Back in the Saddle Again

So I really didn’t want to open with anything too cliche but it’s too hard, so here goes…..WE’RE BACK!!! And when you say that with your inner voice or the squeaky annoying voice your mind created for my narration, drag it out. Like WEeeeeEE’rrrRRrReeeeeeee BaaaaAAAAAaaaack! Feels more dramatic that way. As though it really matters and people should be excited. Actually I think people are excited, well some at least. I say only some because the very first Cambodian I spoke to was in the parking lot of the airport. After a days journey through the sky I found myself waiting for an older woman to move out of my way so I could pass with my gigantic cart of luggage. Several times I politely asked her in Khmer….” Ma’am excuse me…” But was being ignored. Being that we were in Asia I figured I might try the ol’ ” when in Rome…” idea, so I gently pushed my way by.  After I passed by all I heard was someone calling me an idiot. And when I say idiot I actually mean angry swear words. As quickly as my hand reached my hip and I had turned around with my jaw dropped in sheer and utter shock of the vulgar mouth of this old woman, I found myself sheepishly mini-step running away as I realized the old woman was actually a man! Whoopsie Daisy! Hehe  Would be wrong not to relate Abby’s warm welcome home also!  The neighbor lady by our apartment was so excited to tell her that ” Abby when you left you were skinny and now…you are FAT!”  Ahhhhh…..feel that Asian love! lol

After resettling back into our apartment it was time to hit the pavement. I was very excited to introduce my younger sister Marcie to everyone. The first service group was at Dani and Jordan’s just upstairs of our apartment. Marcie’s grand entrance involved her stepping inside and then immediately bursting into

The Marcie

The Marcie

laughter and sharing with the group that her slip under her skirt had fallen to her ankles! Which indeed it had!  So classy! ( Now for those of you who don’t know Marcie, you soon will. Marcie’s life experiences should seriously be cataloged into a comedic book of gems. She is just non stop material for me to write about! ) The story continues. My anticipated easy peasy morning of service, as I haven’t spoken Khmer in months, turned into Marcie and I being left in a territory alone for 2 hours. Yup, no gentle shift for my brain….. Just full on, real deal Cambodian service! Was actually great and met some nice people! As for the next time we went out, it too had it’s challenges. This time it was Abby and I, and we went across the Mekong river to do rural territory. It is all gravel roads and due to an unanticipated turn we dumped the bike. For some reason I went limp and fell directly on Abby which resulted in a big ugly bruise on my leg. Abby fared worse and bruised a rib and sprained her wrist. We are FINE though. And if nothing else, Abby was dreaming of a time to finally get the opportunity to mimic Michael Jackson’s white glove…..well, white tensor bandage anyways!  Just in time for the weekend.



This past weekend the three of us flew to Bangkok, Thailand for the English regional convention. We loved the more intimate atmosphere we experienced last year so we felt it would give us the boost we needed for the months to come. The attendance at it’s peek was 777. It’s hard to describe how awesome it was, so I won’t, but just know IT WAS SOOOoo GOOOooOOD! *drag it out people!! Then you will feel the intensity* ….Now during this amazing experience Abby felt she should eat M&Ms. She then proceeded to drop one down her shirt that slid down her camisole. So while SHE was dancing the jig, bending and folding herself in her seat trying to find the small melting bomb….I took notes! Haha

Hope you have time for one more story!! As we all know Thailand is famous for it’s amazing food! I LOVE Thai food.

Waiting at the BTS

Waiting at the BTS

So much that, for you smart alecs, YES, I would marry it!! I was dreaming of a meal I had eaten the year before which basically is penang curry wrapped in an omelette….trust me it’s good!! We went to the same place I had gone before and it was just as good as I remembered. Marcie felt she shouldn’t follow suit so she went off to find her own meal. I had mentally acknowledged the dangers of her choice but didn’t feel I should be the one to warn the stubborn girl. Didn’t take long and she returned to our table carrying two dishes. One was a noodley thingy and the other was soup. (Already sounds good eh!?) Well the noodles were disgusting and let’s just say the ” pork soup” ended up making her gag as I pointed out the intestines, liver and kidneys present in her soup! Needless to say she didn’t eat any of that dish!! Lol I really wish I had warned her so I could have said * now remember to use that bizzaro voice you assume I have (ptsh, jerks)* ” TooOOOOLd YoooOooou!! ”

Well I certainly hope you enjoy all the photos. I am constantly being told to post more so I tried.  Please feel free to comment and remember if you haven’t already, follow this blog for regular updates sent to your email address. Enter your email in the follow box, then ok the email WordPress sends you. EASY CHEESY!


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9 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Kristy Lebid says:

    Abby- the girls are doing a good job styling your hair!:) Hope your wrist heals fast sorry to hear about yours and Sarah’s ‘crash’:( Marcie remember the part on the movie RV with Robin Williams? The part where the vegetarian ends up eating deer organs etc totally reminded me of the ‘venturing out on your own to get your food’:) Haha Sarah you’re gonna have so much material to write about you won’t know what to do with lol. Glad you girls made it safe, can’t wait to hear about your crazy tales!

  2. Elaynee sorbello says:

    Hey girls love you all keep up the good work, don’t need to tell u to have fun, by the looks of it that’s a given xxx

  3. gmeddy says:

    Fantastic. It was a great weekend in Bangers and great to catch up… I mean “Visit With” you guys! haha
    So you just “went limp” when you crashed the bike hey? Well apparently going limp is the best thing to do in that situation because tense muscles bruise easier and all sorts of things break, of course it always helps when there is someone to fall on top of too…

    Keep on posting!

    • Yeah was like landing on a drying rack….so nice! Lol ps. Sorry I have been trying to reply to your previous comments and this machine won’t let me….only these ones. So annoying!

  4. Julie says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a month since you posted this! The pictures are great – thanks for giving us the “feel” of where you gals are. Out meeting was cancelled this morning because of ice. Do you remember what that is? I am enjoying the entertainment your blog always provides me. I feel bad you were stuck in “stink”, but WOW the picture Marcie took made it look cool! Off to read your next blog – excited! Love you girls!

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