Inspire or Be Inspired!

"What do you mean you you don't have room for me on your moto???!!! Good grief!"

“What do you mean you you don’t have room for me on your moto???!!! Good grief!”

I am sure by now, having followed my crazy stories for the past 8 months you might wonder and perhaps want to say, “Sarah, what makes you so darn amazing?” I would love to reply simply by saying, ” I have one word for you friend, FIBER!” But in reality I would ask to take you to a different place. For example, pretend for a moment you are riding on the back of a moto….wait a second! Let’s be more specific! Pretend you are riding on the back of Abby’s moto! At first the sheer idea of being a passenger on an open atmosphere interior designed moto through the streets of a bustling Asian city sounds amazing! It is! Just yesterday Abby was driving and passed a woman holding her dress up over her head for everyone to see. But I have to say, sometimes you get bored and well…for me anyways, my mind starts to wander!
Now this is the KEY that will help you become an awesome well rounded person like myself. Keep yourself on that “mind moto” and just “see where your imagination takes you!” If you are a seasoned imagine-eer like me, you may find yourself having this experience. At first I glance at the scary street treats being sold along the roadside. Immediately envisioning stomach pain and diarrhea my eyes search for something different. I next spot a pedestrian on the street with a missing limb. Obvious human nature brings great sadness to my heart. Selfishness suddenly causes me to wonder, “what if that was me?!” After almost crying to myself as I imagine people trying to give encouragement by sending me touching sympathy cards or the idea of waking up at night in a panic wondering where my other leg went, I draw a conclusion! It may take an estimated 3 years to overcome my depression but I will rise from the ashes to be a very inspiring amputee! I will encourage other amputees to be strong by traveling and sharing my story! Others will look up at me because I continue to live a full life! …… You still with me? Good! Remember we are on the back of a moto here! I am sure you didn’t notice that gust of wind which totally interrupted my thoughts and blew my skirt up, YET AGAIN! Thank goodness the Tuk Tuk driver on the corner back there did! He even yelled out “WHEeeeeHOOO!” Good grief!! No privacy, but true story!

Be an INSPIRING amputee!!!

Be an INSPIRING amputee!!!

Anyways guys, even though the mostly bizarre, slightly dark at times brain of mine frequently cracks open a can of crazy by thinking up fake reasons to cry, these thoughts are usually interrupted by something stupid like suddenly flashing people! Even still, I think it makes you a better person to see yourself as an inspiring amputee, making the world a better place….. One leg at a time!
Yet again I would like to thank you for reading and encourage you to comment. I am attaching lots of cool pictures I think are blog worthy. In a couple days Abby and I are off to Thailand for a couple weeks. We are attending the three day English District Convention in Bangkok and then traveling and visiting friends! Can’t wait to enjoy a few modern conveniences I have been deprived of and of course endure some probably embarrassing or insane occasions that will surely spice up this blog!

PS.  By the way, later that night I actually did cry about something really dumb. Abby had one thing to say to me….” Some INSPIRING amputee you are!!”


9 thoughts on “Inspire or Be Inspired!

  1. Jen Tasi says:

    I love your stories. I am curious why that lady on the Moro was flashing people? Can’t wait to hear about Thailand

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  2. Jen Tasi says:

    That lady with the bales on her Moro, is that her idea of airbags?

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  3. Marcie says:

    So it’s the fiber that makes u so amazing!!!! Interesting. Your circle person really conveys the message of being an inspirational amputee… I think u could pull it off too haha

  4. gisele says:

    I really look forward to your blogs. Those little kids that you study with are so cute!

  5. Bruce Schei says:

    Your blog has been a very interesting read. It looks like you are dealing well with your first expat life in Asia (We both know that Australia does not count!), which is really encouraging and inspiring for many people. I knew you could pull it off. I always have respect for people who can live and thrive anywhere in the world despite local problems.
    Anyway I will be visiting home in mid January, I was wondering if you were ever going to visit your folks back home this year? I and my friend were thinking about visiting Thailand together sometime, perhaps we could put Cambodia in our itinerary as well. The place looks like it has very poor drainage system, and I and my sensitive skin should be careful it looks like, haha. Anyway, thanks for the fun posts. See you around.


    P.S:Do I still have your e mail address? Not sure. Please do give me your latest one. Mine is the same as it’s ever been:

  6. Del says:

    Hi girls. Enjoy your blog so much. You are doing a fine work and reaping many blessings. Enjoy your convention. Lots of love.xx

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