Still Kicking Sticks!

You are probably reading this post thinking one of two things! 1. Why hasn’t this blog been updated for ages? Thank goodness Sarah is out of her lazy stage. Or 2. Why is this blog being updated? Good grief I should’ve never agreed to follow this rubbish!   And that’s it, I just wanted to let you know I am aware of your thinking patterns!

As mentioned before, laziness is a strong element to my absence. As well as no time, a dash of ” I don’t have anything to say” , a slice of ” I am sick” and a warm glass of…… um…. insanity?!  Anyways we are basically at what is said to be the hottest time of the year. Lets just say when it’s only 33’C  instead of the standard 40’C, it’s a breath of fresh air. Not to mention the humidity.  We are starting to get a bout of rain here and there as well. That means torrential downpour rain! I was recently out with a friend on the back of her moto when it started to rain. Traffic starts to die a bit but those who are on the road are driving pretty fast. We were making a left hand turn when some dude plowed into us, t-boned if you will. Basically I was thrown to the ground with my friend and the moto on top of me. Amazingly enough I just bruised my arm and side. My friend was sore as well but no blood, no breaks! I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, even a bit traumatized. I had the imprints of my friends buttons on my arm and side.  ( only now starting to fade, a week later)  I pretty much figured my life was over yet I went to my language class that afternoon anyways. As I shared my sad story the cutest older Japanese sister pulled up her skirt a bit to show me her very scraped up leg. She smiled and said, ” I was in an accident too!” Suddenly the sympathy I yearned for didn’t seem appropriate.  And as one person said, ” your heart and brain are ok, then you are ok!”

This is a photo of me walking through the clinic....probably also how I looked after the accident.

This is a photo of me walking through the clinic….probably also how I looked after the accident.

A few days after the moto meets cement incident I was at a clinic visiting a friend who had to have emergency surgery. Which in itself is awful, but in Cambodia even worse. She was unfit to fly so it had to be done. Anyways she had clean sheets at this clinic so that was good. Abby, another friend and myself were sitting in the room as this poor girl was literally sobbing with pain. I had a headache but didn’t want to say anything. We visited for about an hour when suddenly I felt extremely nauseated! I went to the bathroom and was afraid I would faint, puke or poop! I was a concerned it might end in a combo of the three!  My ears were on fire as well! I realized nothing was going to happen so I turned around only to be met by the nurse emptying the bed pan. After a moment of awkward shuffle dancing and near spilling I got out. Abby said it looked as if someone threw flour (gluten free of course)  in my face I was so white! I started to get slightly delirious wandering the hall but managed to get outside. I immediately felt better! There must have been something in the air! What a freak show! Could I possibly try any harder for attention!!

Well I realize these stories aren’t the most entertaining, but now you know some updates.  Enjoy the attached photos of stuff I think is crazy!


8 thoughts on “Still Kicking Sticks!

  1. Ps…. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PAULA AND ANDREW!!!! Love you and miss you!!

  2. Marcie says:

    My favourite is the toilet instructions… Way to funny… But good to know… Guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.. Hahaha

  3. Amber says:

    I think this is one of your funniest posts so far…….how thoughtful of you not to say you had a headache to that poor sister! and how I wish I was there to browse through all of those shops!!!!

    • Funny you say that. When I was feeling really ill and did finally say something I immediately got the big sister ” shut up” look from Abby. I just had to remove all signs of color in my face to prove my point. Didn’t mention it in the post but the clinic story has missing details. When I dodged the pee pan I almost flew over my friends stretcher! I also managed to find a second bathroom, but when I realized there was no toilet seat and no toilet paper, ( only the weird bum sprayer all Cambodian loos come equipped with) I knew I just had to get outta that place!

  4. Shelleybelly says:

    I don’t know if it is the ‘mom’ in me…. but I am worried sick about you 2. Please, please when you come back to Canada…. Do not be comfortably picking your nose in public!!!
    PS: I know secretly you have some wild tattoos under those bandages.

  5. Lauren says:

    Sarah-take care! But keep all the pics and stories coming. Living vicariously!!

  6. Brandi & Family says:

    I really do think that you should buy the pick your nose mug, just because that has got to be one of the funniest things you talk about, all the nose pickers.

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