An Apple A Day

Nap time....and trust me, he was OUT!

Nap time….and trust me, he was OUT!

If you find yourself reading yet another one if these posts you are obviously coming to the realization that the writer of this blog, that would be me, seems to have a true knack for doing and saying ridiculous things! If this is your first post to read….ignore what I just said and continue reading! The writer of this blog has real…PIZAZZ! *cheesy grin*  GIANT SIGH…….who am I kidding!? Sometimes I feel dumber than a box of hair! Especially when it comes to this language learning business……granted I got myself into it knowing it would be hard. But living it is a whole different ball game, because it can be hard and embarrassing at the same time. For example, recently I had a break through! For a very long time I was always getting very weird reactions when I said the word “color” in Khmer. No matter what, whether I was trying to buy a shirt or paint, it never failed, I was constantly getting seriously baffled looks! Not even blank looks, but

Always gotta find the beauty....even if you so happen to live in the armpit of the world! lol

Always gotta find the beauty….even if you so happen to live in the armpit of the world! lol

scrunched up puzzled looks. Clearly I was saying something wrong. It finally hit me while I read along with a speaker at the assembly exactly why no one followed my train of thought. When I thought I was asking if people had various colors in shirts for instance, I was actually asking what kinds of “snakes” they had. Or during a lovely chit chat about the day, I would point to a flower and ask what kind of snake it was!! Talk about topic changer! Lol! When I figured it out I thankfully stopped myself from yelling “OF COURSE” as I sat in the audience during the assembly, though it might have been really funny if I had!

There was another language slip up that I had been just waiting to happen the moment I learned the word for apple along with another “word” that sounds quite similar! Especially since Abby and I eat tons of apples, it was bound to happen! As we walked to the apartment after buying a big bag of apples one day, a few older Tuk Tuk drivers were having a visit and started talking to me. They were asking me about what I bought, which is a very Khmer thing to do. I said ” I looooooove apples! That’s why we bought this big bag apples, in order to have them everyday!” At first I had thought I said apples correctly but the uncontrolled laughter coming from these guys would only indicate I wasn’t saying apple! No, I was saying it’s almost twin word, FART! Needless to say I joined in the laughter and just rolled with the punches. Never take yourself too seriously, otherwise life is no fun!!

It is really funny living in a country like Cambodia and trying to work out the different thinking patterns. Or just different decision making or compromising. We asked our landlord to send the maintenance guy to fix our sink, they sent the hairdresser from the salon at the front of the building. I mean, he fixed the light switch that needed to be fixed but told me he had no idea how to fix the sink! I was shocked!……jokes, no I wasn’t….at all! Or this week at an intersection I almost screamed because out of no where some ladies very ALIVE giant fish flopped outta the SMALL plastic grocery bag she had it loosely in for safe travels. She struggled with it for a bit till a little school kid from the side of the road ran over and helped. She then hopped back onto the moto she was on and flew through the red light we had been sitting at already. See what I mean, just….DIFFERENT! Lol. Hear me out though, not criticizing here people. I mean we have sayings like ” put a bug in their ear!” EWWW! Why do we even say that! It is really gross actually!



5 thoughts on “An Apple A Day

  1. Jess says:

    Hahaha!! Love the word mix ups! Learning a language definitely comes with a sizeable dose of not taking yourself too seriously hay. Love it 😄

  2. Amber says:

    Thanks as always for sharing your experiences there! I wish there was a picture of the peoples expressions when asking for snakes and announcing your bag of “apples”! lol

  3. Michele Thoeny says:

    Your painting is beautiful! Love your circle and food people too.

  4. Sheilah says:

    Great post as always. You truly make me Lol:) I love that you screamed “I loove farts!” Classic sez. Hope the heat breaks soon for ya. Thinking about u both keep up the good work. Can’t wait for your next story!

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