ONLY 3 Months?!

I am so bad. But our Khmer language class ended 5 mins early so while our instructor left I grabbed the felt marker and left a message!  I was prompted by the other fellow students to do this. I left before he came back!

I am so bad. But our Khmer language class ended 5 mins early so while our instructor left I grabbed the felt marker and left a message! I was prompted by the other fellow students to do this. I left before he came back! ( It says Give us our $ back)  He would expect something like this from me! Ha ha

Yesterday was our 3 month anniversary for our Cambodian nightmare…. Sorry, I meant to say life of luxury! Haha Actually,  it turned out to be a really normal day of extreme sweating, dodging crazy moto drivers, watching people pick their noses or pee on every wall possible. You know, the norm! Actually my normal day might be the life of a celebrity. I am starred at always and constantly have people yelling out ” hello”! Sometimes they even yell ” thank you”, but that’s because that’s the only English they know. I ignore that fact and pretend they truly are thanking me for just being me! It’s nice! I wonder if many celebrities have 24 hr helmet hair? This one does!
Speaking of wearing helmets, the other day I drove home all alone in normal traffic!!  This is a big deal if you could possibly understand the intensity of Phnom Penh traffic. Anyways, told my sister Marcie via text message that I drove the moto home all by myself! The rest of the conversation was as follows:
Marcie: Really?? Wow!
Me: yeah, it’s a big deal!
Marcie: No kidding! Whose was it?
Me: Abby’s.
End of story!
Now, I know I have told you about my favorite store that plays classics on the piano! Pencil, oh Pencil, it is truly my happy place! I feel at ease to hum along to the tunes as loud as I want as I browse the extreme crazy things to buy! I don’t worry about any workers telling me not to take photos because they are usually sleeping in the shelves or down an isle with too much stuff. So as I listened to “Circle of Life” piano-style, we managed to find a couple of the attached items. I am thankful for this blog as it keeps me on the lookout for stupid things! Otherwise it wouldn’t take much to blend in to this place. That’s a lie!
Anyways, that about wraps it up for today! Thanks for the comments by the way, keep ’em coming! LEAH HOWIE! ( that is how you say goodbye in Khmer) CLICK PHOTOS FOR FULL DESCRIPTIONS AND VIEW 🙂

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10 thoughts on “ONLY 3 Months?!

  1. Marcie says:

    My personal favourite is the kitchen thing… Actually they are all so funny. Lol

  2. Amber says:

    Haha I laugh everytime I think of you driving a motorhome there! Love the blog especially the really gross furry toilet seat cover! Keep the blogs coming they keep me giggling.

  3. Rosie says:

    Motorhome!! Marcie you are awesome!! thanks for the visual! Am so enjoying your posts Sez! Glad you are having a comFARTable time! lol

    • Lol, yes I always like to be comFARTable! Isn’t it so crazy that no one spell checks products. Shows ya how cheap everything is here. Glad you are liking the blog. I love making it!

  4. Rosie says:

    oh and ‘LEAH HOWIE’ (sounds like someones name!)

    • When I first learned how to say it, it was explained to me like this. ” ok now the first word is like the girls name Leah, and you know HOWIE Mundel? “….. easy peasy

  5. dani says:

    I just want to know….what did Hideki do when he saw your message on the board?
    So funny!

    • I didn’t see him til the next day. When I asked he laughed and said thank you. You can only imagine though the rest of the class as I drew it. Each little line I added created more laughter. Too funny. I will be posting another good khmer class story soon! Hopefully in a day or two.

  6. Elsa says:

    You drove yourself in Khmer traffic??? You are amazing!!!

    Hello, I am a friend of Lexi (Pattaya, Thailand). I am in Khmer in Seattle (Khmer name Chakriya). My husband is Khmer. We’ve been in Khmer for 11.5 years. I love your photos. We were in PP back in ’06 & I keep telling friends in Mexico & such that their traffic is nothing when they complain about it. They don’t know. They just really don’t know. How could one even imagine the reality that is PP traffic, though? They are not to be blamed.

    Email me sometime. I would love to chat with you.


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