No Man No!!!

DISCLAIMER: This post might not come across totally normal as I am literally recovering from a concussion. But I am entering those moments of “I still can’t do anything but starting to get bored.” Thought it would be fun to see what scrambled brains could create for a post!

I suppose starting a post with a disclaimer like that means I can only lead with one story. First up….” The Fall!” A few days ago Abby and I had some leftovers for lunch and immediately I felt very sick. I went right to bed and didn’t get back up all day as a fever had set in! It wasn’t till the middle of the night that I discovered I had either the stomach flu or food poisoning. Also realized there is nothing comfy to lean on as you discard unwanted substance. Not the best bathroom set up! Anyways, one of my trips to the throne was more scary because after I washed my hands I started to get really light headed. I even have a face print on my mirror to prove it! My only thought at that point was “this can’t be good!” Suddenly Abby was yelling my name and tapping my face. I figured I was in bed, but I was on my bedroom floor. Apparently I must have gotten outside my bathroom one step before I fainted. The cuts and bruises show that I hit my head on the corner of the wall which caused a large cut. My back has a huge scrape and my elbow is bruised. I think I bruised my tailbone which is very painful if you were wondering, next to the throbbing headache. So there you have it. I have reason to be a bit out of touch. I feel really bad for Abby who had to wake up in the night to find an unconscious sister on the floor, and then to have to take care of her. Abby is the best!! She even stood outside the bathroom to make sure I was ok the next day. Poor her, remember I still had the stomach flu on top of my concussion and I know it smelt like outhouse! Haha Well it is almost 2 days past now and I am able to keep my head up longer then two minutes which means… I WILL SURVIVE! Ok enough serious junk.

This next story happened last week and I can say has left probably the same lasting impression as my concussion. So Abby, one of our good friends and myself were out and about last week. We were just getting ready to fire up both motos and drive away when a beggar approached Abby. Suddenly I hear her sternly say ” DON’T!” Which I thought was odd at first, and a bit rude quite frankly, but later found out he was pushing her arm. Then he walked towards me and I planned on ignoring him. He asked for money and I turned the other direction. Suddenly he had my undivided attention as he grabbed my butt!! And I can assure you it was no accidental butt grace! Abby yelling out “Don’t!” seems so wimpy compared to what I did! At the top of my lungs I yelled ” No!” Well if it was in English it would mean no. Apparently my gut reaction was to yell in khmer! Phonetically I yelled “OT TDAY POO!!” Which means no, man……Very politely! In that moment my pronunciation wasn’t very good either. I yelled out “poo”! Man in khmer is more of a “boo!” Oh but that’s not all folks, I then used all my might to hit him as hard as I could. My hand was throbbing I had hit him so hard! The poor idiot continued on as though nothing had happened. I think he was drunk. So there you have it, khmer must have reached my heart because apparently when the panic button is pushed… Or grabbed, I kick into mispronounced Khmer.

Well I hope everyone is doing well. I finally attached pictures of our apartment! Hope you like it 🙂 Sorry no drawings and fancy stuff…..I deserve a little sympathy. Haha


19 thoughts on “No Man No!!!

  1. Cori says:

    the language must have reached your heart…scary scenerio…Please be careful…

  2. Marcie says:

    I Love that lamb chops is on your bed… I love the bathroom rules soo funny… Next time a guy grabs your tooshie turn and say… Did u just touch my bum, then wipe the blood from the corner of your mouth and karate kick him hahaha

  3. Amanda Matti says:

    Glad you are feeling better and that Abbey was there to be a great caregiver! 😉

  4. Julie says:

    You poor thing! And yet I still laughed! So glad your tummy and head are up and running again. I agree with Marcie about the karate kick – he got off easy! What an idiot! Love the pictures – I wasn’t expecting it to look so nice – especially the bathroom. Glad you have somewhere nice to chill.

  5. Rosie says:

    Your place is really cute!! It looks peaceful. Glad you are on the mend and watchout for grabby homeless dudes!! Your language classes are paying off!

    • Thanks so much Rosie! I find our place quite comfy, and yeah peaceful, despite some of the noise from road construction… Haha and don’t you worry, I will be practising my Karate move Marcie suggested I use if I happen to run into any other “grabby grabbers”! Watch out Phnom Penh, you have a recovering concussion sufferer with stomach flu time bomb karate kid ready for high kicks on the loose! …..well….maybe low kicks for the time being. As my tummy recovers they might get higher!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Do you watch tv from the dining room table?

    • We do, unfortunately they bolted the tv to the wall, we tried to move the couches and switch the set up but it was too annoying. We don’t watch much but when we do, extra chairs become foot stools 🙂

  7. Glen Edwards says:

    wow! we just finally only now got to sit down and read through your post! you poor ting! your head gash all stitched up and better?

    **excerpt from a blog on some strange Khmer blog site**

    “My head Still hurts… I don’t know what happened yesterday… I went out for my usual couple of beers before doing my “begging” which, as all my readers know, is basically me just changing into rags and going around looking for rich white girls to grab… hehehe.
    But yesterday something unexpected happened… it’s still all a bit hard to remember… my head is throbbing, and i think i may have lost sight in my left eye… All I remember is going for my trusty butt grab on a blonde… and then I woke up in a dark alley with no cloths on…”

    • Lol!! I love your excerpt from the dude I hit! So hilarious, made my morning as I am still recovering at home. Head has a bump, tailbone still hurts and I am proud to announce the stomach flu has come back for round two. Actually I think it never went away. Took antibiotics today so hopefully all good soon 🙂 hope you guys are well!

  8. Tricia Niebergall says:

    Hi sweet sez! Hope you’re recovering from your recent traumas! Food poisoning….head injuries…butt groping…you’ve had a action packed couple weeks.
    Your place looks really nice, and so tidy. I love getting your updates, I’m proud of you guys! Pioneering in a far away land is an adventure, but I know there are challenges too of course. Keep up the hard work! There’s been a few emails that take me right back to our time in Kenya oddly enough…..the one about the staring…you wouldn’t think Kenyans and Cambodians would have so much in common! Kenyans are experts at the art of staring…and my white skin was just irresistible!
    We’re doing really good! Just wrapping up our service year….we will have a busy busy August has usual. But life is pretty boring!
    Well take care friend, lots of love to you

    Sent from my iPad

    • Aw thanks Tricia for your lovely note! I always love to hear from people back home! Yes I have had a bit too many crazy things happen these days so I think I am going to just not move anymore…..Abby can feed me and sponge bathe me……yuck! Lol Jk glad to hear you are good! Take care and hope you have an enjoyable busy August! …xo

  9. Ruth Karabacz says:

    Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us informed. Love your apartment . I have a few grabby old men stories myself when special pioneering in Kentucky. That , however, was a long time ago. We’re heading to Maui soon; heard they had a hurricane pass by last week and now there’s been 3 shark attacks. Sounds like we in for an interesting time. Wish you could be there. Keep enduring in the good work you are doing..

    • Hi auntie Ruth! Thanks for your comment!! I love to keep people informed, it’s my secret way of keeping me on people’s minds! Lol wouldn’t want to be forgotten about! Hope you guys all have fun in Maui! Mum and Dad are super excited too! Watch out for the hurricane raged sharks! Hi to Uncle Ron too! Xoxo

      • Andrew says:

        Hmmm could lead to…….SHARKNATOS!!

      • Ooooooooh!!! How wicked would that be!! Announcement….All those in the Maui group trip…..bring your video activated cameras and phones please! Send me all Sharknado video clips you might capture!! Watch for flying angry sharks!

  10. Ria says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Just read this post. I’m so sorry to hear that you were feeling so sick, what s trauma! But I can tell you keep a good spirit to move on. Good for you! I sure hope you are feeling better by now. Please know that we are thinking of you.


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