Winter Wonderland

Circle People are back! I am sure you are wondering the story behind this one!!

Circle People are back! I am sure you are wondering the story behind this one!!

There is nothing that I pride myself more in than how

oooh! Our trophy wine!!!

oooh! Our trophy wine!!!

absolutely “fancy” I am! And so you know, when I say fancy, I mean fancy fancy! Yeah that’s right! We all know when you double the description it clarifies the intensity! For example, it’s like when a friend describes how something tastes like this, “yeah it’s hot, but not hot hot!” *eyes slightly opened wider* It is clear that the meal isn’t going to melt the skin on your tongue, but will still have some kick! Anyways, now that you follow my line of thinking here, let me describe how “fancy fancy” I am. The other day Abby and I figured we deserve a bottle of wine. We chose a nice one that we had at our friends place beforehand, but also bought another bottle……of Cambodian wine! We thought, how bad could it REALLY be!? Let’s just say, if you ever had curiosity as to what nail polish remover tastes like with the slightest hint of sugar, I can hook you up! We felt something was up when we discovered there was no cork….yup, this bottle of

Real cork? Ptsh! Man up... PLASTIC CAPS!!

Real cork? Ptsh! Man up… PLASTIC CAPS!!

vinegary goodness was preserved with a plastic cap! Soon it was more of a dare to taste it! I was the last to taste it which is unfortunate as I witnessed everyone else mini barf as they passed the glass! Either way, the laughs we got out of the hard earned, yet admittedly embarrassingly great price of $3.50 we spent to buy the bottle was well worth it! (P.s. Yes I know better!). Haha now what did I tell ya…. Fancy Fancy!!

Possibly you are curious as to the story behind the cartoon heading this post!? Allow me to enlighten you. It was a cool mid December winter morning here in Phnom Penh! The 24’C chill was really starting to hit me as I stood in front of our apartment waiting for a friend. As I held my arms tighter because I literally WAS cold, an older lady who has a make shift store next door approached me for a chat! She doesn’t know a lick of English and after the conversation I am about to describe, I had to review why I know her language!! After a quick greeting she grabbed my arm and gently stroked my skin telling me how absolutely beautiful the skin on my arm was. Then, she pointed to my face and said, ” But your face, it is very ugly! You are covered in pimples!” (Which maybe I had one!!) She poked my arm over and over so as to describe just how many she thought I had! Before I knew it she basically pushed me in the direction of the store under our apartment “because zit cream is super cheap there and I really need it!” Out of no where, there was suddenly TWO ladies poking my forearms and agreeing with each other that I need cream! All I can say is thankfully that day I was feeling really “FANCY” so I didn’t take it personally. And I usually don’t take beauty advice too seriously from someone with a certain teeth situation! No discrimination here people, I will listen to anyone’s suggestions! I just might forget some a bit more instantly than others!

Lacey, frilly hot pink hats are apparently not only for 4 yr old Disney princess fans! Haha. Love the randomness!!! Ps. Notice he left the helmet I the basket! Fashion first, safety second!

Lacey, frilly hot pink hats are apparently not only for 3 yr old Disney princess fans! Haha. Love the randomness!!! Ps. Notice he left the helmet in the basket! Fashion first, safety second!

So recently I went to my gym and looked for my usual machine I start off on.  The owners love moving things which shouldn’t matter at all yet strikes a bit of fear within me at times! The workers know us well and immediately started laughing when I asked where my machine went and replied ” BY THE RAT!” And that’s my reason for fear! Sure enough my machine was shoved back into the corner where I get frequent sightings of a rat outside I like to call Matthew Crawley. (Refer to post ” Beauty and the Beast”) As I started working out, low and behold Matthew rolls on out! I obviously hadn’t seen him for a long time judging by his sheer mass, borderline obesity!! I decided I had a sufficient heart rate increase and moved right on to the weight room! The stupidest part about the whole thing, is that I actually was a bit angry as I was reminded of the tragic death of the real Mr. Crawley!!

Well, as I hinted earlier it has definitely cooled down here to a more realistic temperature of around 26-27’C during the day! I hate to admit I feel a chill in the air but am soaking in the comfort that is soon to change! Cambodians hate the “cold” as they put it! I am always trying to catch a photo of the people driving by in full blown Michelin Man coats and scarves! Hilarious! It also cracks me up listening to the groups of teenage boys singing “jingle bells” at the top of their lungs! SoOOoo….manly! Haha Well till next time, please poke through the photos, read the commentary and add your own! I love reading each comment you leave and always “try” to reply, so be sure to check back. (Mostly depends on Cambo Internet, which usually stinks at a peek upgraded 300MBPS! Feel better now? I bet you do!)

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10 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Dustin says:

    I know how the cold is, I actually have to put a blanket on my bed here some nights, I shiver once in a while and I even put long pants on. Tough life living close to the equator isn’t it.

  2. Cori says:

    Love the circle people…glad you brought them back…so its too cold there…boo hoo!!!!

  3. dave and tam says:

    Sarah I have a cold and was going to have some of that buckleys which tastes like pine needles and gasoline, was just wondering if you could send me some of your wine to chase it down. believe theyre made by same company

    • Lol! Actually, I think this wine snuck out of the sector that was shut down ages ago due to chemical burns and puking! But I can send you advice….actually….I can’t think of anything wise at this moment! Sorry.

  4. Shelina V says:

    Yay! I love the circle people!

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