Smooth Transitions

Helmet Selfie....The best kind of selfie if you live in Cambo. Why....helmet hair is never pretty!

Helmet Selfie….The best kind of selfie if you live in Cambo. Why….helmet hair!

Oh, so the other day, had a good old belly laugh, when one of my buddies dropped her sunnies in a pile of poop on the street!  I DID feel bad, and maybe she wasn’t necessarily laughing as whole heartedly as I was, but that really doesn’t matter. It was just too funny and I just had to share that with you.  But anyways, speaking of sunnies and sun protection in general….my view on such things has definitely changed since moving to Cambodia.  Before coming here tanning was a summer hobby. Now, tanning is the terrible truth of everyday life.  I say this because never are you hidden from nerdy farmers tans, sandal tans that ruin the look of any other nice shoe that has different shape to it, the famous raccoon eyes tan from your sunnies or the dreaded tan moustache! So terrible!  And besides the sheer vanity of it all, being in the direct sun is just WAY more hot.  So I sadly have adopted SOME of the bizzare habits almost anyone from Asia has grown up with.  For example, I often wear a long sleeved shirt on the most piping hot days if I plan on walking around outside.  I am rarely without my umbrella!  When we are driving around and have to stop at a light, we always look for the trees and squish into the shade along with all the others hiding!  Cloudy days have become my happy days!  Now, I hope you noticed I said I that I have adopted SOME of the habits.  I am not an extremist. So you won’t see me wearing flesh toned toe socks with  my flip flops (or thongs for you Aussies).  I won’t hide under a scarf flapping in the wind on a moto.  I also don’t think I could possibly handle wearing gloves unless we were driving for a long time.  Actually, since you brought that up, we did go on a road trip recently!

Abby, Marcie and myself drove to Takeo on our motos a couple weeks ago.  Everyone warned us about how scary it was and that

This is us...all packed up and about to hit the road.

This is us…all packed up and about to hit the road.

we shouldn’t do it…..BABIES!!! It wasn’t bad at all. Seriously, we were only run off the road twice and it wasn’t that bad! We even saw an elephant on the way there!  I mean we all lost the feeling in our butts for about an hour or two but if that’s the price a girl has to pay to be wicked cool…..SO BE IT! LOL  Actually at one point if we didn’t stop I was going to either cry, jump off or pee my pants! We stopped…..once! *starts handing out random high fives*

On the topic of  high fives, who would high five me in agreement that the word SLACKS is just too dumb.  RIGHT!!?? Come on people, growing up how many times did your mum comment on your jeans and call them SLACKS!  Yeah, you know its true!  Super geeky word! SLAP SLAP SLAP! *loving all these high fives*

Driver...The Marcie....Destination....already there. Takeo! PS. behind those sunnies she had tears, sore bum tears! lol

Driver…The Marcie….Destination….already there. Takeo! PS. behind those sunnies she had tears, sore bum tears! lol

Funny story, I slapped Marcie while we were in Takeo. SHE has not learned the importance of sun protection. She drove the entire way with no sunscreen.  The gift at the end of that move was amazingly misplaced, extremely strong tan lines on her knees, chest, arms and feet! haha  She is always getting terrible sun burns despite my encouragement to care for her skin.  Oh well, not my problem. So says the older annoyed sister! Jokes.

Speaking of annoying things, can you believe I gulped down two coconut shakes right before we headed home from Takeo on the motos. The DUMBEST thing I have done lately!  They were so delish though!  Oh wait, no the dumbest thing I did was only yesterday when I piped up and started complaining about some spider veins on my ankle.  As I was complaining to Abby I was rubbing my ankles and the veins slowly disappeared.  So mid sentence I had to correct myself as the veins were actually just dirty ankles!

Segway, enjoy all the photos. They are a mash up of Takeo, random Phnom Penh stuff and also shots of when we had friends

What can I of the most surprising visitors. My long time buddy Tui from way back when I used to live in Australia. Was so nice to catch up :) Thanks for coming TUI. And bringing your weird friends! LOL

What can I say….one of the most surprising visitors. My long time buddy Tui from way back when I used to live in Australia. Was so nice to catch up 🙂 Thanks for coming TUI. And bringing your weird friends! LOL

visit from Australia.  My good ol’ buddy Tui, from years ago when I lived on the gold coast came with his friends Thomas and Ellen. ( bro and sis)  Had a blast!!  Its amazes me how many people I have met up with from years ago in of all places…Cambodia!

This might seem random but, I should probably just mention to please feel free to use any of my “smooth transitions” for your local conversations.  They are easy and fun ways to change topics! See, reading this blog provides you with entertainment and great life hacks!……..BA HA HA

The lotus flower!

The lotus flower!

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10 thoughts on “Smooth Transitions

  1. Whitney says:

    Everyone told us we would be crazy to ride bikes south too but after being in the car we realized it would be no biggie. So glad to see you guys getting out of PP for some adventures this year

  2. Mavic says:

    Hi! enjoyed reading your blog 🙂 continue having fun!! Greetings and big hug from the busy streets of bangkok.. (BKK-ENG -Cong)

  3. Amy says:

    HELLO!!!! I love your pictures!! The read is always entertaining too 😉 Keep it up ladies!! Love from your fellow Canadian.

  4. Cortny Vee says:

    So happy u updated ur blog! Instead of mini busses, uve got motos. Instead of swamp birds, uve got elephants. But we’ve got the tropical plants and blazing heat in common. I tell everyone to read ur creative artistic cleaver interesting blog! I can relate and enjoy it so much! Ur Oregonian/Guyanese fellow need greater!

    • Hi Cortny! Glad you can relate. Isn’t it nice to know you aren’t alone!! Haha. And yeah, it was about time I updated. If I was far more motivated I should put posts together way more often. But no, I like people to anticipate….lol more like forget! Ha thanks for readin’!! And commenting 🙂

  5. Josh says:

    Hey, it sounds and looks like you are having a blast and your Cambodian transformation sounds like its nearing completion. Your pictures are almost as awesome to see as your segways are. A couple of months ago we went to the Arctic and so instead of tan lines we had wind burn lines but totally worth it. It’s great to see you’re loving it there

    P.s. little one says two words “Hi” and “Favors”

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