to me completely oblivious as to what just happened and about to tell me to hop on. I looked at the old man and said a huge apology! Abby realized the mess and felt terrible and said sorry too. In many ways I was glad he was drunk because he barely looked at his clothes, looked at us and with a huge smile said “No problem! Thank you very much!” If I had no conscience like those two people that laugh at all my jokes I would have yelled “Bottoms up!” Or chanted “shots shots shots!” But thankfully my perceptive powers silenced me and we drove away. * Those two people still have no idea the depth of this humor, it’s meaning or intensity! They are joined by a few others and continue smiling, laughing and surprisingly….reading*

One day while Marcie was doing dishes I asked her if she wanted a tattoo

Self explanatory

Self explanatory

as I wiggled the pen in my hand. I was thrilled she said yes so I asked her what it should say? She said “awesome!” *Everybody mouths to their friends…”LAME!”* And don’t worry I thought it was lame too. So I gave her a tattoo with my pen and left her to finish up. Later she was walking in the living room by our mirror and yells at me, ” POOP!!?? You didn’t write awesome you wrote POOP!!” Lol. Not an epic story but it brings joy and happiness to my life. And yes I made it seem as though I wrote a longer word!

“Never yell at children. Lean in and whisper, it’s much scarier!”

*readers all agree this was a very abrupt ending and a weird tip! Especially considering the crazy amount ofΒ  pictures of kids in this post.*


Pretending to ride a moto together!

Pretending to ride a moto together!



And now your regular gallery I have gotten you so accustomed to!

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12 thoughts on “I Know What You’re Thinking

  1. Amber says:

    I love your blogs!! They always make me laugh. And make me feel part of your life there:) I think my fave part is all the crazy pics too! Keep the blogs coming!!

  2. Elaynee sorbello says:

    Thankx loved it

  3. Gloria Jurgens says:

    Great story and pics. Made me giggle and reassure myself how crazy you 3 really are. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Dustin says:

    I am happy you wrote that on Marcie’s arm.

  5. Suzanne says:

    The old poop tatoo trick… I’m surprised Marcie fell for that. Haha. πŸ˜„

    • I know right!? She really dropped the ball there! Classic joke in the ol’ bag of tricks tho!! Haha yup good ol’ poop tatt joke! I think I am enjoying saying ” ol’ ” far too much for one comment. the End.

  6. Paula says:

    I wonder who was the other conscience less person laughing with me!! Muuuuwahaha Loved the dirty/Muddy Abby story!! And all the kiddie pictures are awesome! Miss you girls.

  7. Ruth Karabacz says:

    Love seeing the area through your eyes. Keep up the good work!

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