Sheer Genius!!

Now I know I spend a large amount of wasted time talking about the heat here in Cambodia but seriously, this past couple of weeks has been piping hot. I mean, when your Khmer tutor who has lived here always, (thus technically should be accustomed to heat) tells you, and I quote ” I want to FLEE from this country” , because it’s so hot, that has GOT to be hot. Funny because today it rained and it almost felt cold.(Thank goodness!) Checked the temperature and it was barely under 30’C. Bizarre to say the least!

This is a photograph of the way I must have looked  during my moment in class, thought I was sooooo funny!

This is a photograph of the way I must have looked during my moment in class, thought I was sooooo funny!

So Abby and I have been learning great words in class these days! We recently learned the word for genius. During class after we all repeated this new Khmer word for the day,( one of many) I waited for a fraction of silence in the room which allowed me to say in Khmer and rather loudly, “I’m a genius!!” Our teacher without skipping a beat said “we ALLLL know that!” Ouch! ZIIIIIIIINGER!!! I kept the rest of my genius thoughts to myself that class. Actually I am pretty sure when he rolled his eyes at my, yet again stupid joke, the universe was triggered to literally taser me in realization that “Yes, you actually are a GEEK! Not a genius, and kinda annoying!” Jerk universe! Haha
Later that very same day, in fact I believe we were riding home from class, I had a real life genius moment. It was getting extra breezy outside, as it was about to start pouring rain. Riding on the back of the moto I said to Abby, “This is so annoying, I am getting dust in my eyes.” Abby turns her head with her visor ‘actually‘ down to simply say, “Um this works…..idiot!!”

Well I bet you didn’t think I had so many less becoming moments in my life, but I do. I am just like you people! I even have dreams to prove how real life I am. I was having a deep sleep one day, mini coma actually, and I woke up extremely excited! I found myself mumbling something in Khmer! For a split second I literally thought I magically knew Khmer because I didn’t recognize what I was repeating!  Finally, reality rolled in and it dawned on me that I was only repeating 2 words of a presentation I memorized. I was mumbling what would translate into “good news!” When I figured it out I had to roll my eyes at myself this time, because YUP, GOOD NEWS Sarah you are an idiot!!…..And you just drooled all over your pillow!


9 thoughts on “Sheer Genius!!

  1. shannon says:

    were those pancakes at Magnolia? I’ve had them, they’re delish, and that restaurant actually has ambience, instead of a view of the crazy traffic, with the odd rat and the occasional whiff of drains thrown in for free. I forgot to tell you we found the best new Chinese noodle last week, we’ll have to go together and the best thing is its super clean and has aircon!! And it has lots of meat and vegie meals so you girls can pig out:) We’ll have to make a date!

  2. Yes it was Magnolia! We heard people get sick there but we didn’t! Living on the edge eh!? Thank goodness. The pancakes were so yummy! And the new Chinese place sounds good! We will have to make plans for sure!

  3. Ria says:

    Hey Sarah! Too funny about Abby flipping the “holy bowl” at the shrine, and your tutor saying he wants to flee the country!lol I tell ya you sure have a talent for writing in a satirically funny way. So funny..!! Happy 3 month anniversary! Xx love

  4. Elaynee sorbello says:

    Hello enjoying

  5. Cori says:

    so very funny….how typical of Abby being a person of a few words..But those few words are always packed with meaning…

  6. Martin says:

    Maybe you can sent some of that heat our way, it snowed in the mountains an was down to zero last night love Dad

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