4 weeks in Cambodia!

I can hardly believe its been 4 weeks that Abby and I have been living here in Phnom Penh. Oddly enough, a mix of ” I can’t believe it’s only been 4 weeks” and ” where did the year of waiting go, we already live here!?” So in light of the milestone I wanted to give my opinion of Cambodia! I honestly don’t think I could imagine up a place like this. It’s a roller coaster of emotion for sure, but a buffet of ridiculousness! If you keep your eyes open you see some of the funniest things ever. For example, if you look at new cars and trucks most people here don’t peel off all those blue saran wrap looking protection stickers……..ever! Our friend said last week she saw a lady who hadn’t taken the plastic wrap off the seats in her vehicle!!!! What?!  Alot of people keep the stickers on their glasses. And no joke, yesterday a woman went by on the back of a moto wearing a huge hat which she……you guessed it, she kept the clear plastic wrap on it!

Cambodians don’t pay too much attention to color either. There was a very serious looking security guard riding his pedal bike past us the other day. If only I had my camera as his bike was the most vibrant hot pink ever! Any little girl I know would have been extremely envious. Speaking of which the little kids here are so adorable. Many see my white skin and love to yell ” hello”. I had a little boy yell it from the back of a moto, huge smiles and bright eyes. Another little boy blew me a kiss as we walked away. Another time the CUTEST little girl started walking next to me and grabbed my hand. Talk about melt my heart.

All and all this has been a very intriguing 4 weeks, which means I can’t imagine what is still to come.  I am constantly seeing things that I HAVE to show you or tell you so please keep reading!  I love to read all of the comments you leave and appreciate you taking the time to follow my experience. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving public comments PLEASE email me. I still want to hear how you are all doing!!  Enjoy the mix of photos to follow 🙂

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3 thoughts on “4 weeks in Cambodia!

  1. Shelleybelly says:

    Its the same fad from the 60’s. I remember my mom leaving the plastic on the orange lamps shades for 20 years. Or… Minnie Pearl with her hats. I often go to the hall with the price tags sticking out of my clothes. Only the cool girls can get away with it :))) Miss you chicks!

  2. Cori says:

    We want to see pics of your place….Mom

  3. Marcie says:

    That is such a chubby baby. The sign on the treadmill is soo funny, guess they say what most people want to say but won’t haha

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