The Turtle and the Hare!

Have you ever volunteered to do something and knew there was a lot of work involved, but figured, “PTSH,  how hard could it be??” Of course the entire process of actually doing the task all you can think to yourself is ” WHY did I Ever think I could do this, it is SO hard!” And the worst part is that you can only blame yourself because YOU  are the ding dong who was oh so confident and thought, ” how hard could it be?”  Well welcome to my circle of thoughts! My new life experience of learning a new language!

Abby  and I are about two weeks into our three month language course that teaches khmer ( come-my….. The ” r” is silent)  Its very fast paced, puts you completely out of your comfort zone and is only $1 per lesson!! Whoop whoop for cheap stuff! It is Monday to Friday every afternoon for one hour! We have an awesome class and lots of laughs! Abby and I have also hired a tutor to come three times a week. He is Cambodian but speaks very good English and is extremely strict but hilarious. He says some of the funniest things that crack us up. Our first lesson began with him asking Abby to read off the first 15 constanants of 33. After she did he said, ” Hm, that was good. I could understand only 30% of what you said!” Then it was my turn. After I said my constanants, he said, ” Great!!! You did much better!! I could understand 35% of what you said!” Haha  wow, thanks!

Our most recent lesson  was even better. A bit of a back story is that there are 2 constanants that are virtually the same “daw” sound in Khmer, but of course ever so slightly different.  Now Abby was unable to pronounce them both and always made just the same “daw” sound. Except for this particular lesson where she could miraculously only say the other sound!! Our tutor stops her practicing, turns my way and says to me. ” Sarah now I see that you have talent. Abby (turns to Abby) you will have to work very very hard to catch up.” So at this point my confidence is pretty good. Until he added ” It reminds me of the turtle and the hare. Abby you are the turtle and win in the end because of your hard work. Sarah you are the hare, and the hare is ALWAYS lazy!!!”

So there you have it folks, Abby wins!  Oh well, to be honest it is really exciting to have an adventure like this on our plate, as hard as it may be at times. We had better just keep our pronunciation good as we hear there are words that are very easily mixed up such as apple and fart! It is also pretty funny learning what certain words mean in english. For instance what they call moles (on your skin) is translated “fly poop”. The stuff you get in the insides of your eyes is called “eye poop” and my favorite is what they call a falling star “Star poop”!!  haha Who knew Cambodia would fit my humor so well!

So that about wraps it up. Thanks for all my readers out there and I love all the awesome feedback you give me.  Speaking of which, just a little shout out to one of my Pincher Creek readers….”HI CASSANDRA!!!”  🙂 Here are just a couple pictures I have taken recently.

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7 thoughts on “The Turtle and the Hare!

  1. Amber says:

    Ahhhh that sooooo funny! So my question is what do they call freckles!? Haha love the pictures especially the signs:) don’t be so lazy Sarah the hate! Haha!

  2. Marcie says:

    Hahahah the no swords thing is the funniest… Haha guess they wouldn’t like Badibee the pirate hahaha

  3. Amber says:

    Haha mom just told me I wrote hate instead of hare! Oops!

  4. Tregillus family says:

    Hi Sarah and Abby! We really miss you Here! Sounds like you’re enjoying your new home. Love to you both!
    Love from the Tregillus family

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