A letter from “CAMP BODIA!!”

Disclaimer: Not a good story for the weak stomachs out there!  Just sayin’….

Dear Mum, 

I was really excited today when I was told that we could write letters home!!! I love Camp Bodia, though the other girl they put me with in my little lodge is a bit annoying. (just jokes) Anyways, I wanted to tell you a story about one day when my friends and I ventured out to buy water. We went up to a counter and tried to buy just two waters. But they directed us to the booth right next to them and said they only accepted the coupons you get from the other booth. So we switched over about 2 dollars worth of coupons. I wasn’t the one buying the water so I was just watching as the other two girls came back to the first booth to pick up their waters using the “special coupons”!  As they were doing this I watched as one of the workers was digging for gold!  She must of had a cub in the cave….. she was using both fingers…..do I have to spell it out more??  She was pickin’ n flickin’ like there was no tomorrow! SO GROSS!!! And lets just say, I have seen enough people to confidently say its not looked down upon here, even pretty dressed up girls like to clear the rim in public!  So with the best stink eye I could muster up I starred Mrs. Boogs in the eyes to let her know how wrong this act was!  Well our eyes met, and it was as if I was an empty wall she might have glanced at…….I got nothing!  So all of this was going on as the girls exchanged coupons for water. Well their were coupons left over and apparently these ridiculous coupons expired that day??!!! Whaaaaa???? So I said, ” As long as nose picker lady doesn’t serve me I will get a water too.” So I approached an area where three other workers were and asked for a water. Suddenly it was one of those moments where life suddenly goes slow-motion, and as if she was sliding in for a homerun, Nosepicker stretched across the whole lot of them, grabbed my water and handed it to me!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I couldn’t bring myself to drink the water!! lol

This is probably the saddest looking ice cream shop ever!!!

This is probably the saddest looking ice cream shop ever!!!

I am attaching a photo of an ice cream booth we saw around the same area.  It was the saddest looking ice cream booth I have ever seen. I have never seen anyone more bored with their job before either!  I took the photo secretly. Mind you, as I look closer I think the worker knew EXACTLY what I was doing! LOL

Well mum, sorry this letter contains mostly one gross story but it needed to be told.  I promise my next letter won’t be so graphic but I need you to be aware of the conditions Camp Bodia offers and the struggles I have.

Lots of love from the Wild Wild West of Asia,




4 thoughts on “A letter from “CAMP BODIA!!”

  1. Amber says:

    hahaa at least we know why “mum” sent you away” hahahaahahaha such a disgusting story. guess I won’t come and visit now…..although I do love me some ice cream!!!! especially the ladybug !!!!!! love it!! did you get some icecream is the question….okay not you but abi?

  2. Marcie says:

    HahH I want to go to camp bodia Sounds soo fun and interesting.. Boogies and ice cream yum yum

  3. Cori says:

    Well, dear daughter…I see you haven`t changed at all…still trying to gross your mom out…Ha

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