Quick Learner Me Is!

Snapped a photo and this is what I got! So gorgeous!

Snapped a photo and this is what I got! So gorgeous!

You know that awful feeling of regret you get immediately after you do something stupid, and your ongoing inner narration voice starts spitting out the words “ya dumb dumb” or “good one ya ding ding”!? If you don’t, well….I guess I just added to my qualifications to wear a straight jacket…again. You know I also try to think of cool music to soundtrack my life as I live it, but that’s slightly different! Back to being a dumb dumb, lately I have been regretful of some of my choices in “treats!” The other day Abby brought home some wrapped candies she was given. Mystery gifts is where this story “should” end, but remember I play a dumb dumb in this episode! Anyways, I don’t eat much candy but apparently the packaging that read “premium ginseng jelly” was too much for my sub-conscience to resist, so down the old hatch she went! BLAH! Seriously, so groady! Tasted like dirt! Super earthy in a bad way. No joke, it was like jelly infused with potting soil that was sitting in a health food store full of bizzare spices no one actually likes. I tried to get Abby to try it too but she wouldn’t! Heaven knows why! So…..I tried it again just in case it tasted different. Nope, it didn’t! In fact, it was intensely grosser and potent! And by that time bits were stuck in my mouth and I could smell it on my fingers! WHY!!!!! Why would I do that, and what’s with double tasting? You know you have done this too, admit it! Just like I know you have smelt something awful so you make your friend smell it too! Immediate regret, or at least if you were the friend/ sucker that inched closer to smell the stink to merely reply, ” yup….reeks!”

Anyways, embarrassingly enough this is not an isolated occasion. The other night I thought I was being sneaky by taking some popcorn Abby made for herself! Trouble is, I took the popcorn that had fallen on the counter. As I shoved it in my mouth quickly so as not to be caught, I immediately realized our counter must not have been entirely dry. Yum- mee…. Half soaked popcorn with mystery wetness! Though, I might add at this point, sneaking food is never about the taste is it? No, it is all about the thrill of adventure! Now I am pretty sure any immediate family members are relinquishing my classic random food eating habits. I won’t go into full detail, but at the end of one story involving a missing chocolate bar, I was questioned as to why I would just go ahead and eat a chocolate bar I found on the floor, that clearly wasn’t mine….and for goodness sakes, WAS ON THE FLOOR! ( regret rolls in bringing its friend, shame). New topic!

Our new oven...delivered on a moto!!!

Our new oven…delivered on a moto!!!

A couple days ago I was informed that Abby had decided to buy an oven! Most Cambodian kitchens, including ours only have gas burners. In fact, Cambodians laugh at ovens. Either way, decision was made and before I knew it we had an oven! It was delivered to us strapped to the back of a moto!! Check out the photo. We also had to get the gas tank hooked up by another delivery guy. He was delivering gas upstairs so we grabbed him and had him wait for the oven to come. He literally had to wait 5 minutes but acted like it was 6 hours. After standing infront of our living room fan with his shirt pulled up filling our home with a lovely fragrance, he made his way into our kitchen. He peered out our window hanging onto the bars like he was in prison. Check out the picture of that too!( It is in the photo gallery below) Shameless! Speaking of which, we gave them both a small tip. The first guy stood there and said to me he wanted double! Lol! No way Mr. B.O.!!!! Yeah, they both pretty stinky. But for the record, if only one smelt bad I would have told Abby to go close enough to smell and boy oh boy, then SHE would be filled with regret!

Well everybody, I compiled a VERY random collection of photos to sum up the past couple of weeks.  Please enjoy, please comment and if you are trying to follow this blog, after you enter your email address into the box on this website, be sure to check your junkmail for confirmation email!



15 thoughts on “Quick Learner Me Is!

  1. dave and tam says:

    sarah its 35 below here. a potting soil candy sounds delish if its accommpanied by tropical warmth. keep up good work

  2. Elaynee sorbello says:

    Keep us posted loving it thanks sarah laynee xx mel n ed arrive on Monday for couple of weeks yeah 🍹🌎

  3. Erin Jackson says:

    So you will be glad to know you are not the only one who can do silly things. My inexperience as a first time poster is clearly showing. Just wanted to let you know that I actually left you a little note but you will probably never see it unless I point out that it was inexplicably left it under the “about” section of your blog. Sorry:))

    • No worries!!! I am so happy to read comments wherever they are scattered! Keep them coming!!! I always “try” to reply!! Sometimes not as soon as I like due to Camp-Bloatya Internet service. Never good even when it is “good!” Haha

  4. Pauly says:

    Speaking about asking your friend to smell something disgusting, my dear husband, on a regular basis asks me to try some food (that he has obviously tried himself and realises that its off) but just wants to confirm it through his wifes common sense!!… I guess he cares enough to share his future bowl movements together instead of all by his lonesome self… Yep, and still crazy in love..

  5. Elsa says:

    I just wanted you to know that not all Khmer people leave their snot rocket ways behind when they move to the West. My student, now a publisher, blew a snot rocket into the bushes while we were on our way to a door together. Good times!

  6. Elsa says:

    Yeah I don’t object to it when you’re a farmer & out in a field with no tissues. It is better than digging for gold. But in service? I got me a special lady. 🙂

    • Hmmm….I see your gracious point, but I must disagree. Things like that should never go soaring through the air. Farmer or prince. It’s just too risky and disgusting. I say….rub some dirt on it! Lol

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