Enough to Make a Man Weep!

WE HAVE WIFI!!!!!!! Which might explain why it has taken me so long to make another post.  Don’t you worry though, I have been taking lots of notes so that I don’t forget all the ridiculous things to share.  OH, and to clarify, “we” Abby and I have wifi in our very own apartment. We have been here for a week now. (didn’t take long to find just the right place)  I will eventually post some cool pics of the pad but for now……three bathrooms, two bedrooms, awesome kitchen, safe area (Boeung Keng Kong aka BKK1  Its the hollywood of Phnom Penh pronounced Bung King Kong) and for really cheap since we paid for the whole year!! But enough boring junk, how about stories, real life NON EXAGGERATED anecdotes.

Story #1: This one is so funny to me. One day we were hanging our at our friends place. They had to be there that afternoon because they had a crew coming in to work on their A/C unit in their room upstairs.  They did a wonderful job and got the A/C working in prime condition. So at the end when they were paying the fee it seemed to cost a bit extra. When they broke down the costs the head Cambodian guy explained that because they had to work so high up he started to cry so he added and extra $10 scare fee. I am NOT kidding.

Story #2: Last week we were sitting in the Kingdom Hall for our meeting.  It was in the evening so things cool down a smidge….maybe like 32’C…ish. Anyways we were sitting there with probably 130 people and not the strongest A/C. In fact I think one of the machines was broke that night.  Both Abby and I were thinking, ” could it possibly get any hotter???” when low and behold the power shut off!!!  My immediate thought was “YES, we can leave, no power no meeting!!” I was wrong. I forgot that this is Cambodia and loss of power is a normal part of life. Suddenly there were tons of flashlights from everyones cell phones……and the meeting went on.  All I can say is, it can ALWAYS get hotter and I honestly never realized I could sweat that much. I think sweating in Cambodia should be called river rafting or tubing.  So through the waterfall across my face I turned to Abby and said, “aren’t you happy you wore a turtleneck?” Ba ha ha ha……for some crazy reason she had worn a mock turtleneck shirt! Short sleeve, but still. HAHA I have to say though, one of the best nights though, its always encouraging to be at the meetings but this time it was adventurous too!

Story #3: Last week we signed up at a local gym. It is actually very clean and has lots of machines, weights and room for stretching etc. They offer really delicious smoothies for a $1 and play Mariah Carey to work out to. haha But the sign up is brutal. We have discovered that EVERYWHERE likes to see your passport here. Even the gym. I don’t think that they have the same view of passports as a typical nervous Canadian does in anxiously handing over their passport, but that is how it is done here.  Apparently they also have weight restrictions on their workout equipment. I literally had to sign a waiver to say I wouldn’t use the machines if I gained weight and was weighed before I could even go on the machines! I didn’t get a smoothie that day!

Well if you are anything like me I have a hard time getting through long winded emails and too many stories. I will be writing FAR more for here on out. Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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5 thoughts on “Enough to Make a Man Weep!

  1. Glen Edwards says:

    hey! deadly blog sista!

  2. Amber says:

    where do i charge for my fear fee, from reading this? just asking? hahahaha

  3. Andrew says:

    Hey I cry all the time at work, I’ll need to be back charging that fee 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    Is it a good size kingdom hall? Power must go out fairly often? Have to add flash light to you meeting bag haha.

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