Putting Out The Vibe

My favorite converstations!

My favorite converstations!

Since I have returned to Cambodia, there seems to be a different vibe in the air.  Let me clarify.  Now when I say VIBE, I am unfortunately not referring to the smell in the air.  The amazing aroma pockets surrounding open sewer streets or busy fish market areas has remained the same, still reeks!  When I say VIBE, I am also NOT referring to the melodious tunes tenderly engaging my ears. No indeed!  Phnom Penh continues to flourish in its lavish early morning ground shaking weddings and funeral ceremonies.  It also continues to have tents set up in front of stores with bizzare pulsing house music that is meant to draw the customers.  No, when I say VIBE it means none of those things.  Vibes are difficult to describe, but I have a feeling the VIBE change I am currently feeling is mostly due to the presence of my younger sister Marcie.  And true, I know what you are thinking.  If Marcie is the VIBE, then surely there are some major aroma changes, and yeah, true true.  Mostly though, I think the attention is off me and now I can sit back and laugh at her experiencing and learning about this country.  Kinda nice actually.

Here is an example to show you what I mean. Now as scary as this sounds I am about to describe Marcie’s first moto accident.  If you live here, accidents are a fact of life. Thankfully they are usually VERY VERY small.  Because there are so many

Out in service with "the Marcie."

Out in service with “the Marcie.”

people driving, you are never going that fast.  We also don’t really go out at night where the bad accidents happen.  Ok, now that I have hopefully calmed the hearts of those of you who worry….on with the show! SO, Marcie was driving our moto through a very busy, slow moving intersection.  She had our friend on the back who will remain nameless. Actually, let’s call our friend Princess Sparkles. Far easier to tell a story with names than saying, ” nameless friend.” So, Princess Sparkles and Marcie were carefully making their way across the 5-way intersection. As they were making a nice safe left turn, some chick figured she should pass them on the left and rammed into them. This caused the moto to tip over onto it’s side. From the ground Marcie looked up to see the chick, or for the sake of story telling, Trudy, look back at the girls, while still comfortably sitting on her own moto. Trudy must have gathered the girls were ok, which they were, and took off. Meanwhile, Princess Sparkly Pants jumped up asking Marcie over and over again, “Are you okay, are you okay??” She then went into forklift-mode and shoved her arms under Marcie’s arm pits, thinking she could lift Marcie completely up to her feet with the moto still on her. Due to the excitement of it all, Marcie went into yelling-mode telling Princess Sparkleton she is NOT helping the situation at all! Irritated and quite embarrassed Marcie stood up. While she was in the process of standing up, she had stepped on the bottom of her skirt which in turn caused a full on mooning towards all those who had focused their attention on the two foreigners on the ground. I realize I have taken liberties here in calling it a full on mooning, because she was wearing underwear. BUTT, I mean but, to any onlooker that is how it would have appeared as Marcie was sporting her fleshy toned granny undies! If it couldn’t already get any worse, the first thought in her mind was not…”pull my skirt up”, no, it was, ” I think I just peed myself!” THEN…she DID pull her skirt up right after that!! Marcie and Princess Sparkly were then able to get the moto up, board and take flight. Thankfully the two were unharmed physically. Mind you I can’t say the same for their pride and dignity!

*Misplaced footnote* Marcie did not actually pee her panties, it was a false alarm.

There was a time when Marcie thought her fleshy-toned undies would never betray her!

There was a time when Marcie thought her fleshy-toned undies would never betray her!

I truly couldn’t have asked for a better younger sister.  Mind you, I am sure it wouldn’t hurt her to offer me a few more foot massages here and there. But despite that, she is great.  She is one of the few people in my life that can provide me with good stories that require no fancy writing skills on my part to come across completely ridiculous. Nope, I couldn’t make these things up. Thanks Marcie!! Thanks for being so clumsy and hilarious. Loving this new VIBE you brought to Cambodia!


16 thoughts on “Putting Out The Vibe

  1. Shelleybelly says:

    Smooch – Hug – Squish – Hug… We are so happy for you girls. Love your stories. Can’t wait for your next blog :))

  2. Erin Jackson says:

    I’m sooooo glad to hear from you guys again. I’ve been wondering how you are doing. It must just be non stop comedy with all of you. I’m in stitches every time I see an update. You know, whole heartedly, how to make lemonade out of lemons so Jehovah has much effort to bless with the three of you! Really happy you seem to be settling in. Already waiting for the next post. Btw if y’all ever end up with some weird layover or just a hankerin’ to see Charleston, SC you will have a place to stay!!

    • Wow thanks. You never know! I just read your comment to Abby and her reply was, ” I love Charleston!” My response was…next post!? Sheesh, no way I am too tired! Hehe jokes! I love writing them and I equally can’t wait for the next one 🙂 thanks for following and commenting Erin!

  3. Amber says:

    Oh the marcie vibe! “Stings the nostrils” lol sometimes shocking but always hilarious! Love the circle person and especially your selfie photos! Made me laugh picturing u girls sitting around making funny faces!

    • Why would we ever sit around and make faces!? We dance around and make faces though! Hehe jokes. I love the circle people too. I am tossing around the idea of making a evolving chart of how they came to be what they are…..break it down. Anyways….just an idea.

      • Julie says:

        Said in on IG and saying it again – you SHOULD send them to Bethel! Who knows maybe the next generation of whiteboard animations!

  4. Elaynee sorbello says:

    Go VIBE rant Marcie 🙊🙉🙈

  5. Julie says:

    Thank you for another morning of laughter! It must be strange and wonderful to be the “experienced” one over there now Marcie has come. What a great time of your lives together none of you will forget. I still can’t get over all the “moto” pictures! Just when you think you can’t see one more thing added – here comes another! Amazingly ridiculous! I saw the drawing about Marcies undies and wonder about the inspriation —- now I know! Love you girls!

  6. Maria says:

    Love you girls

  7. Gavin Budd says:

    I love love love reading your stories.. I love more that we know Marcie too!! You girls are my inspiration. I talk of you often. If my daughter is like either of you out just getting it done for jah I will be the proudest mum in the world.. Don’t forget how much we appreciate what you’re doing. We love you for it and jah does even more so. Xxxxx

  8. Amanda Matti says:

    Oh you two…this made me laugh so hard! Miss you guys!

  9. Shelina V says:

    Love this post. What a hoot! It’s great to see you having so much fun there with your sister. These posts are so hilarious, keep them coming.

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