Lost in Translation?!

Cambodian internet probably isn’t the most reliable service this country provides. No matter how much money you pay, the Internet service providers don’t control the power going on and off which I can assure you happens all the time!  But we obviously make due and haven’t had any serious troubles beyond one particular time. Abby and I have wifi in our apartment with the network name ” Poopface.” ( my idea…. Surprised?) So this one particular time involves not being able to log onto this network. I called technical support which is even more fun in Cambodia than in any other western society I can assure you! My broken khmer with their awful English was a really “interesting” experience to say the least.  So anyways, they said that they would have to call me back. When they called back, Abby and I were having our lesson with our tutor. I was quite relieved he was there because he was able to talk to the lady on the phone.  This in itself doesn’t sound too interesting until you remember our awesome network name. I can hardly describe how funny it was to hear our tutor workout our Internet troubles. All I could hear was ” bla bla bla Poopface! Blee blee bla bla Poopface! Bla bla P-o-o-p-f-a-c-e!” It was even more priceless how serious he was handling the entire situation!

Actually, speaking of Poopface, I have another story to share. A couple days ago I was standing at the Kingdom Hall talking with friends as we waited for the meeting to start. From a fair ways away I was spotted by one of my friends who waved at me. I waved back at her and greeted her in khmer. Suddenly though she started pointing at something and walked towards me until her finger pointed directly at my brand new pimple. When she was close enough she even went ahead and touched it asking what it was! Instead of running away crying I told her it was a pimple. I got a confused look back with the response “pimple???” So then I tried calling it a zit which didn’t work either. In pursuit of real answers and my utter shame she nabbed a translator who explained what my pimple was! Thank goodness, I was so refreshed to greet my new baby pimple with a small crowd.  I might add this little gathering was also a mini farewell party to any dignity I may have had left!

That concludes the latest tales of my glamorous life. I should mention my friend in the story is in fact a really sweet person and I still love her! It’s the cultural differences that make all this so funny.  Unfortunately I don’t have actual photos of these events, so instead I drew up my version of the pimple incident if I was living in a world where people were circles. Please don’t make fun of my chicken scratch scribbles……. Embrace them! ( click on the pictures to enlarge)


12 thoughts on “Lost in Translation?!

  1. shannon says:

    I want to know who it was! That way I know who to avoid when Im having a zit day. Look on the bright side, at least you dont constantly get told how unbelievably huge you are!

  2. Cori says:

    that is so funny..,.your story..that is…had me laughing out loud..reminds me of a similar incident involving your grandma and a friend of mine…you can guess who was who….

  3. Daniel says:

    At least it was only one zit!!!

  4. Ria says:

    Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud on your pimple incident. See I’m not too touchy in comparison! Lol enjoying your blog;)

  5. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the pictures, they really convey the whole experiance the roller coaster of emotions.. Loving it.

  6. Glen Edgeways says:

    What… Cambodians don’t get pimples?
    Thais are always popping their pimples into any mirror close by, their motorbike mirrors, shop windows, the mirror wall in the elevator is always “pop”ular…

  7. Tyra says:

    Hehe i love this!

  8. Elsa says:

    I love this story. It is so… Khmer. You’ve been there a while now. Have they started to say “Oooooh! You so FAT now!” with delight if they haven’t seen you in a while? Or grab any fat they can find when they give you a hug & squeeze it? If not, embrace it when it happens. It is love. And probably even a compliment. I had a sister say to me one time, “Why do you need a cushion (for the unbelievably hard chairs that would make my legs go numb)? Your butt is giant!”. I gave her a big squeeze and a hard sniff on the head (Khmer kiss). I love these tiny, bizarre, nose picking people.

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