Some Thing’s Are Worth It!


It shouldn’t be, but I feel it is tradition to comment on the weather basically every post! Its bad because not only is it very repetitive, but it’s also kinda Canadian farmer of me. That being said, it’s still really hot even though the rainy season supposedly started. 40’c/ 103’F plus seems average. Think of it this way, I was shampooing my hair the other day and my shampoo was literally HOT! Anyways, my venting session is over now! Haha
Beyond extreme boring comments on the weather I have a brief thought of the week to share with you! That is “some thing’s are worth it!” Let me explain…
The other morning was very typical. One of our good friends was over early to meet up before we all headed out preaching. We were going to leave soon so I ran to the bathroom quickly. When I came out I started talking to our friend when all of the sudden something awful happened! Abby pointed at me and just started laughing! Before I continue you have to know what this means! If you know Abby well enough, you learn what her classic “point and laugh” means. It means you are in for it! It means you have just enough time to realize your about to experience the feeling most people call, sheer humiliation! It’s never discreet as the pointing and laughing that has sprung out of no where is so alarming, no one could ignore the curiosity that is born! Back to the moment where I questioned the kindness of my sister I tried to guess what I had done! My guessing stopped as I saw a piece of toilet paper finish its graceful, feather like descent from my skirt to the floor! If I questioned what I just saw, Abby clarified what had happened by yelling, “toilet paper just fell out of your skirt you idiot! Ba ha ha!” Hmmm, yup I looooooove my sister and her meek qualities! I also love good quality toilet paper! Sure the toilet paper that doesn’t crumble the moment you look at it is more expensive, but “some thing’s are worth it!”

Enjoy the pictures!  And a special welcome to my latest subscribers! YOU ARE IN FOR IT! HAHA  Then again, based on how much I reveal on such embarrassing moments of my life, maybe it is ME who is IN FOR IT! KAPOW!!!!


5 thoughts on “Some Thing’s Are Worth It!

  1. Brandi & Family says:

    Aren’t you extremely relieved that it happened before you left your apartment. Since Abby so gently tells you what happened. Missing you very much but love seeing you in pictures.

  2. Aunt Julie says:

    LOVE you sense of humor. Pics are great – thanks for posting. I look forward to trying to “keep up with you”. I am going to backtrack and read some of the older posts too. What an experience!

    • Thanks Auntie Julie! I was really glad to hear you guys were interested in keeping up with the blog. This place definitely refines a person…..including their sense of humor! Haha so I seem to always have things to write about. Thanks for the comment!! Ps. Wish I have attended the big event recently!

      • Aunt Julie says:

        We missed you both, but what an amazing reason not to be there! Pictures will be posted on line soon. I will let you know when they are posted and send you the link.

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