And This Makes Fifty

Seriously, this made the entire trip.  I could pet elephants all day.  I have become so obsessed with them that I YouTube baby elephant videos regularly. Too darn cute!

Seriously, this made the entire trip. I could pet elephants all day!

Hello Readers! So believe it or not, but this is my blog’s 50th post. In some ways 50 isn’t that big of a number, especially if it’s your age!  *inner monologue “clever girl! Winning the hearts of ALL ages now baby!!” But let’s be honest, in terms of how many times I have hooped ya into listening to me….pretty certain 50 means “win” on my part!  I am a little bit surprised actually that I have maintained a regular supply of posts.  And yes, they may only come around once a month or so, but amazingly enough….they come!  I apologize that maybe my stories aren’t equally exciting every post, but I do try to keep the pictures interesting.  In all honesty the whole reason I started this blog was mostly to make an easy way for my family and friends to see my photos and to catch a glimpse of our journey here in Cambodia. By word of mouth, links and requests it has spread to many people around the world.  Actually, to be exact, this blog is followed and or has been read in 76 different countries.  Pretty crazy to me.  I often receive comments from ones who read this blog who share with me how much they enjoy the stories, photos and drawings.  I always try to reply to comments, but to all of you again, thank you very much and I am glad you enjoy my shinanangans!  I also get lots of feedback that people want to comment more but don’t like their info on display, so here’s a little hint.  If you have not commented before, I have to “ok” the comment before it becomes public. Simply mention you don’t want the comment public and I will keep it to myself 🙂

Anyways, blah blah blah. Get all those formalities over with.

This is what you get for picking your nose all the time Cambodia!!!

This is what you get for picking your nose all the time Cambodia!!!

Let’s get into what I really have to say.  Fair warning though, I have waited a bit too long and have gotten a bit too far into the hot season to hold back my hatred towards the heat!!  I am not kidding.  When the hot season starts, you realize the change but try your best to be strong, adapt and go about your business as it seems everyone else is.  But at some point a person suddenly realizes they never actually dried off from any of the 3-5 showers they had taken that day.  They realize that only one thing can cure the inner rage against the equator’s intense boiling effect is air conditioning…a/c….air con. What ever you wanna call it.  The sad thing is the only place to get the strongest and best a/c is not from your house, but from the office supply store downtown that you have to make up fake reasons to visit to cool down.  We are talking, wandering through the loose leaf paper isles and pondering for ages over reinforcements and paper clips and leaving with a 30 cent highlighter.  I mean, who doesn’t love looking at stationary anyways, but let me tell you…..THE BEST A/C folks!!   Another cure would be a “delicious bass!” Mind you when I say delicious bass I actually mean a coconut shake! YUMMO!!! So good, love coconut shakes!  Anyways, for the record, I still believe living here is like living in a blow dryer! Just saying……terribly designed blow dryer equipped with only super hot heat setting!


Ancient Cambodian ruins, us, camera.....equals fun!!!  SO COME VISIT!!!  We will ruin something for you :)

Ancient Cambodian ruins, us, camera…..equals fun!!! SO COME VISIT!!! We will ruin something for you 🙂

Last month the girls and I made it up to Siem Reap.  Had awesome visits with great friends and of course, finally got to see Angkor Wat.  Angkor Wat is a massive temple built back in the 12th century. (Brain Tip: Wat means temple.) So yeah…OLD!  It’s massive and truley just super interesting to see first hand.  Scattered around the Angkor Wat temple itself are many smaller but equally interesting temples too.  The movie Tomb Raider was filmed at Ta Prohm.  And another temple we saw was Bayon which had crazy faces carved all over it. Anyways, take a peek at the photos.  The detail and architecture are wild, especially for buildings that are truly ancient.  For those of you fishing for more detail, I will let you google the stats. And also though it took us forever to finally visit Siem reap, I feel knowing some of the culture and language made the historical impact of Angkor Wat that much more intriguing. That is something for me because I struggle to enjoy history!

Anyways, beyond the blazing temperatures we have been enduring, life has been pretty average these days.  Mind you, when I say average I mean in terms of Cambodia. So daily we still battle bizzarre traffic jams, constantly dodging all types of doo doo on the street and muddle our way through conversations in a foreign language.  Although I have noticed a rise of moto accidents at our corner these days.  They always happen at night when I am sleeping and they always send an absolute shot of adrenaline through my system.  I will save you from the graphic details of some of what goes on, but the other night was the craziest accident.  Seriously, the LOUDEST crash I have heard yet. So of course I fly outta bed in a daze, and wait 2 seconds to remember where I am.  This time when I looked out the window I saw two guys running down the street. One still had his helmet on but the guy trailing behind didn’t. They didn’t get too far before they stopped and started walking back toward the accident. Turns out the guy in the helmet was one of the two drunk idiots who smashed a garbage truck.

Take that HISTORY!!!! IN YO FACE!

Take that HISTORY!!!! IN YO FACE!

Thus the loud crash.  They damaged the truck and didn’t want to pay damages, so took off running.  The garbage truck workers are required to compensate for damage to the truck, which explains why they chased down the moto drivers.  (that’s third world regulations for ya!). I don’t think anyone was hurt too bad…..this time.  Sooo crazy though.  As I mentioned before, these accidents are usually at night and thus why we normally don’t go out after dark.  Abby and Marcie never ever hear the crashes from their room, which blows my mind.  Nope, just me.  At least I am not boring the girls in the morning relating my retarded dreams anymore!

Well I hope you have enjoyed the majestic rambles of this blog’s 50th post!!  Please enjoy the photos and be sure to read all the descriptions. Not because they have intellectual benefits, but because they take forever to write and should be read! Please comment if you want to, I love the feedback 🙂

PS. This just in….So all my efforts to deliver this post to you was delayed by the one and only techno queen Abby. *insert sarcasm* So I had asked my trusty proof reader Abby to check my post before it blew up the internet.  So I knew something was wrong when she starts asking me a question that had words like “Um, What, Why” and “DELETE” in it.  Turns out she deleted my photo gallery.  I fixed it….but this is to you Abby. Endless thank yous for always proof reading my blog, but please don’t ever do that again! luv ya sis



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10 thoughts on “And This Makes Fifty

  1. Rosie says:

    Always entertaining Sez! Thank for sharing. Loving your photos and commentary. Miss you! Love to Marcie and Abby.

  2. Rosie says:

    Also. Tony Danza!! Got it!

  3. Kari says:

    Such great photos!! Tell Marcie we miss her, and I only call Amber Marcie every other day now! I’m so glad she’s happy, and you can tell that she is:)

  4. Shelley Belly says:

    Great to wake up to…Cup of coffee and your ever so funny, interesting and informative blog. I love hearing about your crazy adventures. Love to you three wild and crazy gals.

  5. Cori says:

    I can hardly believe this is your 50th blog…are you sure? the way you put your inner thoughts on paper…it’s very entertaining and certainly doesn’t leave us guessing..
    Love the photos, too…

  6. Brenda says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, love your sense of humor, and thought I would say “hi”. My sister Cynthia and I, and my kids, stayed at your parents house while traveling in Canada many, many years ago. I would love to serve where the need is greater, but for now am living vicariously through others experiences. 😀 Thanks for sharing yours.

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