Catching Up…

Across the street the other day I caught this dude just hanging out in the window. He was just watching the traffic go by,  Thought it was, ya know, artsy!!

Across the street the other day I caught this dude just hanging out in the window. He was just watching the traffic go by, Thought it was, ya know, artsy!!

Quick question….has anyone else recently had to change the battery in their flashlight? (or if you’re one of my Aussie readers , “torch”) You know, the one you keep in your service bag for the stairwells that are pitch black, have uneven stairs and scary items that may or may not require food. Well, if you answered no, then my reply is….” I did!”

Speaking of bizzaro places and things, recently I was speaking with an old lady while up one of those dingy stairwells. She was tickled pink to have a white chick come to her door speaking khmer! She got up real nice and close with the cutest smile ever! While I was explaining something to her she leaned in even closer to see the tract I was showing her and then proceeded to totally belch in my face. Like I’m talkin’ big time burp….warm stinky blast of air in my face. I think possibly my hair blew back a tad also.  Impressive actually! And believe it or not, I didn’t even flinch! Yup, pretty proud of myself. Mind you after I left, my friend Jess and I silently killed ourselves laughing! I just couldn’t get over how adorable yet obliviously gross someone could be. Haha…love it!

WOW! He even has a matching THERMOS on there! I think I could take some "What to do Tips" don't you think?? PHOTO CREDIT: DANI

WOW! He even has a matching THERMOS on there! I think I could take some “What TO DO tips” don’t you think??

Well, the last post was meant to be my one year extravaganza….ba ha ha….but anyways, I skipped over some recent stories that I will relate to you this round. They make me laugh so maybe you will find some humor in them too!
A couple weeks ago my cousin Kel and his wife Whitney came for a visit. We had such a great time! At least I did anyways, haha! The one day we hired a Tuk Tuk to take us somewhere. Out of no where we came to a halting stop, and the driver took off running across the road to a field. At first I thought maybe we should run also, thinking he was taking cover from an explosion or something. It was fairly soon after, we saw a very “relieved” Tuk Tuk driver saunter on back and continue to take us to our destination. I guess when ya gotta go…YOU GOTTA GO!
While Kel and Whitney were here, Cambodia was celebrating Chinese New Year. So basically there is hardly anyone in the city. Everyone goes out to the provinces to be with family. Those who are here, set up all their offerings to dead ancestors in front if their homes by the road. We passed one that was massive! Had tons of food, fancy incense burning and everything. There was even a mini cardboard Lexus that would be burned. (Haha) Anyways, Kel had to get a photo. After he took the photo of the rather elaborate offering he was walking backwards and proceeded to demolish the tiny poor peoples offering directly next door. He panicked thinking he stepped on a cat, when actually he squashed the dead chicken head and kicked the pear and 4 candies they had set there. What a jerk! Jokes! Haha

You may recall in the last post I mentioned how Abby and I were sick for a bit. When we finally started feeling



better we still wanted a mini celebration for our “1Year in Cambodia Extraordinaire!” We agreed gluten free cupcakes would be perfect for these two Silly Yaks aka celiacs. (Quick side note!! Abby thinks including the Silly Yaks joke is sooooo geeky! Hey, I embrace my uncoolness! I mean, I write a BLOG! Anyways, for that reason…joke stays! In your face joke critic Abby!!!) . The cupcakes were delish, but apparently not quite perfect so I insisted we buy these random sprinkles! Who doesn’t like cupcakes with SPRINKLES??!! Well, let’s just say….I should have never assumed they were gluten free! ( no listed ingredients) Those who know me personally know it’s a little more than a sore tummy tum for me if I eat poison gluten. And it wasn’t so pleasant for Abigail either. Lesson learned!! *clears throat, fake coughs….idiots!” * And might I add how foolish I feel that ridiculous “sprinkles” ruined a few days of good health! What am I….3?

OH, here is another gem for you! So we had to extend our visas last week.  Besides the fact that it is at a moto rental shop that does passports as well it is in fact REALLY OFFICIAL….EH HM!! YUP! *Giant GRIN* Anyways, Abby went back to pick up our passports. They handed her mine first and then she pointed out she needed hers too. The guy took forever to find it but managed to show one and ask, ” This one?”  It had a photo of a 40 yr old man in it!  SERIOUSLY!  Too hilarious!

For Mum and Dad

For Mum and Dad

Well, I don’t do too many shout outs, BUT for obvious reasons I approve the following:  “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MUM AND DAD!!! I MISS YOU!”  The other day at the meeting one of my friends studies who regularly attends the hall asked me if it was only Abby and I who live here in Cambodia. I told her yes and that my family is back in Canada. She literally got tears in her eyes!  As she wiped her eyes with a tissue she told me how bad she felt for me.  It was a good reminder how important family is. Immediate or spiritual for that matter!!!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all their comments!  It is really encouraging to both Abby and I to hear what you have to say!  Keep the comments coming or emails “on the line!” hint hint

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7 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. Whitney Lane says:

    Don’t worry I embrace my uncoolness since I write a blog as well! And now I feel like we are cambonadian celebrities with our little appearence on this blog YAY 😀 I have some images to send you from bethel etc… i better get on that! … by the way how pretentious did that sound when I used the word images instead of photos.. kinda like when actors use the word ‘films’ instead of movies :S

  2. Amber says:

    Great blog! My favourite part is with the belch, sorry, that makes me sound very unladylike but there it is!! Keep them coming!

  3. Kristy Lebid says:

    Yah I have to admit I felt the warm air from the belch and smelled it- thanks for bringing that lovely grossness to life with your descriptive writing! Haha I would’ve been laughing as soon as it exited her mouth, proud of you for continuing to deliver your message before you laughed:-) Kylie’s doing really well drawing the continuing family of circle people!

    • Haha! My p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e ( said really breathy) please tell miss Kylie to keep up the good work! Her drawing are so awesome! And her circle people make me smile! Can’t believe I have inspired her and her bro! I LOVE them!!

  4. Erin Jackson says:

    You should seriously be a comedy writer. It was almost like I was there myself getting the warmth of the fresh belch in MY face…..however don’t give up the privilege of such a wonderful assignment to Jehovah. I have to selfishly say just keep the rest of us, living vicariously through you, laughing!!!!

    • Haha! Glad you felt it too! Now I don’t feel I have to bear the memory alone! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the feedback too! Gives me lots of reason to make the effort to put new posts together in the first place! Ps. Don’t know about being a comedy writer….seriously! I just write how I think and talk. I am shocked people read this blog in the first place! Lol

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