Take THAT, 6 Month Milestone!

Are you as shocked as I am that Abby and I have ONLY been in Cambodia for 6 months!? Seriously,

There were so many kids, and they just swarmed the tuk tuk!

There were so many kids, and they just swarmed the tuk tuk!

for as many blogs I have written and you have read, received, skimmed, ignored, hated or was offended by, you would think it’s been way longer than 6 months. Either way, in this seemingly small amount of time I have learned and experienced things I never thought I would…..whether I wanted to or not! Haha. If you haven’t already guessed I would just like to take a moment to reflect…………..ok, thank you. While I wrote the dotted line, I reflected. I realized how scary I once thought this place to be, and how insane and chaotic everything about life here appeared. Seeing multiple adults on a single moto carrying large or just plain dangerous objects was jaw dropping. Now, I see ultimately the convenience of it, or helpfulness! I would hold your IV bag as you drive and I sit on the back any day, wouldn’t you!? Six months ago I would have said it was preposterous to consider putting on a poncho and helmet, hop on a moto and drive myself home through torrential downpour and insanely flooded streets dodging memorized pot holes. Today, this is routine! I also learned that it is possible to live on the surface of the sun, despite what scientists may advice! I am living proof! For example, I now pull out a cardy to beat the bite in the air if it drops to 29’C. BRRRRRR! I also never thought I would be so close to my neighbors. Canadians all thinking they are so friendly, well here in Cambodia we bath our naked kids in the rain together, we sit on each others motos adjust the mirrors and pick our zits together! We stare at foreigners as a group effort or poop in empty lots across the street because we are so comfortable with each other! Actually, I don’t do those things! If I did though, I might come across more local. (at least this neighborhood)

The animals here are usually pretty feral but I still find them cute!

The animals here are usually pretty feral but I still find them cute!

Well how about I end with one funny story. It will give you an idea of how different the thinking is here. Yesterday our friends were coming up to our apartment. The husband was carrying a heavy bag while the Khmer family that lives across the alley mocked and laughed at them. They were saying “Look, look! That bag is so heavy and the wife isn’t carrying it! Haha why is HE carrying such a heavy bag!?” Lol how crazy. So just to clarify to you all, I may be living here and find crazy things very normal now. I may even come to speak Khmer fluently…..reading, writing,or having off the cuff conversation! But I will NEVER struggle to carry a heavy bag up a stairwell with a guy casually following holding nothing. Maybe for Abby, but no guy! Hmmmm…..maybe my expectations are too high 😉


7 thoughts on “Take THAT, 6 Month Milestone!

  1. shannon says:

    hi guys, loved the blog, you should do this for a living, you are very talented. not fair really that you should be able to write and draw, not fair for us mere mortals whos most obvious talent is being able to touch their left nostril with their tongue… sigh. sell we are in hanoi and enjoying it, although I must admit that having lived in asia for a while a lot of things that would excite your average tourist are just everyday annoyances for us. anyway we are feeling good at the mo, we just found a coffee bean shop, first recognisable coffee shop we’ve come accross, yay for coffee!!!

  2. Elaynee sorbello says:

    Still enjoying gorgeous girl keep it coming laynee xx

  3. Cori says:

    you and Abby should be proud of the 6 month milestone…

  4. Amber says:

    I can’t believe you guys have been there six months!!! crazy! and STILL loving the blog! I am still in shock about the men not being expected to carry heavy items…..isn’t that the whole reason to get married? haha

  5. Cori says:

    I`m going to get after Amber for calling you crazy!!! in her comment

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