The Great Escape!

This is the crew!!

This is the crew!!

Thank goodness for brains!! Right!? Seriously, I am so happy I have a brain! Brains come equipped with many great features! “Oh let me count the ways….” I am currently thankful for the sensory factory in my brain! The part that when it’s stock pile is full, screams “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” How does this part of your brain alarm you? In surprising ways! You might find yourself getting really tired…..OR you might catch yourself arguing in Khmer with the kids begging for money at the traffic lights! I feel a quick little story approaching……do you?? OKAY, SO it was a typical melt your face off hot sorta day in the depths of Phnom Penh. While Abby drove and I sat perched on the back we had to

Enjoying the scenery!

Enjoying the scenery!

stop/bake at an intersection. At literally any give time of the day there will be kids begging for money. A little boy walked up to me and broke my heart. He put his dirty little hands out but I literally didn’t have any money accessible to give. ( ps. No political or social statements here, just telling a story by the way) I leaned forward and told him (exact Khmer to English translation), “Sorry child, not have.” I am not joking……he looked to the left, looked to the right and then leaned in and said, “Have!” As my eyebrows went up I again repeated “Sorry, not have!” His dirty hands took firm grip to his waist as he said with even more aggression, “HAVE!” It was as if a lion roared in the background and I had spiked crocs and a black cape as I responded, “NOT have!” He wasn’t backing down as he repeated “HAVE!!!” Thankfully the lights changed as we drove away with my fire throwing fist shaking in the air…”NOT HAVE!!!” *Ding Ding Ding!* Mental alarms a blazin! Stock pile reaching limit! THAT is a place my mind should never return! Lol Thankfully not too too much longer after things like that become common place, a person should hopefully find themselves sitting on a bus heading down to a place called Kep! And that I did! Armed with great friends, great intentions and a bus ride with really lame music videos about tragic love or angry birds, we were off in search of solitude and relaxation! Despite traveling on the wrong side of the dusty road nearly 90% of the way…..we arrived safe and sound. We stayed at a hotel called Veranda. It was so cool! It was literally built like a tree house. Check out some of the photos! A little bit of hiking, dining, laughing….fighting, jokes no fighting. It was great, slept like a baby….um….except one night!!

No filters people. Abby took this photo on her iphone, ON HER IPHONE! So gorgeous!

No filters people. Abby took this photo on her iPhone, ON HER IPHONE! So gorgeous!

SO-O-O, our room was set up with a massive open aired sitting area/deck and two large fully equipped rooms. So two couples stayed in one room while Abby and I shared with Dani and Jordan. Jordan was concerned he would snore and keep us up so he decided to sleep out in the deck area on the bed out there. I felt bad, but not that bad….lol. Anyways, at like 4am I woke up to Dani snoring up a storm! Surprise! Wow, I thought, she’s got some serious talent! Alarming talent! I was then awake and was way to curious as to how Dani could shake the walls, so I looked up and low and behold… was Jordan! He had come back into the room. He must have gotten cold out there so I just TRIED to sleep! But I couldn’t and neither could Abby. We decided to go outside instead. It was really nice actually. Tucked in the bug net and we were off to sleep. Felt very tropical. When we woke up Jordan was very apologetic. Not so much about the noise, but hoping we didn’t think he was a creepy pervert for starring at us as we slept. Jordan’s story basically went like this, ” In the night I had to use the bathroom. When I came back, there was a massive tarantula that had crawled INSIDE the net in the night! That’s why I came back into the room. When I woke up I noticed you two had gotten up. When I realized you were in the tarantula bed I was scared. So I was checking to see if he was still there! Not watching you sleep!”………….. THEN all of the sudden I felt something on my arm!! Yikes! But it was just Abby and I was still so tired and it was frightening… I slugged her. Oops, I guess there was a little fighting after all. *insert image of us two idiots hitting each other inside a bug net turned X-Factor set* Well that’s all I got for this round! Thanks for reading! By the way, if you find yourself enjoying these rambles, make sure to click on the photos so you can read extra stories and comments that might warm your heart! Lol…..ptsh, warm your heart!? Haha

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7 thoughts on “The Great Escape!

  1. Dad says:

    It looks like you all had a nice time, wish I was there with you, getting tried of winter. Enjoyed the photos. Keep up the good work, you don`t realize how many are encouraged by you two. Dad

  2. Crystal says:

    Hi Girls! I just wanted to make sure you know someone on the other side of the world thinks your funny! And pretty great….love your stories and photos! Love seeing how much Jehovah is using you! What a blessing! Love ya and miss ya!

  3. colleen says:

    Hey stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried emailing you awhile ago.. we will be in Bangkok for a week from march 1st not sure how far you are from there or how expensive it would be to pop over but it would be sooooo great to see you after all these years!!!!!!!!!!! you look like you are having a blast…. we are all well, kids growing too much though so that means that we are getting way old!!!!!!!!!!! we still think of you often xxxxx

  4. Dustin says:

    We got those fish that eat bits off your feet here to, they tickle.

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