Up and Running!!!

I am pretty sure that we have all had those extremely frustrating moments in our lives where the only “reasonable” course of action is to jump off a cliff. Fortunately, Cambodia doesn’t have many high peaks. Not to mention I am far to lazy to strain myself in efforts to reach a place high enough to cause any damage anyways. So, FINALLY after a long stretch of irritating Khmer network complications, my blog is accessible and ready for my amazing words and photos! …….. I felt your eyes roll on that one! So with all my time to work out a ground breaking post and probably much anxiety on your part wondering and waiting for my latest blog entry, I give you this……please enjoy the following SEZKAPOW train wreck! haha

This past week could almost have been documented and submitted to Animal Planet or discovery channel! We have all heard of “Shark Week” right?!. Well I give you….*trumpets sound in the background* …wait for it…” Rat Week”!  I wish that I was joking! Actually I wish it WAS shark week instead. I could handle running into numerous sharks in all the dark stairwells I find myself climbing to reach people. Or starring at me in the corner of someones living room I was visiting. Rats on the otherhand…..different story. The bizarre thing is how many people say they NEVER see them. Glad I have the talent to spot ’em!! Also glad they are so big! In efforts to forget certain occasions I am not going into details, but I will clarify that our home and area is not where you would run into these critters.  I will also leave this reference some may know……Monty Pythons search for the Holy Grail and the Killer Rabbit scene! Its all I had running through my head the entire week!

I also have another gem to add to Abby’s ever growing book of NERD 101! At the gym the other day while I was “sculpting my guns”, Abby decided to finish her workout with some gorgeous lunges! Now why she didn’t go to the usual stretching area, I don’t know. Oh wait, I do know, the stretching room is upstairs and there was no A/C that day so it was too hot. Back to story!  So Abby found a generous area to show off her skills.  This is also the location of the Buddist mini shrine most businesses have to make daily offerings with incense and food to their ancestors.   While she was doing what most people would describe as a controlled exercise, she kicked the bowl of food over!  I honestly just can’t even see how she managed it!!  But she did! Too bad we obviously are sisters otherwise I might easily have pretended I didn’t know her. But no….had to walk out the door and hop on the back of her moto! haha

One last tidbit that may have been touched on previously. Rose scented things. EVERYTHING is rose scented. Products that advertise fruit scent are actually ROSE SCENT. Unknowingly I even bought a package of tissues that were….ROSE SCENTED. No proper warning, come on people. So when I was sick the other week, every sniffle felt as though an older woman had personally  handed me each tissue from her purse!  Serves me right for buying the cheapest tissues.  By the way, I hate rose scent! DISCLAIMER: Sorry for rose scent lovers or old ladies that give out tissue, I mean no offense

Well thanks everyone for reading!  I hope you like some of the photos I am attaching. Please remember to comment or email any feedback.  I love knowing what you think!!  Also, I realize that some of my stories are crazy and make this place sound disgusting, but honestly, if I am capable of living here anyone can!!!  Worth all the sacrifice!

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7 thoughts on “Up and Running!!!

  1. david sonnenberg says:

    Hi Sarah: Just wanted to say thanks for including us in your blog list. We really enjoy reading about your adventure misadventures. it does remind me of the times when tam and i spent winters in far away lands. Keep up the good work. Im very happy for the two of you. Just a heads up no matter how strong the urge DONT LICK THE FIRE HYDRANTS. Take care luv Dave tam and Fam

    Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 02:20:12 +0000 To: sonnenbergdavid@hotmail.com

    • I am so glad you guys are enjoying it! Your tip is good but honestly a bit far fetched! Don’t lick the fire hydrants? That’s like asking me to stop eating street food! And when I say street food I mean food found on the street! Not going to happen!! Jokes

  2. Marcie says:

    This one made me laugh out loud… Abby is such a cluts first driving into buildings then kicking bowls of food.. I’m sure the people were happy. Hahaaha

  3. Rosie says:

    hahaha thanks for the laughs Sez!! oh and were there rats in that couch??

  4. Brandi & Family says:

    Sarah, I’m not sure how you do it but you always can make me chuckle, giggle or down right laugh with your stories(experiences). I know they can’t possibly all be as funny,while they are happening, as they sound but I hope that after the fact you are able to laugh yourself.

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