The Big Crunch!

hmmmm. I think to myself.." Shall I go back to Cambodia or not? Oh but the smells!! lol"

Deep Reflections…..”Oh Cambodia, Why oh why do you smell so bad??”

Time…time is like a gigantic over-sized bag of ketchup flavored chips that magically I purchased and appears on my lap! I think to myself, “wow yummy food….can’t believe I am here with you!” But yet before I know it….”ITS ALL GONE!” In a brief moment of disbelief I am baffled as to where the entire contents of that bag of chips went.  As the feeling of being full kicks in,  I stop to remember the moments, the flavor and the irresistible crunch!  See….just like time! Where did you go?? Where did my

Just THE BEST ketchup chips EVER!!!!!!!

Just THE BEST ketchup chips EVER!!!!!!!

Canadian summer go off to? Why I am already packing for Cambodia? As I relate back to the past couple months though, I recall the flavors! Ok, is it just me or is my illustrative talents taken a serious dive! Potato chips??……really Sarah!? That’s the BEST one you could think of? Oh well, at least I didn’t start off by saying life is like a box of chocolates or another analogy about toilet paper. I think we all can agree that I am just really hungry! *girl then gets up from table,  finds snack and returns to writing*

Well anyways, it’s true. The time has arrived where serious reflection begins.   Not even so much about life in Canada, but my attempts of envisioning Cambodia once again and all it’s beauties! ” Let me count the ways,” the beautiful people, the simple lifestyle, the heat, the smell, the sheer insanity and chaos of everyday…..Ummmmm, why am I going again? Lol. Just kidding. I truly can’t wait to see all my friends again! Even though I wouldn’t describe life in Cambodia as a casual saunter through the old homestead fields, ( no we don’t live on a farm, just felt right to say) I do believe I am truly happy helping people in the best way I can!! It is satisfying!  *and so are these chips..mmmmm*

So this post is basically a prelude to more posts filled with those crazy experiences I KNOW are going to happen when we go back to Cambodia next week. This is also my way of getting myself back into blogging more, where instead of crying, I choose to laugh and write the craziness! I also wanted to share a little bit more of my experiences here in Canada with photos taken along the way!

Quick story to accompany the first set of photos.  So my cousin and his wife recently went on a trip and took all these hilarious photos of him sleeping in really random places.  A group of  my family and friends decided on our day trip to Waterton National Park that we should totally one up them!  Well we tried. Unfortunately most of these photos look like DEAD people lying around….but please remember that in theory we are meant to appear as though we are sleeping!!  At first when people kept saying that we looked dead, I wanted to tell these people THEY looked dead. But after a while I embraced the fact that our idea slightly fell short! lol Anyways….. I hope you enjoy this little treat of sleeping people….eh hmm…. I mean, dead people in beautiful places!  We had a blast ( not a real bomb or anything) making them! *crunch crunch*

Ok, so this next set of photos is a mish mosh of ones I collected over the past while.  Some are of the Glacier National Park which is just across the American/Canadian border about an hour away.  Feel free to read the captions or just check out the pictures. Comment if you like or fine… don’t!! *wipes chip crumbs from keyboard*  The end.


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3 thoughts on “The Big Crunch!

  1. Lisa Bujan says:

    Hi Sarah & Abby. Life is slowing down for me. It only took me 4 months to look up your site after Abby gave me the card at the International … even though I think about you both so often … and your card has been in the front of my Rolodex. :/ Now that I have spent 2 hours reading and looking at every picture and caption, because it is truly that captivating, I have confirmed and upgraded my great awe of you both. Since seeing the scrolling written language on Abby’s name tag and the glow that radiated from her, I knew your story was going to be beyond my wildest dreams. I am so happy you have posted some of your journey for friends and family to experience. Mike and I cracked up on the wine story and reading the wine label was beyond hilarious. The pics of the beautiful Cambodian children could almost make me forget about the tarantula. Almost. Please give my love to your whole family and have a safe trip back to Cambodia. May Jehovah continue to bless your commitment and the love you show to share the Good News with the beautiful people of Cambodia.

  2. Sam and johanna says:

    Very nice

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