Mystery Break

This is how I feel most days!

This is how I feel most days! ( Our dog Koba. Non stop entertainment from him!)

Wooooooooooo- Eeeeeeeeee!! So THAT was a big break from blogging wouldn’t you agree!? I was actually helping you strengthen your sense of patience! So…..your welcome! I also try to build anticipation within my readers. Bit of mystery never hurt anyone. Well that’s not entirely true if your solving crime, but let’s not get too technical here.

Anyways, the real reason for the silence on Sez KAPOW is that my sisters and I have made our way back to Canada for work and a

Our second campsite after having nosy neighbors!

Our second campsite after having nosy neighbors!

visit with family and friends. We will be back in Cambodia next month! Yup, round three is just around the corner. The past couple months have had their moments of course. Even our trip back was pretty interesting. Our first lay over was spent in Shenghai, China. We arrived very early in the morning and were exhausted. The airport was pretty empty, especially at the one end. There were hundreds of empty seats, so the three of us set up camp to try and sleep. Was really nice until I was woken up by an older Chinese woman and her son who had come and sat directly across from me…… starring! Literally, she sat in the seat immediately next to Abby’s feet. My first thought was, “oh wow, this airport must have got busy!” I then peered around at the hundreds of empty seats surrounding us and my very next thought was, “What on earth are they thinking!?” Followed by, ” I better write this down for my next post!”

Knife Throwing.....TOTALLY got bulls eye and NO I didn't cheat. I am just THAT GOOD! haha    (The second of the only two times my knives actually stuck! I wasn't good at all! haha)

Knife Throwing…..TOTALLY got bulls eye and NO I didn’t cheat. I am just THAT GOOD! haha (The second of the only two times my knives actually stuck! I wasn’t good at all!)

It has been very refreshing to be home for the summer. Lots of good visits with friends and family. Learning a few things too. I spent one evening throwing knives at a wooden bulls eye which was fun. What started as a quiet BBQ with friends turned into a Wild West evening of bow ‘n’ arrow shooting, fire starting and knife throwing! Felt like I was in the back of an old bar in central Mexico or somewhere pinning people’s sleeves to walls with knives and demanding answers! Well……it kinda felt like that. Haha.

At this point you might be worried about my safety! You will be happy to know I am implementing safety in many aspects of my life. For example, I learned I have to be a bit more safe when singing! Couple weeks ago while I was doing a little of this and a little of that and I was also singing a little tune in a slightly high pitched voice to myself. I ended up literally straining my left vocal chord so bad I couldn’t drink or talk for 2 hours! You can only imagine the pain I was in but how much I wanted to laugh!! My family has not let me forget how dumb that was! And I don’t blame them! It was so dumb! But let this be a lesson to us all. Extreme singing CAN be a dangerous sport, so be careful. For the less experienced extreme singers, please start off slow with maybe a light hum! And always remember, it’s all fun and games until someone pulls their vocal chord!

Third thing I have learned these days is how gross I am. Recently I opened up a bag of “loads of Ketchup” chips from Super Store. Oh my goodness, that bag hardly had a chance! It wasn’t till I was half way through inhaling the bag that I realized it tasted weird and gross. They had been expired for 7 months! I think I bought them last summer, hid them, found them and SHOULD have thrown them out, but didn’t! …..hello, my name is Sarah, I consume expired food and I am really gross!! Lol.

Well, I think it’s safe to say there isn’t much mystery left about my internet silence.

PICTURE TIME.  Well I honestly don’t have many photos to post this round.  Sorry.  Reason being, I spent a lot of time choosing a new camera and didn’t want to invest to much time in junk photos. haha Now though, I have a fancy pants new camera to astonish you with my mega picture taking skillz…..Jokes. Not likely!  At least starting next post, photos shouldn’t be so grainy! PERK!!

Thanks for reading everyone!!


6 thoughts on “Mystery Break

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love these pics & posts. Miss you guys!

  2. Jess says:

    The Shanghai airport story is the best! Guess you girls must have looked approachable…even in your sleep!😴😂

  3. Amber says:

    Lol I always know there will be some sort of adventure when you guys travel!

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