Weight a minute…..whaaaaaaa?

Today we went shopping in one of my favorite stores. It’s called Pencil and it is great! Every time I go in this place I find something ridiculous! Today’s find was the best. I found a stash of bathroom scales with amazing artwork! I mention it on one of the captions, but I would love to know who “okays” this stuff. Or the person who thought, ” hmm yeah I should make a scale with a cow on it! I will be a millionaire!!” I should mention in a different store I saw a scale with a whale on it. I don’t have a picture but I am sure you get the idea! By the way, the great “Pencil” store always plays music from the same cd. It sets the stage with classics such as love boat, exodus and other great songs that sound lovely on piano. Basically feels like you walked into a corny hotel with an old woman sitting at the piano. Eek, I hope that isn’t me one day, being that I secretly love all the songs being played. If you ARE an old woman who plays the piano in a hotel, well eh hm *clears throat*, ” cool.”
Ps. I had to make some adjustments to previous posts as somehow in all my great wisdom I erased a few photos. Hopefully I loaded them all up again in the right place. Anyways if I am missing any you might remember let me know. And to all my new readers….welcome to a feast of crazy!

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7 thoughts on “Weight a minute…..whaaaaaaa?

  1. Amber says:

    Wow what to say! Obviously they are into motivational art there! I have to say I kind of like the fish scale. Haha the crying ducks and tipsy cow were my favorites! Lol either of those will surely match the farmyard theme I am assuming you are going with:)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Girls,
    Nicole just sent me the blog. I read all the entries so far….so stinkin funny! So cool of you to be there. Can’t wait for more!

    • Awesome!! I am so glad you enjoy complete craziness. I am discovering lots of people enjoy craziness. Or at least to read about it! Haha hope you guys are well! Hi from us both.

  3. Marcie says:

    Hahahah the cow that can’t get up is also being laughed at… Hahah sooo funny not to mention u probably LOVE the ugly fish scale u probably bought it too..

  4. Andrew says:

    Haha I would definatly say she was peeing in the tub. Whats so unusual about a cow on the ocean swordfish fishing at night??? Everybody needs a vacation right??

  5. Cortny Varnell says:

    Oh mug goodness your blog is so much fun yours is one of my four fav blogs along with: pioneeringinthailand.blogspot.com catcherinthekosrye.blogspot.com guyanaglimpses.wordpress.com any whoo I been here preaching the good news in Guyana since 2011 and lovin it so much. I laughed so hard at the bathroom scales because I can so relate we bought a scale with a yellow chicken and a red chicken, the yellow chicken had his face punched in from the red chicken. They were wearing boxing gloves. Random right? After a while his scene came to signify giving fat (the yellow chicken) what for. winning the battle! Haha, So instead wondering why in the world there was boxing chickens on our scale, we were move to soldier on in the never ending fight of battling fat! Lol! I love your writting style and am pacing my self so I don’t read it all at once:) love it! My blogs about serving in Guyana are datrootboutit.blogspot.com and gettintrue.blogspot.com and my brother put together a video for you tube if you search cortmicsnortify 🙂 thnx for sharing your funny experience! I love the one about a giant fish hoping out of a secure plastic bag and ppl picking their buggars and flicking them and serving you! How disturbing!

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