Five Good Ones

Marcie about to take off on her moto into a crowded street!

Marcie at the evening market…driving through….slowly!

I am going to level with you. I have five share-worthy stories that have very little in common with each other. So instead of creating links, or using clever smooth transitions, I am going to just spit them out one at a time! Boom boom boom! No time is better than the present so here goes, grab your coffee and enjoy 🙂

My first story is from actually from today when in a zombie-like manner I was stuffing my face with delicious popcorn and watching ” the Nanny” ( Wow, I sure don’t leave anything to the imagination do I! Is Sarah cool? Apparently not!!) Now, like any average human being, when I dropped a kernel next to me I reached to grab ‘er and pop it back in my mouth. As I did this, without looking, I realized two long DISGUSTING hairs from along the couch came attached and went directly into my mouth! BARF! So gross. So you are probably thinking we live like gross people and don’t clean…that’s the thing, we do clean! But let me tell you, those hairs were not mine and this really scares me.

Stuffing the ol' face again!

Stuffing the ol’ face again!

Next story happened yesterday while Abby was driving her moto with one of our friends on the back. She had to make a left hand turn and cross traffic. (For those Aussie readers, that means we drive in the correct side of the road here) There was an older gentleman coming from the other direction with his wife on the back of his moto. He was driving quite slowly and Abby wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing, so she stopped to let him turn or just pass by before she crossed his path. As she patiently waited, she said he was not hiding the fact that he was staring at her. ( As I have mentioned before, this happens ALL the time!) Well, he could not break his stare even as he passed her, he kept his eyes glued on her to the point that his head was turned around. He must have been thrilled to see such a pretty lady and even more thrilled when he rammed into the guy ahead of him causing a little accident! Lol! And the even funnier part was what he told the guy that he hit. The girls heard him say to the guy “Sorry, I was looking at her! I thought SHE was going to hit me!”

Story number 3 happened recently when one of my friends was moving

This is the best part of the hot season!!!! MANGOS!!!

This is the best part of the hot season!!!! MANGOS!!!

home from Cambodia, so a group of us met at the airport to see her off. While we were standing in a circle chatting, as humans tend to do.  While we were talking a man approached the circle. He made a very confident entrance to the group so we all assumed he was a friend of someones, so we opened the circle and let him in. I stood there waiting for conversation between the two “friends” to commence. Well, it never started. Someone finally said hello, but this guy never responded. He just stood there, smiling….rather oddly I should add and then turned around and left. We all asked each other who that was….no one knew. Awkward!!!

This next one cracks me up! Another friend of mine met a young Khmer guy a couple weeks ago. He asked how old she was, so she told him. He then instantly broke out in a show tunes type singing voice and repeated her age “saaaaaaaaaam moooooooo-eeeeeeeeee!” ( Sam moohie is her age in Khmer.) Talk about breaking the ice! Needless to say it was hilarious and now an official and regular catch phrase!

Okay guys, let’s end this post with a really good one. So two days ago our friend Jordan was out selling his wife’s old moto. He was negotiating the price he would sell it for when something rather odd happened. So the shop guy was trying to get him to accept less money, and his way of doing this was by saying “I’m so pooooor!” While he said this to Jordan he reached out and started to fondeling Jordan’s… hm, chest!! Was this his way of trying to sweeten the deal?? Anyways, Jordan immediately slapped his hands away, though he wanted to slap the guy in the face. And shall I mention this was a brave move on this guys part, let alone for anyone as Jordan is a power lifter. THEN, the guy gets all pouty and says ” Why are you being so mean to me!?” HA! What a terrible negotiating protocol! Apparently the rest of the transaction was half normal and fairly quick. Though they charged Jordan $2.50 for the receipt and tried to take his helmet too. Lol my guess is these guys aren’t taking any entrepreneur seminars for sales tips and keeping customers, or is that a shot in the dark!?



Well that about wraps it up for this post! Thanks for reading everyone!  Hope you enjoy the photos and the rest of your coffee!! Saaaam Mooooo-eeeeeeee! * takes a bow and curtain closes*

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One thought on “Five Good Ones

  1. Amber says:

    Love your blog!! The story about you eating the hairy popcorn is my favourite! Lol keep them coming!

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