Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!!

So, speaking of grief……… ” GOOD GRIEF!” Could I possibly stretch out my posts any further?! What can I say, time flies when you are sweating! Actually, the opposite is true. When you find yourself in a moment of maybe standing in the sun, or talking to someone in a non ventilated hallway, time stands still! It’s a modern day miracle! On the other hand, a burst of a/c from the store you only run into barely penetrates the first layer of fire you are surrounded with. Go figure!

Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh.

On the top of today’s list of ridiculous stories is yet another classic experience with our tutor! It would seem, every single lesson has a gem to share. And apparently I should be more on top of things every lesson as well. Not only to capture the gems, but to impress! For example, recently after Abby practiced reading a few things in Khmer, it was my turn. After a sentence or two our tutor interrupts me to say, and I quote, “What is the matter with you today?! I expect much more from you and your talent! Even ABBY is reading better then you!!” I have no idea how he does this, but he manages to create statements that encourage yet discourage equally! Poor Abby, too bad she didn’t have this great “talent” I apparently possess! Ha ha ha

Notice I started a new paragraph!? This is to throw you off. Our tutor story continues! After the main part of the lesson, Abby and I are informed that we are in the presence of a ” love predictor!”……WOW! Who knew!?Β  Immediately we were given brief descriptions of our future husbands! The man of Abby’s dreams was described as being a “very rich and good looking man!” He would love her very much and she would love him even though he was, a “dwarf person!” I waited in anticipation for what I could possibly be blessed with. Admittedly hoping my language learning abilities might sway the outcome. Apparently my husband was waiting for me in front of the apartment!!! I asked if I could go look and was

hmmmm, maybe just popped to the shops to grab an item or two??

hmmmm, maybe just popped to the shops to grab an item or two??

told, “Sure, he is the one picking his nose and breaking the wind by the road!!” Love predictor indeed, take my breath away! In reality though, could I honestly

expect more than a professional nose picker!? At least my future husband isn’t the guy we caught pooping just across the street! Mind you, he didn’t seem all that tall! Jokes

Thanks for stopping in on the latest SezKAPOW post. Of course, you may have not stopped in at all! Maybe, regrettably you figured throwing your email address in the box for automatic updates was a great idea! Either way, please remember I love your feedback, because for all I know, only my family reads these posts basically at knife point via Skype! Also, to my dear complainers,Β  I will try to add my next post before letting 20 days pass….ANDREW!


20 thoughts on “Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!!

  1. Poola says:

    LOOOOVE the pic’s and the sticker book!! The going to the store to pick up a couple of items made me laugh out loud (for a change I didn’t have fluids in my mouth!!!!) So, a nose picker, a public pooper… I can’t wait to see who the “Match making love guru” has in mind for Amber and Marcie when they come out!!! If things DO pan out for you and these guys, our vacationing together may have come to an abrupt halt!!

  2. Poola says:

    Just wanted to let you girls know I am now conditioning myself in prep for a visit to your pretty home country. I went to Oodle Noodle the other day for a bowl of hot soup (as I have been blessed with the post convention summer cold) and made it half way thru the soup only to discover a hair floating on a mini “Pool Chair” (ok I made the pool chair bit up)…. needless to say I magically became instantly FULL!!! haha After pushing aside my bowl I was proud of myself that I didn’t make a scene, puke or anything!! Then I thought, HEY I can handle this! I have taken to peeing in public (on the street, not just in the fancy bathroom with the door open), I use the hose tap in the kitchen sink to wash my bum (which mom hates, but she understands the conditioning I must do to prep for the trip) Andrew and I take turns doubling each other around the block on the bike with garbage cans, our groceries, ladders and koya all strapped willy nilly to the bike, we no longer flush in our on-suite bathroom so we have our own “stinky street” close by!!! I will keep you updated with the conditioning we are doing! Miss you girls!

    Luv ya!

  3. Amber says:

    As always Poola is thinking ahead..what a brilliant idea to begin conditioning ourselves for our visit! I feel inspired……now Sarah make sure you send us the finished products of those lovely colouring books!!!

  4. Amber says:

    ……. apparently I wasn’t finished commenting..haha so I have to say the “huggable hairdresser” is so hilarious….does Abi give out hugs now? ahahhaa love you guys…..and LOVE your blog!!!

  5. Crystal says:

    Hi Seza! I can only say you are ridiculous but in a good way…what is it about you that attracts these weirdos! They definitely make for some funny stories! Miss you friend!

  6. Aunt Julie says:

    Your witty sense of humor is at it again. I always enjoy the laughs I get! We have been taught that the deaf culture is very abrupt with each other. They “talk straight” is the terminology. Makes me curious what a deaf Cambodian would be like after your tutor story! Maybe the love predictor should have taken a look at your comic book first – give her an idea of your taste. Lol

    • Deaf or not, the khmer culture in general is very direct. If you are fat, they will tell you! If you are stupid, they will laugh! Lol you have to have thick skin to live here! Ps. Our tutor has seen my comics, prob why he feels so comfortable to talk about poo so much!

  7. Del says:

    Hi Sarah. I’m enjoying your blog. lots of love Del

  8. Andrew says:

    Thank you for your prompt action taken to rectify the situation! As a “active” member and “long time” subscriber I feel that 20 or more days is unacceptable.
    Once again thank you for your quickness in this matter.
    The “Complainer”

    • Dear Complainer,
      We would like to thank you for your loyalties and support here at SezKapow. We appreciate your taking the time to inform us of the previous issue, and are happy to have set matters straight. We have not had problems within the staff until now. The idiot who delayed posting of the blog has been dealt with. We look forward to a continued healthy subscriber- publisher relationship with yourself and all other loyal SezKapow Inc. readers!
      Non begrudgingly,
      The entire on location staff at SezKapow Industries, Inc Company.

      This message has been approved by:
      SezKapow Industries, Inc Company Empire Society!! KAPOW!!!!

  9. Andrew says:


  10. Les & Kristy says:

    Hope you know just how much your posts make me laugh out loud- repeatedly cause I save it to re-read a few times!:). Thanks again for all the laughs and every time we play Wii Dance 4 I think of that wrestling colouring book! “The Final Countdown” has those guys down pat ( just ask Amber and Marcie, they’ll know what I’m talking about) ((note to Amber and Marcie- it’s the one where Dawson jumps over me and I’m rolling on the ground… Ooh and Andrew & Paula know that move now too! Hint hint Edmonton convention, your house!)). Kristy

    Sent from my iPad

    • That means alot Kristy thank you! Laughing is such a good thing, we don’t do it enough, so if I can add a few laughs here and there….. Mission accomplished! I have to get cracking on that colouring book too! It’s seriously so funny! I only took a few pictures but the entire book is retarded! Love it! I have a new post brewing in my mind. I promise you, it will make you laugh no doubt. I laugh just thinking about my latest story!

  11. Amber says:

    hahaha I know exactly what move you are talking about Kristy…..hmmmmmmm….maybe i should record it to send to the girls? something to think about!

    • Kristy Lebid says:

      Deal Amber! When the basement is done lets do that! πŸ™‚ I feel indebted to pay Sarah back for all her laughs with laughs from the dancing Lebid Wrestlers! Lol. I’m sure it will inspire more colouring in the Wrestler colouring book for sure!:)

  12. Cori says:

    I love your blog, too..I wish I could get that No Parking Sign..We don`t care about the problam with your car…I would put it up in front of a grey Escape that `someone`has left in our driveway…..just joking..

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