Beauty and the Beast

As many of you may already know, many years of my past work life were spent as a janitor. Being a janitor has many perks, but like any other job, it also

See!!! Pretty things! Smells nice too!

See!!! Pretty things! Smells nice too!

has its less luxurious downfalls. All my years of late night cleaning were shared with my family! (I think it is fair to say it was a perk and negative combo) For a certain span of time it was only my parents, one of my older sisters and myself taking care of the contracts. I handled the floors, as my sister Amber so humbly accepted toilet duty….. under one condition! Basically if she had to see gross things, “I” had to see them also! This tradition may have refined me to a certain extent, but it may have deeply scarred me as well. Why all this background information??? Because, when Abby yells out to me while looking out our apartment window the words ,”Sarah  you have to see this!…..There is a guy pooping across the street!” And the very first thing I say is, “Where’s my camera???”…. I wonder how I could possibly have allowed myself to get to such a point!!!!  Basically I blame people in general who misuse public restrooms…… and Amber who subjected me to the horrors of life in a public restroom by making the viewing of such things, an EVENT!

I thought the sky looked pretty nice!

I thought the sky looked pretty nice!

I probably paint a scary picture of what Cambodia is really like. ( And possibly my childhood as well.) I do look for the beauty though, and it is to be found even in the center of this crazy city! There are many exotic fruits and veggies here. Even a few brightly flowered trees and unique artwork scattered throughout the neighbourhoods. I must say the wildlife too is epic! Recently while I was at the gym admiring the mango tree just outside the window and literally thinking of hidden beauty, a rat fell across one of the branches and made its way down the tree. After I regained my composure, he came back for a second sighting! So yeah……beauty!! Speaking of beauty, imagine how awesome we must have looked using a cross- trainer and then suddenly throwing a rat into the scenario! (Abby isn’t exactly known for coordination.) I named him “Matthew Crawley” by the way. I figured if Downton Abbey thinks they can get rid of their Matthew so suddenly, maybe a swift departure will soon befall mine!

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoy the attached photos!!

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10 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Amber says:

    BEST blog EVER!

  2. david sonnenberg says:

    Great posts. Love the adventure your on thanks for sharing.

    Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 03:29:05 +0000 To:

  3. Les & Kristy Lebid says:

    Sarah you would have been so proud of us,most of the conversation tonite revolved around poop! We wanted you guys to feel as though you were part of the evening:-). Miss you guys! The Lebids

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Aunt Julie says:

    Love to see you can dance – even after seeing a rat falling out of a tree! I find it hilarious that Cambodia has gyms – amid everything else. Guess the Western world has far reaches.
    How is the language coming?

    • Yes they do have gyms here, but under great restrictions sometimes. For example getting weighed before using the treadmill, signing a form that basically states I won’t gain weight and use the treadmill! Lol The language is coming bit by bit. It’s challenging and fun, scary and embarrassing all at the same time!

      • Aunt Julie says:

        LOL – I wouldn’t be allowed on if there is chocolate to be eaten! I hear you about the language, no pain no gain right? I think part of the joy for the people helping us learn different languages is enjoying the “flub-ups”. I am happy to oblige them! I just realized the time difference shows when the comment is posted ( I am new at this) – guess it is time for bed. I am still in my PJ’s having a relaxing day. Pioneer school starts for both of us next week in ASL. Can’t wait! Sleep tight!

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