Dancing in the Rain

You may be a bit surprised to see another blog post so soon! I am every bit amazed as you are! I just find it far too ironic that literally a few hours after I share my expressions of living a boring life and not having things to write about, I would find myself caught in the middle of a

We were really happy to be home!

We were really happy to be home!

torrential downpour! With water waist deep wishing the items I kept feeling between my toes and wrapping around my legs were only sea weed, I told myself I will never complain ever again of being bored!
Believe it or not, but swimming through the streets of Phnom Penh was only the beginning of an unforgettable night! Now go grab yourself a coffee and find a comfy place to sit as I share with you my story!
Last night started off rather average. Abby and I headed off to the meeting wearing our rain ponchos on the moto. It was barely raining but we didn’t want to get our dress clothes wet! Near the end of the meeting I elbowed my study who sat next to me and raised my eyebrows. She doesn’t know English but she knew I was acknowledging the then heavy rain storm we could hear had suddenly begun outside.
As Abby and I were wrapping up the evening and about to throw on the ol’ ponchos again for the then knowingly wet ride home, Danielle asked us if we wouldn’t mind following her home. She had to drop another girl off at her home but was just a little worried to go alone as it was a rather sketchy part of town to be driving in at night. Of course we said yes! Quickly we changed into our rain gear and began to follow Danielle on our moto through literally the heaviest rain I have ever lived through. Abby and I were laughing thinking how crazy our lives had become. Then it was time to turn off onto a side street where our other friend’s house was. The water was REALLY deep but forward we drove. As both our feet entered the water I said ” And here we go!” Little did I know the impact of this comment!!

Driving through flooded streets is one thing, driving through flooded Cambodian pot hole streets is another. As we hoped only for the best,

Check out Abby's skirt! 1.5hrs after the big water wade!

Check out Abby’s skirt! 1.5hrs after the big water wade!

Danielle’s moto died! The starter just wouldn’t do it and kick starting was not working. Nearby we took cover under the edge of a building. As we let the tail pipes drain a bit I felt something on my foot! I looked down to see a giant “something” crawl off my foot. I think it was a cockroach. Thankfully the moto started and we were now heading home. In this short amount of time, though, water was now almost hip deep. We had to push the motos and wade through almost two blocks of streets that had turned into one huge lake! Sounds fun till you start seeing diapers and tuna cans float by. Every single step included a scream as un identifiable things touched our legs or wrapped themselves onto us! Flashes of a once dry road covered in garbage, dead rats, poop of all sorts and filth fill your mind making the experience that much more enjoyable! At probably the deepest part, a train of cars drove by creating a wave! Yippee! I looked behind me to see Abby almost lose the moto in the immense wave of gross poo water! Thankfully she managed and we finally reached only knee deep water. Using my junky phone I captured the attached eerie image of the girls walking the motos.

Waiting along the road for the moto to get fixed. We were laughing at Danielle's junky helmet that wouldn't stay open.

Waiting along the road for the moto to get fixed. We were laughing at Danielle’s junky helmet that wouldn’t stay open.

Amazingly enough we found a mechanic alongside the road. It was probably about 9:45pm at this point. Smart mechanic to be open so late, as he was soon the most popular guy in town! Abby waited on her moto while Danielle and I sat on plastic chairs still wearing ponchos and helmets in the rain while the moto got fixed. We patiently waited and watched more people gather bringing flooded motos, including a dude carrying a giant gun on his hip! Yikes. Eventually we were up and running. I hopped onto Abby’s moto and we were off! Off to discover Abby’s brakes went! Yup! No brakes! We almost hit Danielle who had started to turn around as the street ahead was too flooded. After heading a new direction home and sailing through a scary intersection, Danielle’s moto died AGAIN!! That was the final straw! Another long walk began for the three of us as we headed to the closest parking lot to just ditch the moto once and for all! (funny side note: Danielle’s moto had a giant noodle hanging from the bottom… haha. )
After parking the moto we could only kill ourselves laughing as all three of us squashed our butts on a moto that even though had no brakes, held our last hope to finally make it home!! My feet skimmed the ground in a Flintstone like manner while I sat sandwiched between the girls! Both Danielle and I had our skirts hiked way up in order to fit on the seat. Abby complained she was driving sitting only on a pin as I warned the crew of upcoming “BUMPS!” If only we had a photo of how ridiculous we must have looked! Three drenched white chicks wearing ponchos and helmets barely fitting on a moto, screaming and laughing through the flooded streets!
After we finally made it home alive we each went into our own bathrooms to rinse away the horrors! Abby had taken the Dettol into her shower

Dettol- Antibacterial Soak

Dettol- Antibacterial Soak

as directed by Dani, but failed to use sparingly. She spread it all over like new shower gel only to discover doing so results in an extreme burning sensation! Lol!! I was smart and was aware of needing to dilute Dettol, so I sat with my feet in a bucket and drank wine upstairs with Danielle and Jordan. We shared our experience with Jordan and returned his “important papers” Danielle had taken along thinking we could keep them more dry than him! Who knew!!??
All in all I am so thankful we didn’t leave Danielle alone! But most of all, I will never complain about bring bored again!!

I managed to capture the girls wading through the "shallow" poop water. ( junky phone-low quality pic)

I managed to capture the girls wading through the “shallow” poop water. ( junky phone-low quality pic)

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21 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain

  1. Shelleybelly says:

    I love all of your crazy adventures, photos and stories!!! Thrilled you made it home. Thrilled I’m not your mother! Can not imagine the worry your mother feels hearing about ‘bad area of town, poop, cockroaches crossing your feet and guns’!!
    Ps…. I love the smell of Dettol. One of those weird childhood memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Glen Edwards says:

    great story! we need some adventures like that here to keep us on our toes!

  3. Dad says:

    Remember, if you want to stay dry you have to go between the rain drops!

  4. Abby says:

    Just so no one will worry I got my brakes fixed today and my skin has finally stopped burning from the Dettol. Also the guy having a gun was bad enough but then Dani almost ran into his big fancy bike with her moto Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dad says:

    The guy with the gun, was he from Detroit?

  6. Marcie says:

    Did u guys save the noodle and eat it as a snack later??? Hahaha

  7. Cori says:

    Glad you`re laughing, Sarah, Laughter is good for the soul…but too bad it took such an extreme situation

  8. Julie says:

    Your sense of humor must be full of Jh’s holy spirit. So glad you were laughing not crying, and made it home safe. Thank Abby for the added detail – who knew THAT story could get even better! Keep up the blogs. We can live an interesting life through you girls.

  9. Brandi & Family says:

    If you hadn’t have laughed I think you just might have cried. You two are having quite the adventures, I can’t wait to hear the ones that you are saving to tell in person. I’m glad you made it home safe. Take care of each other!

  10. Ria says:

    Oh my goodness Sarah! That is definitely a memory to keep telling. Be careful of those floating diapers!

  11. Amber says:

    I have to say this adventure is the craziest I think you have posted yet…..and I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading the banter back and forth in eveyones comments!!!!! Keep safe and keep that sense of humor!!!

  12. Sherry says:

    Holy crap ladies. Hard to imagine conditions like that but you made it come alive…don’t think I will ever experience that in Edmonton. Hope that weren’t your diapers floating by ha ha.

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