Just Sayin….

When you live in a place like Cambodia, or what I like to call Camp Blodia, you are bound to run into situations that leave you wide-eyed and confused.  You find yourself saying under your breath a long, drawn out…”Whhhhhhhhhhhhy….”  followed by a small description of what you just saw.  Enjoy these little snip bits I prepared earlier!

Early last week I was doing our volunteer work on the outskirts of a large busy market in basically an alley. I was approached by a very excited lady holding a scale.  Not for measuring food or anything, a BATHROOM scale.  She spoke very fast so I could only make out that she wanted us to buy the scale. Well it was old and dingy and I knew I could get a bathroom scale with way better graphics. ( check out my post on bathroom scales) Later I find out this woman was NOT trying to sell her scale. She was providing a service. If you pay her about 500 riel, which is maybe 12 cents USD you can stand on the prized scale and find out how much you weigh.  If only I knew! I SOOOOO would have given money for a photo of that! Funny how she only approached Abby and I!  Is that a hint….???

Common sense….not so common! Basically every single day while riding on the back of Abby’s moto I get yelled at by a tuk tuk driver or a moto dupe driver. (just a guy who has a moto that you can get a ride from)   I constantly hear ” TUK TUK??” or ” MOTO???”  Basically asking me, do I want a ride somewhere? ALL I can think of is “WHHHHHHY!!!” Does it LOOK like I need a moto? Should I try to balance between two motos maybe??   I have several times turned,  and put my palms up and ask them ” REally??!!!” Unfortunately that is followed by a look of…” OH hey, she wants a ride!!”

Recently we had to hide from a torrential downpour in a new little coffee shop. They didn’t serve coffee though, only cold drinks.  We had just come out of language class so we decided to work on our homework. As we sat there we began to notice strange things.  The place was full of teenagers. It was also BLARING Mariah Carey and Shakira classics. The boys were ALL singing along.  Some were even picking their noses and singing.  I looked outside the window at one point and saw an older gentleman standing almost in the middle of the street. All he was wearing around his waist was something I can only descibe as a weak cloth?!  As he slapped his prime belly and smiled into the clouds I felt happiness for him.  FINALLY, this man gets a shower!!

Last week was full of gems.  One morning Abby was about to pull her moto out of the little parking spot.  As she grabbed her lock it slipped open.  As she examined the situation she realized that her lock had been broken.  Putting two and two together, we realized who broke the lock. OUR SECURITY GUARD!  Because our motos get chained up at night he had to move the moto. Instead of maybe letting us know, he apparently sat for a long time on her moto twisting and breaking the lock.  When we showed the store keeper what had happened they said, ” you need to go to the police!!” We said, ” but it was YOUR security guard!” Their response…” Oh, well then I guess you have to buy a new lock!”  Following a bit of rage came the classic wide-eyed expression and mumble…..WHHHHHHHHY!!!”

Anyways, just a little note. I added features to the bottom of this blog. If you want to follow via email there should be an easy to find widget at the bottom. Also I added an option showing latest comments for you daily comment checkers out there.  Hope you find them helpful!


8 thoughts on “Just Sayin….

  1. Leslie Muza says:

    I love your blog. I so understand what you are talking about
    Had tears running down my face reading about nose pickers.
    We are in Eastern Bloc Europe. You would write great stories
    From here. Glad you are both well. What an adventure.

    • Oh I am so happy you are following! And yeah, the only way to understand this place is to have experienced it yourself! It probably brings back memories for you!

  2. Marcie says:

    Yes bug nourishment is a must… Haha I LOVE the assembly line up too,,, craziness can’t wait to come

  3. Dad says:

    I try to avoid scales at all cost

    • So just to clarify….. You would NOT be interested in hopping on a scale mid morning after you have drank tons of water, fully clothed and fed?? Really Dad, what if you were in an alley way with motos flyin by and the lady brought you the scale? You STILL wouldn’t pay HER to have your weight taken? I don’t believe you! Haha

      • dad says:

        Why would I go to an alley to weight myself in the first place? Every body knows that you would go to a drug store to weight your self!

  4. Glen Edwards says:

    …I’m pretty sure the lady was just super-curious what a white girl weighs! hahaha

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