The Big 2

Across the river, it is a whole different world. Love this sorta stuff. And love being away from all the cement of P.P.

Across the river, it is a whole different world. Love this sorta stuff. And love being away from all the cement of P.P.

Believe it or not but recently Abby and I had our 2 year Cambodian anniversary. KAPOW! My first thoughts straight away are that I hate saying anniversary anything unless it has to do with a wedding. Mind you that might not be entirely true and I could just be at complete and utter wits end with my sister and don’t want to be linked together with her by using such an intimate word like anniversary!! And yet, that also might be untrue, and I may or may not have said it solely for an “emotional roller coaster/ juicy shock factor” intro for this post. That’s what it was meant to be anyways. *sigh* Seriously, I have been trying to think how to start this blog out for a while. My poor sisters have heard an earful of me trying to figure out my….and I quote myself,  ” Two Year Blog

This poor little kitty was just waking up.  Always makes me wanna take care of all the animals here.

This poor little kitty was just waking up.

Extraordinaire!!” Already falling short as I had to start the post off with a boring lie. LOL! I guess I thought I might have felt different when the actual time rolled around. You know, more filled with excitement, experience and inspiration. Honestly, I just feel bloated! Moving on…

Well alright….2 YEAR BLOG EXTRAORDINAIRE let’s do this thing! Ok, so two years. Whoa! It is actually so crazy. For a place as unique as Cambodia is, everything seems so natural and normal to me…. But yet I still always have my camera! There will always be something nutso to photograph. The things that surprise me the most lately are probably more the things people do and say. For example I was visiting a lady a while ago when suddenly she told me to wait a moment as she slipped into her home. I waited and waited until finally I see her poke her face partially out from behind the wall, as though I might not see her. I think she was trying to hide the fact that she was using that time to slowly and awkwardly chew a banana!? When I called out to her and said good bye she thanked me soooooo much for coming! Lol not exactly sincere! Haha! Just yesterday though, I had a lady run out of her home as she saw me approach with arms wide open and said…”welcome home!!” I was surprised because she hadn’t spoken english to me before. Turns out that’s all she knew! It was too cute!

Didn't get the front seat, but we didn't let that ruin our fun!!

Maybe Marcie is the not so bright old lady in Speed?? Jokes 😉 I know its me.

One big thing that is different this year, is that we are doing a bit more traveling. So that means bus rides! I don’t know about everyone else, but for a large portion of my life now, every time I sit on a bus of any kind I usually start working out the different characters of the movie SPEED. Like who is the Keanu Reeves going to be and can he please sit next to me? Jokes! Mind you he doesn’t start off on the bus does he? Anyways, I mean obviously I play Sandra Bullock’s part and just totally make amazing decisions that save the entire bus! I try to avoid working out who has the gun but always wonder if the bus driver and I would develop a first names kinda friendship. In reality, I am more likely the dumb lady that tried to get off the bus because the swat team tempted her….yikes! Anyways, riding a bus in Cambodia is not much different from that movie. Minus old men yelling they are sick from the back seat and running out to the road side. That’s a cambo perk!

Last year I wrote a list for my Blogoversary and this year will be no different. So here it is the
“List of Things Sarah Learned in 2014!”
1. Cambodia still has the loudest nutso scream sneezers!! Said it a year ago and I am restating it as proven fact!  Scream sneezers are those who feel compelled to YELL their sneezes instead of just sneezing.  It cracks me up though, every time I hear one I point and tell everyone around me..”SEEEEEE….EVERYWHERE YOU GO, SCREAM SNEEZERS!!”

Scream Sneezers. I have come to accept them, but they still scare me everytime!!

2. I am a world class procrastinator which means I am qualified to say …stop waiting!! Right times are created and worked towards. The only right times that appear out of thin air are the occasional photo ops! Even then you have to get the right angle!

Clearly I am ALSO a time waster....playing too much Candy Crush!

Clearly I am ALSO a time waster….playing too much Candy Crush!

3. If something is important to you, you will find a way. If it isn’t, you will find an excuse!

4. Eat good! Makes you feel…..good! And that’s….good! Oh and don’t eat Indian food and then have a dance off with your friends because you will go home and puke! Again, proven and tested fact!

5. I really don’t admire fans. Not all the people that cheer me on…(lol) no no, I mean the fans that you plug in. I hate how they blow in my face and makes strands of my hair dance around and tickle my face! Especially when I am eating. Argh, drives me bonkers! But I also hate sitting in sweat… fine, I will deal with the fan, but just know I don’t like it!

6. It’s embarrassing to admit, but deep down inside I think vegetable costumes are hilarious. I once saw a commercial that had a normal old asparagus guy checking his mail when an unmarked vehicle came and kidnapped him. Soooo dumb and hardly makes sense, but so funny.

See what I mean!? Veggie costumes are ridiculous and funny!

See what I mean!? Veggie costumes are ridiculous and funny!

7. No one is perfect. So there is no reason to be super sensitive because you aren’t perfect either.

8. Periwinkle is a horrible color. The way it looks and sounds, don’t like it.

9. I like taking care of things. Not important things like babies, but cute little things like our little beta fish named P.P. ( Our family has always named our pets after places, so this little fish was no exception. P.P is short for Phnom Penh) I am also great at ” Taking care of Business….Everyday!!” Haha random musical interlude!

10. The biggest thing I learned was to stop being anxious! We have been told this for centuries, but thankfully this year I think it has reached my heart!! I do my best today and go to bed knowing I will do my best tomorrow!

Evolution of Circle People

Evolution of the Circle people. Believe it or not the beloved Circle People were years of evolution….sorta! LOL For a long time i used to draw Bean People that jiggled all the time. Basically I got really lazy and thought circles would be the easiest way to reenact scenes that happened to me. I LOVE expression and figured why not focus on the face and throw TONS of feeling into the character.   At first they didn’t have too much detail, and even today…not too much detail. I love simplicity. (that is what lazy artists tell you! LOL)

Well….looks like I should probably wrap things up. * Sits back and waits for an inspirational light beam to appear above me* Hmm, well the light beam never appeared. Sorry guys, I will just have to wing it.  THANK you so much for following Abby, Marcie and I on this journey.  I hope that I have encouraged, not scared you to reach out for similar experiences!  Moving to a place that genuinely needs help, for as long as I am able to help anyways, has been life changing!  And yeah, everyday isn’t marshmellows and panda bears, some days are more like old beans and rabid monkeys.  Is that a metaphor? Anyways, as I mentioned before……one day at a time. And as my Dad always says, ” One day closer to Paradise!”


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16 thoughts on “The Big 2

  1. Paula Willison says:

    So glad for YOU that you are not “anxious” anymore… your happiness is palpable in all your forms (or forums) of communication. Love all of you girls and so happy for you all!!! XOXO Paula.

  2. Paula Willison says:

    Oh ya… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you pair of love birds!! (and by “love birds” more like the mean suckers Amber had!!! haha)

  3. Dave & Rae-anne says:

    Love your blog! Keep it up!

  4. Tricia Niebergall says:

    Old beans and rabid monkeys, oh sarah that’s why I love u😘
    So glad you’re doing great

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Dathan Arnett says:

    I admire what all three of you girls are doing. You set such a good example. Love your art Sarah! I thought Thor was great!
    Uncle Dathan

  6. sheilah says:

    Happiest of anniversaries ;0 btw its the cotton anniversary! Whatever that means. Loved the blog as always and the evolution of the bean/circle peeps. They grew up before our very eyes and are funnier than ever. Stay safe over there in that crazy place. Excited to hear and see more of your adventures!

    • I missed the cotton anniversary!! What!? I had been waiting! Just kidding. Thanks so much for your comment Sheilah. Glad you enjoy reading. Promise we will be safe! Hope you both are well 🙂

  7. Cori says:

    Love your posts, as usual, Sarah…Love your art and the pictures too..Mom

  8. Kristy Lebid says:

    Oh Sarah, so enjoy reading your stories. I picture as your writing this last one like a Jimmy Fallon scene when he writes his Thank you notes on his show and the music🎶… Sooo funny! Glad to hear about the not being anxious😊 Hugs to all 3 of you! Love your art- so very talented! Watch where you’re stepping💩 and keep on writing!😃

  9. gmeddy says:

    it’s been almost a month since you posted this and somehow I’ve only just had time to notice what’s in my inbox… and read it.
    SO, very much congratulatories on the duos años.
    I’m pretty sure I just mongered about 3 languages.

    I should probably get to work on posting another blog myself, but after reading yours I always feel like whatever I write will be so boring.
    So I will see if I get time…
    Maybe I can just dig up the last dozen newsy emails I wrote to mum and cut n paste them into a blog, and somehow make it sound like i’m not writing to my mum…

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