Lock ‘N’ Load


Every single time I say my life is getting boring, something really bizzare happens. Before we left Canada I told people that I was getting bored. Now that doesn’t mean living in Canada is boring, but my personal everyday was heading towards the mundane. I kinda figured heading back to Cambodia would feel the same ol’ too, being this is my third arrival. Well, it’s time to grab a coffee and have a good read……. Because I am about to tell you exactly why our arrival can hardly be described as “same ol”!!!

That strange day had arrived where you wake up super early and slightly disoriented, rush to get ready, eat, double check your room to make sure you didn’t forget anything and head off to the airport. I can honestly say everything went super smooth. All the flights were good, had fairly good movies, slept a little and hey, we weren’t starred at by any Chinese families while we slept at the Shanghai airport this time! PERK! I spent quite a bit of time working out exactly how we would get from the airport to our apartment. Normally it isn’t that big of a deal except it would be midnight and we would have to hire 2 separate tuk tuks because we had so much stuff. I wanted to make sure we had trustworthy drivers as all three of us wouldn’t be able to ride together. Now remember, all I was doing was thinking about all this because naturally I am a worrier…..not a warrior. When we actually were arranging our rides home, I could sense we were being very well taken care of. The older gentleman was very nice in arranging our Tuk tuk rides, didn’t rip is off and was genuinely helpful.

We were off….everything was going well. The drivers stayed very close to one another and they took well lit roads and we were almost home when all of the sudden one of the Tuk tuks died!
The driver chuckled as he took all the luggage from the broke down Tuk Tuk and piled it beyond belief in the second one, leaving Abby literally with one butt cheek hanging out the side for the ride home. As we knew we had to pay this guy something, even though he didn’t get us all the way I offered a large portion of the original price. Well he made us pay the whole shot. I could have argued more than I did, but I was tired and done. So, on the road again we headed and quickly realized our driver had no idea where he was going. Thankfully we have this city well mapped out in our minds and we FINALLY made it home! *sigh of relief* We were safe, it wasn’t raining and our security guard was there to help us out.

All of our luggage was moved to the bottom gate that opens to our stairwell for the apartment when we noticed the security guard making several phone calls. Long story short the landlord had put a padlock on the gate and he didn’t have the key!! I told him we would need the key…now! He is a really nice guy and he was honestly trying. At one point, he put me on the phone with an annoying man who explained that one of the keys was with the landlord who had just flown to Thailand that night!!! I told this to the girls as all three of our heads were about to burst! It was already well past midnight, my brain was hurting trying to remember a language I hadn’t spoken in months and I was trying to embrace the reality of our situation. Our security guard offered for us to stay at the guest house across the street until the other key came at 8am. It is a $10 a night DIVE and we have friends who had stayed there once who will NEVER stay again. So…no thanks. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind if we slept in his dad’s Tuk Tuk parked in front of the store….and that is what we did! To some of you this sounds C R A Z Y and why wouldn’t we get a hotel or go somewhere. Well we had around 400 lbs of luggage, all the drivers were sleeping and by this time in all honesty I knew I wasn’t going to actually sleep and I had just HAD IT! So again, the Tuk Tuk it was.

Meet and Greet

It was between 1am and 1:30am that we actually found ourselves sitting in the Tuk Tuk. Marcie fell asleep pronto and Abby was out for a while too. I stayed wide awake and watched the street. Couple random cops came and stayed on the corner for 1.5hr which was nuts but good, mind you they were really loud and possibly drunk. I saw a big fat rat in the wood pile who was also really loud and possibly drunk. I played candy crush soda and passed a level that I had been stuck on for ages sooooo, that was nice. I also pondered how often I have looked down from our apartment at night and thought how spooky it looked! And yet, there we were with all our possessions and money, hanging out in an old tuk tuk in the middle of the night. Surprisingly I wasn’t that scared!


Aaaaaaaaaand she’s out!

Anyways, hours later I could hear our security guards phone go off. He answered it and told us we get the key sooner!! Soon a young man arrived and we had the key! We opened the gate and flicked the light on for the stairwell as it was still pitch black outside. Well at least we tried, but there was no power! And not only was there no power but the entire stairwell was filled with plaster and tile chunks, thick thick dust, boxes and tools. They had decided to renovate with new tiling and windows throughout the whole stairwell. It’s ok though, we were so close to actually being IN our place that we basically ignored the frustration of trying to carry heavy awkward luggage up a completely blacked out stairwell. Actually, now that I am thinking about it I am shocked we didn’t break our ankles. Every step was uneven and dangerous as we dodged tools, scaffolding and broken tiles. Hey….at least it wasn’t through a flooded street, right!!?? ( *Wink* For those of you who remember THAT story! Haha).

The stairwell...after I made a little pathway.

The stairwell…after I made a little pathway.

So finally, we were in! I was so excited to shower and just go straight to bed! My excitement was yet again taken back a notch to more of a, Are-You-Kidding-Me sorta mood. Yeah, so I guess I just assumed the lights not working in the hallway had no connection with our apartment, but they WERE connected! Yaaaaaaay! WE didn’t have power either. No lights, no fans and obviously no air conditioning! As we stood in the very hot living room in disbelief Abby noticed a very spicy aroma! NO it wasn’t me, it was coming from one of the large Rubbermaid containers we brought! One of our giant bottles of Frank’s Red Hot sauce had broke and was sloshing around. (YES, we bring back essentials!) We were too wired to wait till the morning to see what was soaked so we did it then. I could never have guessed how much eye stinging and coughing would occur in the following moments as we tried to rinse off hot sauce to the dim light of an old iPhone flashlight app! ( the next morning proved how dim the light was….. Looks like I tried rinsing things with wind. Basically just splattered red sauce everywhere. Lol)

Basically after the blinding hot sauce experience, Cambodia decided to stop embracing us with its warm welcome. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30am. I laid on my bed and proceeded to get a whopping 2 hours of sleep!

In the end of it all I remember telling the girls how you worry and pray so much that we would make it to our apartment safe and sound, I didn’t realize I should have been more specific in that we make it INTO our apartment safe and sound. Mind you in reality we did make it safely INTO our apartment….it just took a long time.

Well folks, that’s the story. I hope you used your imagination to create more images as I don’t have many photos to post! Please feel free to comment. I always enjoy hearing feedback! It means readers exist! Haha. By the way, WordPress doesn’t spam, and you don’t have to use your full name when prompted! If that is at all helpful to you 🙂

And of course, the tip of the day:
“Only trust people who like big butts, because they cannot lie!”

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14 thoughts on “Lock ‘N’ Load

  1. brendagibson75 says:

    Ha! You have a way of turning a scary, frustrating experience into a funny one. Seriously though, I can see how Jehovah’s protection was with you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashylla says:

    Oh my gosh!?! I am so glad you guys survived that crazy ordeal!! Your life is most definitely not boring :p I love all of your posts!! Glad you made it safely

  3. Elaynee sorbello says:


  4. Wow, crazy situation there. Sounds like it was also an adventure! Those kind of moments always become funny stories after you’ve slept enough to recover from it!

    Hope your re-settling in goes well. We’re seriously thinking of coming to visit some day. Considering the crazy government situation & the constant uncertainty of our visa extension, we never know how much longer we can stay. For now, our second choice is Myanmar, but Cambodia is so close, we’d pop over to see you guys & our other buddies over in Thailand too. Why not right? Ya’ll are for sure welcome to come over too as long as we’re here.

    Keep up with the awesome stories, they always make me laugh! Take care

  5. jamie says:

    Well this gave me some good laughs this morning- sorry! Not trying to laugh at your expense, but the way you tell your story is very entertaining. I always enjoy reading your encouraging posts. Jehovah will bless you and your friends’ efforts 🙂

    • I am GLAD you are laughing! That is the goal of the entire story telling. Thanks so much for reading and glad you enjoy it! And if you manage to find encouragement out of it….PERK! Woohoo 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Seriously thinking about going through all that after that long of a flight!!! I would have had a breakdown haha glad you’re all there safe and sound!!

  7. Whitney says:

    ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! Look at you guys your pretty much Khmer at this point. I don’t think Cambodia will ever get boring. So sad we missed you this year

    • Adventure IS out there! You are so right about that! It sucks we missed each other for sure! Hate how busy and dumb everything is sometimes! Ps. Wish I could speak as well as I act Khmer! Haha

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