Dear Abby: Important Questions Answered!

Dear Abby:

In Cambodia, where you live, do you find it difficult to give or follow directions around town???


Sarah The’Toilet 

Dear Miss The’Toilet

Thanks for writing in with your very important question! By the way, is that a french name??  Anyways to answer your inquiry, it is actually quite easy

Open sewer landmark!

Open sewer landmark!

to get around here in Phnom Penh using directions. The trick is not to use street names or street numbers. Directions are given by landmarks such as, the monument, the good noodle shop or my favorite….”stinky street”.  Let me tell you why they call it stinky street.  It is true that basically all streets here are stinky, but this one, lets say “takes the cake’ shall we. It is an actual open sewer! On those 40’C days she’s smelling mighty fine!!!  There is  a mutual understanding here also, that if you happen to fall in….. you better save yourself. I am sure there is plenty of floating objects you could grab a hold of.  I have enclosed a photo that will give you a visual.

So to sum it all up. Just keep your eyes and NOSE open and you will be fine for getting around Cambodia!! Thanks for your question…. keep them coming!


3 thoughts on “Dear Abby: Important Questions Answered!

  1. Poola says:

    Wow Miss Abby and Miss Toilet… what a facinating picture – I noticed the “Poo Lice” man driving down “stinky street” how did you manage to get him to “Poo se” for the shot?? haha

  2. Marcie says:

    I wish I could live on stinky street, fresh smell of crap every morning sounds delightful… Hahaha

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