Lions ‘n’ Tigers ‘n’ Bears OH MY!

Such a cutie!

Such a cutie!

I don’t handle change well! Not like coins and such, but life change. Once I am in the new situation it’s all good, but it is the anticipation of change that stinks! For example, I will be heading home for a bit to work, visit and such, but it’s messing with my head!! The other night I had a dream that I went home to my parents place and my dad had just invested in three new pets. Two lions and a tiger! Logically my first question was, “Dad, isn’t this illegal?” He assured me that indeed it was but that we will just be very careful when we let them out to go poop so that they don’t terrorize the neighborhood! I started to cry because I knew they would eat our little dog Kona! The end! See what I mean! Going home….big change….it is messing with my head and my priorities. Apparently the concern of losing my life to one of them jungle cats was not the prime issue here! Nope…law and Kona, Weird right!? Legalities and tiny dogs are what my sub conscience esteems worthy of first place!

Kona- See you'd cry too!

Kona- See you’d cry too!

So you will be happy to know we are deep into the depths of hot season! I assume you might be happy about it, because someone should be!! I just wish some how, some way you could fully grasp the sheer magnitude of how hot it is here! How about a brief list of how you know you live in a hot place! Yessssssss! Lists! Who doesn’t love a great list!?
1. Cold showers are officially non existent!
2. When you squeeze a gloop of shampoo into your hand…….it’s hot!
3. The mere glimpse of the only hoodie you own in Cambodia makes you wanna scream, puke or an elaborate combination of the two.
4. The locals complain!
5. I complain! ( oh come on! Stop the eye rolls)
6. You continually rip pages from important books because your wrist was too hot! Your WRIST!!

Life in a blow dryer is FUN!

Life in a blow dryer is FUN!

7. When you ride on a moto you realize that’s how life would be like if you were a tiny bug that lived in a blow dryer. A low budget blow dryer that doesn’t come equipped with the cool button or comfortable seats!
8. Air conditioners aren’t an option, they are part of you, somewhat like a close friend or grandparent!
9. You send strongly worded letters laced with poison to the weather channel people!
10. You have arguments with your iPad weather app about how irritating it is when they give you the temperature and then next to it says “FEELS LIKE” and then throws an extra 10’C on top of the first number! “FEELS LIKE” !!??  You wanna talk about FEELINGS in your weather report?!  I mean, I am very familiar with the “wind chill” factor in Canada, but I don’t know if I like the emotion attached to all this “feels like” mumbo jumbo!


A couple weeks ago I had the best surprise ever!

The BEST big brother and Sister inlaw I could ever ask for!!

The BEST big brother and Sister inlaw I could ever ask for!!

I was preparing to go meet up with friends for lunch when there was a knock at the door! How bizzare is this but I honest to goodness recognized the knock and KNEW it was my older brothers knock, who I should remind you lives in Canada, not Asia! I opened and door and low and behold it was my brother and his wife!! I immediately shook my hand at his face and accusingly said ” that was your knock wasn’t it!!!” Because that’s how normal people react! Then I burst into tears and hugged the life out of them both! Was so awesome! We had an amazing visit, loved every second! Apparently it was very last minute and killing all my family to not say anything. I had no idea! It was great too because they brought us a big box of stuff! Abby and I are so greatful! And I am not allowed to complain about the over-sized polyester high cut thong that was sent over! Nope, not complaining! Just so happen to be mentioning and reminding all readers to not get my younger sister to buy under garments for you. She seems to have quite the imagination!

Always look for beauty...even in blow dryers!

Always look for beauty…even in blow dryers!

It isn’t easy living with my imagination by the way. Not that I am saying all puffed up with pride, ” look at me and my awesome imagination! I am the best person ever… your face!! KAPOW!” *Throws a vase on the ground* Yikes! That escalated quickly didn’t it! Anyways, all I am saying is that I have an “odd” imagination……not a great one! So when the occasional comment comes my way like, “Hey, you are so black and ugly from the sun! You need to wear these gloves!” I find it hard to not imagine a slicing insult back! Something like, ” Well, those dirty nude color gloves look gross and ugly! So no!” Now that I think about it, maybe it’s not an odd imagination at all. Might be a case of inner rage! In which case, good thing I am heading home soon! Someone will have to care for those giant fearsome cats anyways, might as well be me! Me and my inner rage power that I will channel towards taming lions and tigers!

PS: Guess what readers??   We’ve officially made it to 40 posts now!!   

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15 thoughts on “Lions ‘n’ Tigers ‘n’ Bears OH MY!

  1. Cori says:

    I love this blog…it is the funniest one yet..cant wait to see you and give you a big hug

    • Aw thanks! I can’t wait to give you a big hug too. Then I will stand there invading your personal space making the moment awkward as I stare you down! Then I throw a vase on the ground…….yikes. Escalating again…… jk

  2. Amber says:

    Your imagination is crazy! and I love it! Great blog. It cracked me up from beginning to end. And not just a quiet chuckle but a hardy loud laugh! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Can use some help with all these “animals” wink wink lol

  3. Rosie says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures with us! I love them! I am sure you’ll be excited to come home for a bit but sad to leave your new friends and studies in Cambodia. I am sure everyone here is excited to give you a big squeeze. I’m in Calgary now so I’m lots closer to Pincher, would love to see you, give me a shout when your back, my number is still the same, Marcie has it for sure. xoxo Rosie

  4. Kristy Lebid says:

    Sarah : so you’re saying I should have been paying more attention to a certain younger siblings purchase of a certain undergarment…. Sorry I was all caught up in the “I’m in the big city! Woop woop!” Moment. I’ll do better next time and have your back!(side) 😉

  5. Sam Gehl says:

    Hello! My name is Sam (Samantha) and a sister gave me the url to your blog the other day! I had no idea that JWs were doing blogs from other countries and found this to be very exciting! I looked at yours first because I have wanted to go to Cambodia for a very long time. I was wondering if you could tell me how you learned to speak Khmer (in North America) and if there are many dialects? I love your crazy humor by the way!

    • Hi Sam. Don’t you mean you looked at my blog first cuz it’s awesome!! Jokes. I am learning Khmer here in Cambodia. Taught myself to count to 19 from the Internet before I came. That’s it. There is sorta different dialects, like up north is a bit different I have heard. Different cities have different accents and slang. I heard Khmer learned overseas is usually pretty formal as language evolves just like everything else. Ps. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    I know I don’t comment often -but you have no idea what fun we have in service sharing your pictures and blogs as we drive along! Thanks for another great one! Maybe you are home now – enjoy your visit in the snow!

  7. Ria says:

    Hey Sarah! Still enjoying your blog too. You always make me laugh! 😀 enjoy your visit back home, I know your family will be so happy to have you both back home. Bon voyage à pincher!

  8. Del says:

    So happy you got to spend time with your brother. Love the wolf! lots of love Del

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