Home Sweet Home….


So as you can tell, I live by the mountains! This was taken only about 35 mins drive from our place.

So as you can tell, I live by the mountains! This was taken at a park by our town.

I know you have plenty of questions so let me get right to them!
1. Where are you?  And why haven’t we heard from you for so long??!!
Folks, I am still in Canada! Southern Alberta for you geographic geeks!  And you haven’t heard from me because I have been busy and bizarre stories don’t add up as quickly when you are in North America. At least not from my perspective!

2. What on earth are you still in Canada for?
Well, it is a really REALLY long flight from Phnom Penh to Canada so I am making good use of that pricey ticket!  Also enjoying the moments of not sweating 24/7!  I mean, lets be honest people!

3. Are you working?
Yes, my ” awesome” ( hope you read this Rosanna ) boss gave me my job back doing sculpted gel nails at the salon! And ladies….check the photos I will post a

Where I am from it is very windy so we see tons of these giant wind turbines everywhere!

Here it is very windy so we see tons of these giant wind turbines everywhere!

picture. Abby is doing hair again as well. Saving up 🙂

4. What are you saving for?
Well being that I took a year off my working life it is time to replenish for my return to Cambodia!

5. Does that mean you are going back to Cambodia?
Ummm….that’s a dumb question! But if I have to spell it out for you, yes. I have a return ticket in October.

6. So does this mean we get to suffer enjoy reading more crazy Cambodia stories?
Sorry I didn’t quite understand that, you mumbled a bit part way through…..but….yup! You sure will.

7. Cool! So one more question, if you had one super power what would it be?
Look, this is getting far too personal! Those are my hopes and dreams, how dare you! …..argh, who am I kidding! Being that I might get tired of fighting crime and such I would say something more low key like the ability to change people’s eye color at random! ” BOOM! Blue!…..KAPOW ya Grey!!” I’d be changing eyes and improving lives like nobodies business!

Well now, glad that’s done! I was also glad when jet lag was done. Maybe it gets worse as I get older, but yeesh, I hate jet lag! After coming home I was so tired. So tired at one point I grabbed a glass of water but didn’t realize until it was in my hand that it was actually a fortune cookie! And the culture shock! Do I seriously have to endure culture shock in

Love these PEOPLE!!

Love these PEOPLE!!

my own country!? Apparently! For one thing I couldn’t understand where all the people were. Or how people ACTUALLY followed traffic laws.  And no I am not going to complain about the cold, but its MUCH cooler here than it is on the surface of the sun AKA Cambodia!  Once, we were driving and I saw a man outside his vehicle along the highway, and literally shook my head in disbelief that he was merely changing his tire and NOT going to the bathroom! Oh Cambodia, what have you done to my mind!?

All and all I have to say how refreshing it is to have come home for now! I truly appreciate even more so the beauty of this area I get to call home! More than that, we all need those moments to catch up with our family and friends we love and miss!! I also admit to having many reflective moments of how beneficial my move to Cambodia has been and how in fact despite the heat, sheer chaos and rats….big pieces of me miss the ol’ place!! * here’s where I would do one of those endearing slow motion shoulder punch movements to Cambodia, the country….if it had shoulders!

Enjoy a few pictures that might show you a bit more of where I come from. Might get a better feel as to why Cambodia came as such a shock for me as well.  And if you would like me to, I will post more while I am home 🙂




10 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home….

  1. Amanda Matti says:

    Love, Love your posts and pictures! Miss you!

  2. Leslie Muza says:

    I am so glad to hear you are home for awhile. I am also glad you are in one piece and
    Sounding so happy. Selfishly glad you are back at Rosanna’s even for a little while. I have
    Loved your blog. L

  3. Jen Tasi says:

    This is written in Kumar? Can’t read it : (

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Shawn Haley says:

    I’m happy you’re enjoying your trip home but sooo pleased you’re going back to Cambodia. Your humorous take on life there always makes me giggle.

  5. Paula Willison says:

    Wow I made it into a pic AND a story?!?! I feel so special. Glad you are back to writing, even if it is in Kumar!!! hahaha Oh, what would we do without our Jenny?!?!

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