The Stare Down….

Just when you think I might be running out of tales to tell, I bring much relief to your heart with another bedtime story. Yesterday while I was out and about with Abby and a few other girl friends we found ourselves in a certain situation if you will. But first, some Cambodia facts and realities of

This is pretty normal. This is the reason we had to park in such a retarded spot!  Stupid rain!

This is pretty normal. This is the reason we had to park in such a retarded spot! Stupid rain!

being a girl. Boys might not understand this, but ALL women have at one time or another been stared at by….you guessed it, men! “What!!” Shocking isn’t it!? So along with this tendency that exists and can’t really be changed unfortunately, you can guess my current situation! What I mean is, if you are a white chick living in the middle of Phnom Penh, you will ALWAYS be starred at. Throw in some blonde hair, another blonde girl and a moto into the picture and you get the MEGA stares! KAPOW!! So it is definitely something you have to deal with and try to ignore. But soooooooometimes, it’s just to hard to ignore, which brings me back to my original tale. So, there was a few of us with our motos and we were locking them up. Well where we were parking just so happened to be near a work area where guys were just standing around. Well their standing around immediately turned into starring. There was probably 5 or 6 guys, I was taller than all but one. They were fairly close to us which is why it started to become not so much dangerous as we were in a safe place and time of day, but more so, awkward!! It got to the point that I turned around and starred right back! As I did this I had to hold back from bursting out laughing. One of our “fans” had the absolute deadest stare I have ever seen, and bonus….. He was picking his nose!! I am so proud of myself for not laughing but deepening my stare at this guy. As our eyes held this moment of time I carefully and slowly pointed my finger and raised it to my face. I longed for a reaction, but got none! I then brought my finger to my nose and pretended to pick my nose with all my might! Still no reaction! I continued my starring and  pretend picking right up till the moment we were interrupted by Abby, who had pulled out her camera and started taking their picture! She was saying ” if you are going to stare at us, we might as well take your picture!” It was so funny! They really started to squirm and eventually we just got on our motos and left. But a life lesson was learned here for sure! If you want to break a dudes attention, picking your nose don’t work! Take his picture!!

Well I hope you enjoy my little sketch of the situation. I am aware that some of the circle people that represent “the guys” are almost cute looking, but this is just the nature of my artwork.

That is meant to be me on the far left giving my best efforts to pretend picking. No my finger did NOT slip!!

That is meant to be me on the far left…..No my finger did NOT slip!!

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18 thoughts on “The Stare Down….

  1. Wizzbang says:

    I love a good stare down. But a stare and a pick that is something out of this world. |:<

  2. Amber says:

    If you can’t beat them join them? I am trying to say I am proud if you for “pickin your nose” but it just doesn’t seem right! I LOVE the circle people!

  3. Poola says:

    Honestly!! I totally HAVE to stop reading your posts at work!!! Can I hear a LOL?!?!?! What about a liquid spew onto my computer screen?? Or a water coming out of my nose?? You choose to go “in (to the nose) for the kill” I prefer to shoot outwards!!!
    Love your bed time stories Sarah!

  4. Brandi & Family says:

    Sarah, Sarah! After all the stories you have told about the nose pickers I’m actually surprised you thought that might work to break his attention. I love though that you were pretending to pick your nose… I wish Abby had got a picture of that.

  5. Glen Edwards says:

    haha, very intense situation there! lucky it didn’t turn into an all out nose picking contest! If the other guys had of joined in, the other girls may have had to back you up and pretend to pick their noses also!

    Good to see it’s raining over in Cambo too and it’s not just Thailand where we have to deal with scoot witnessing in the rain! (Is “Moto” just your word for scooters or is it a canadian thing or a cambodian thing?)

    • Yeah pretty sure I would have been left high and dry for my back up team of fellow nose pickers! And moto is a khmer word for motorcycle. Here, everyone calls everything a moto unless it is a scoopy. Then it’s called a scoopy.

      • Rosie says:

        what’s a scoopy??

      • It is a type of scooter here,by Honda. They are actually super cute and I totally want one. I will resist though and eventually when I get my moto, i will buy an ugly one that won’t be targeted for theft! This week out in service one of the girls in our group had her helmet stolen. They had to clip off the strap to get it though…..pointless!!

  6. dad says:

    a nose pick is fun, you can do one side in the morning an save the other side for later

  7. Cori says:

    I have a great idea….if you both dye your hair black you won’t be stared at…..and then no one will have to pretend to pick any one’s nose….

  8. ria says:

    Ok, first I laughed really hard when you started picking your nose, but these comments from dear friends and families…wow, they made me laugh harder. Yeah, quite a discussion indeed.. thanks for the laughs sarah!

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